The Johnsburg Parade Yields Political Messages

The Saufen und Spiel celebration in Johnsburg features a parade.

I arrived after the loud sirens, but that meant I also missed the convertibles with the village officials.

Bowling ball chases down pins.

The first entry that caught my eye was a guy dressed up like a bowling ball chasing others dressed up as pins. Didn’t catch the name of the sponsor.

Next came a vehicle advertising McHenry County Board hopeful Carl Kamienski of Johnsburg. McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio, Coroner Michael Rein and State Senator Craig Wilcox.

The beginning of the Republican contingent.

Komienski was walking the parade next to a truck from which State Representative Tom Weber was talking to spectators. (I am surprised that no other politician has followed his example.)

Carl Komienski walked the parade.

State Senator Craig Wilcox was running to keep pace with the GOP contingent.

Craig Wilcox hoofing it on the parade route.

The Republicans were moving pretty fast, but I managed to get a photo of State Rep. Tom Weber as his trailer passed.

Tom Weber talking to those along the parade route.

An entry from McHenry Township was next.

Riding in the cart was newly-appointed Supervisor Barla and Highway Commissioner John Condon.

Gary Barla and John Condon.

Sheriff candidate Tony Colatorti ‘s supporters followed.

The Tony Colatorti for Sheriff entry.

An anthusiastic boy was running the route.

A boy led the followers.
Not to be left behind was this boy.

The supporters were really strung out.

Tony Colatorti was handing out cards.
Tony Colatorti courting voters.

Bringint up the rear was a Jeep covered with signs for the candidate.

The handout follows:

The rear “bookend” was a jeep covered with signs.

The next political entry was for Colatoriti’s GOP primary opponent Robb Tadelman.

Robb Tadelman’s banner led his contingent.

The candidate and his family followed.

Robb Tadelman is in blue.

Gopt a close-up of Tadelman and his wife.

Robb Tadelman and a suporter.

Hometown boy Gary Rabine, running for the GOP nomination for Governor, had the next entry.

Following the Gary Rabine banner was an enlargement of his face.

Next came the Rabine bus.

Gary Rabine bus.

Following was another vehicle festoned with Rabine signs.

Another Rabine attempt to gaiin name identification.

Rabine had a running boy, too.

These people walked behind the bus.

A man on what looks a bit like a moped crisscorssed the street, going from front to back.

A feather baanner with Rabine’s name and slogan waved in the wind.

Then, along came candidate Rabine himself.

Gary Raabine running to keep up.

The McHenry County Libertarian Party contingent came later.

The Libertarian Party banner.

Below is what the Libertarians were handing out:

McHenry County Libertarian Party handout.
McHenry County Libertarian Party handout.

Something I have not seen in other parades was the final political entry–New Illinois.

The organization’s message was carried on the side of a ickup truck; Leave Without Moving.

“Leave Without Moving.”

A handout told more.

Then it was south to the Dundee Township Republican Party picnic.


The Johnsburg Parade Yields Political Messages — 17 Comments

  1. Did Tadelman bring his opponent’s ex-wife and her current husband, who is convicted of crimes against Colatorti, to squire about again?

  2. I’ve read on this blog Craig Wilcox is granted a 100% home property tax exemption, my question is, how is he disabled?

    I’m referring to the picture of him “hoofing it”

  3. First picture is fun and enjoyable for children, parents, grandparents attending. A bowling ball chasing pins. Most of the rest of the pictures show politics, political candidates, politicians.

    Any floats or clowns NON-political?


    “The Saufen und Spiel celebration in Johnsburg features a parade.”

    Saufen defintion:

    German word meaning, drinking to get drunk. Getting drunk. The adjective form of this word is ” besoffen .” Wir saufen heut’ Abend ja richtig gut. Du bist gestern

    Definition of spiel:


    1. a long or fast speech or story, typically one intended as a means of persuasion or as an excuse but regarded with skepticism or contempt by those who hear it:

  4. saying all along Suceede from the chi town, leave them to eat each other…

    we don’t need that garbage hole,

    they want to continue to break the LAW their on their own…

  5. Is that Jack Franks in the bowling ball costume?

    He has the shape and the personality for it.

  6. **I’ve read on this blog Craig Wilcox is granted a 100% home property tax exemption, my question is, how is he disabled?**

    Yes, Wilcox DOES have a “Disabled Vet 70-100%” property tax exemption.

    It was renewed in March of 2020.

  7. Too late New Illinois ladies.

    I’m already living in a dystopian madhouse of inbound U-Hauls from Illinois and California.

  8. Was Condon drunk driving that cart?

    Why wasn’t there’s public application for McTownship Supervisor?

    I understand McHenry has a secret and probably illegal deal going on-about replacing supervisors.

    Albie Adams was told by Al Jourdan to vacate the office in favor of Donna Schaefer.

    Schaefer cut out early in favor of Craig Adams.

    Adams left office after a couple months in favor of ‘cat burglar’ Barla.

    Why did Jimmy Condon fire his inherited chief foreman?

    Wouldn’t the foreman wink at corruption?

    Why did Jimmy ‘the squeeze’ Condon go bankrupt so many, many times?

    Why Condon hire Bob Miller, the crook, as a ‘consultant’?

    Why did McHenry Township hire Condon’s and Bob Miller’s kids?

    Typical township nepotism!

  9. Bowling ball and pin thing makes more sense.

    I couldn’t figure out why the movie reel man was chasing after the toothpaste tube people.

  10. AlabamaShake on 09/14/2021 at 2:41 pm said:
    **I’ve read on this blog Craig Wilcox is granted a 100% home property tax exemption, my question is, how is he disabled?**

    Yes, Wilcox DOES have a “Disabled Vet 70-100%” property tax exemption.

    It was renewed in March of 2020.

    Again, what is his disability???

  11. Looking forward to Carl Kamienski being on the County Board! Not sure who he would be running against in the new districts but a true conservative and patriot!

  12. Since you know it all AlabamaShake, answer the question?

    Seems like simple request, dude.

  13. Kamienski is kooky and has-far fetched ideas on local government.

    Pretty screwy.

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