IL-16: Catalina Lauf Financial Disclosure Statement, Part 2

Source: Lauf Instagram page

Discerning ownership of the small businesses on Lauf’s Financial Disclosure leads to a question – what has Lauf accomplished outside politics in her own name?

Note from McHenry County Blog: Numerous attempts were made asking the Catalina for Congress campaign for responses to many of the issues raised in this article, and none were returned.

In last week’s Part 1 article on McHenry County Blog of Catalina Lauf’s (R, Woodstock) Financial Disclosure statement (FD), many inconsistencies were discovered between Lauf’s FD filing on August 13 in the IL-16 race, compared with her October 2019 filing of her amended FD in her 2020 IL-14 race.

Cover page of Lauf Financial Disclosure Electronic Filing of August 13, 2021

There are more discoveries through discernment which must be shared, which concludes today, beginning with the Super Bowl from Tampa back in early February. Something said from Part 1 must be repeated here in Part 2:

“Recalling last year in various congressional races across the country, claims to small business ownership by some millennial candidates could not be confirmed, and recalling the due diligence to track down IL-16 Republican Jack Lombardi’s (R, Manhatten) business name, I was prepared to do the same for Lauf, with some of the findings here.”

John Lopez, 10/5/21


Now, let’s recall another conversation here on McHenry County Blog which has bearing since it accompanied the article sharing Lauf’s Instagram picture from Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium from February 7.

Comments from Super Bowl article on Catalina Lauf, 2/8/21

In Part 1, the LinkedIn excerpt of Lauf’s past jobs was shared, and the omission of the name Citizens for Rauner was already discussed. Here’s the rest of Lauf’s LinkedIn page with her current jobs, as identified in LinkedIn:

Lauf’s LinkedIn page extracted October 9

It must be pointed out, “business owner” of Begin Health or any other private sector entity not listed. Also, Defense of Freedom PAC, per Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings did not formally launch until June of 2020, and publicly launched in September of 2020.

The time entry on Lauf’s LinkedIn can be called a “typo” in all fairness.

As I said in my February 11 comment, Heartland Global Resources was her employer, and Begin Health was one of two clients she “managed and advised”. It looks like the Bodyworn Gear employer has replaced Heartland Global Resources on Lauf’s LinkedIn page, with her having the job title of director.

Let’s look at Bodyworn Gear from Lauf’s FDs for earned Income:

Lauf FD Schedule C October 2019, Preceding Year = 2018; Current Year = 2019 to October
Lauf FD Schedule C August 2021; Preceding Year = 2020; Current Year = 2021 to August

So according to Lauf’s FD filings, “Body Worn Gear” paid Lauf $12K in 2019 for consulting and in 2020, “BodyWorn Gear” paid Lauf $7K for consulting.

So who is BodyWorn/Body Worn Gear? According to the Illinois secretary of state (ILSoS):

From ILSoS website extracted October 9, 2021 PII data blanked out

BodyWorn Gear is an assumed named entity of a company where Catalina Lauf’s father, Phil Lauf, is the president. While “BodyWorn Gear” is the active assumed name, “Body Worn Gear” (which appeared on Lauf’s 2019 FD) is an inactive assumed name entity which was likely active in 2019. So, what is the legal name of this assumed name for this business?

Extracted October 9, 2021

Similar to Jack Lombardi, Catalina Lauf on her FD did not disclose the full, legal name of a business which paid her $7K for consulting in 2020 or $12K in 2019. The legal name, and what Lauf should have documented for her August FD filing, is:

SBL Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a BodyWorn Gear

Given the entity information from the ILSoS identifies “DOMESTIC BCA (Business Corporation Act)”, the entity name SBL Enterprises, Inc. is incorporated in Illinois, not another state like Delaware.

I could not find anything about the “Heartland Global Resources” reference Lauf used earlier this year, and while the entity is still a registered business under the ILSoS under the ownership of Phil Lauf, the business no longer comes up on Google searches and looks like it is no longer being used, which would explain Catalina Lauf dropping it from her LinkedIn profile.

Such is small business.

Defense of Freedom PAC & Media Appearances

Late last year and earlier this year, Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC was highlighted as a small business success story for Catalina Lauf in her own name, and indeed, it clearly started out, as her LinkedIn entry stated the PAC’s performance in 2020.

But like the “BEFORE-AFTER” look at fad diets, what does “AFTER-AFTER” look like in reference to Defense of Freedom PAC?

Reporting PeriodReceiptsDisbursementsCash on Hand
TOTAL 2020 6/24-12/31/20    110,461.89     75,682.20  34,779.69
Post-Runoff 1/1 – 1/25/21       5,887.00      3,252.34   37,414.35
S1 2021 1/26 thru 6/30       2,758.84    12,712.30   27,460.89
TOTAL 2021   8,645.84    15,964.64   27,460.89
Source: FEC Disclosure Filings for Defense of Freedom PAC through 6/30/21

Put another way, the burn rate of the Defense of Freedom PAC went from a year-end 68.5% at the end of 2020, to 461% for the latest filing period for the period of 1/26/21 through 6/30/21.

To be fair, Lauf started her IL-16 campaign on 2/23/21, and it’s only expected her political fundraising would be focused on raising money for her congressional campaign committee.

That said, would a business owner let their business suffer and instead implement contingencies to prevent their business from suffering measurably?

Fair enough, Defense of Freedom PAC is not a private sector business producing a product, but one would think Lauf could have done something different to keep Defense of Freedom PAC running to its vision while multi-tasking to build her IL-16 campaign war chest to face Adam Kinzinger.

Since Lauf paid herself $3K from her PAC earlier this year as earned income, another question of earned income is raised.

With Lauf’s frequent media interviews on NewsMax, Fox News, OANN and other outlets, are all of these interviews non-compensated (but expenses reimbursed if travel involved?). The average person won’t understand how Lauf’s gigs work, and I’ll admit, I barely understand, knowing these kinds of gigs are a part of a bigger gig economy.

Any paid media appearances, Lauf would have to report the payments, but not expenses reimbursement, as an “honoraria”, or paid speaking engagement.

This would appear under Schedule C, and none were reported.

Catalina and Madeline Lauf from Begin Health home page


So now we know, outside of businesses run by family members, namely her father and sister, Lauf has no private sector business ownership record outside of politics in her name.

Her current “job” is a minority ownership stake in Begin Health, the company started by her sister in late 2018 which launched its product in the fall of 2020, which has not brought income to Lauf in all of 2021, as covered in Part 1.

When award-winning freelance writer Gabriella Hoffman interviewed Lauf on video back in early April, Hoffman described Lauf in an article on that mentioned nothing about being an owner of any kind in Begin Health:

“Lauf currently serves as Director of Heartland Global Resources, overseeing brands like BodyWorn Gear and Begin Health, INC. She previously worked for Uber Chicago and served as a Special Advisor in Trump’s Commerce Department.”

Gabriella Hoffman, “Catalina Lauf Wants to Be a Formidable Kinzinger, 4/9/21


So as covered in Part I, Lauf, as the article reads, goes from Uber Chicago to the Commerce Department, completely missing her time 10 months in 2018 at Citizens for Rauner. Knowing Gabriella Hoffman, I can’t believe she wouldn’t have at least questioned Lauf about the “Political Organization” job on her LinkedIn job history in between Lauf’s Commerce Department and Uber jobs, and omitting her Citizens for Rauner job is a purposeful omission.

The IL-16 Republican primary race will change dramatically this month, starting with the first publication of a draft congressional remap as early as Friday by Democrats who control the mapmaking in Springfield. All expect the current IL-16 to be eliminated, with Illinois losing a congressional seat.

By the end of this month, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon), Lauf along with the other announced current IL-16 candidates will have to seriously consider if not decide what to do next year, including possibly sitting-out the 2022 election cycle or running for another office other than Congress.

Serious candidates for Congress will decide sooner than later, since critical fundraising will not wait until petitions are passed or the spring filing deadline for the June 28 primary.

Should Lauf stay in the race, voters’ questions about her candidacy will shift as the target of her campaign will no longer be Adam Kinzinger.

A potential and valid question about Lauf will shift to a “what have you accomplished in your own name” to merit election to Congress.

That is where Lauf, and many of the current IL-16 candidates are very weak, and will be more exposed once Kinzinger is out of the picture.


IL-16: Catalina Lauf Financial Disclosure Statement, Part 2 — 16 Comments

  1. The only real job I’m seeing in any of these financial disclosures.

    Is whoever has to mop up the guillotine after they post.

  2. **By the end of this month … will have to decide what to do next year**

    Why by the end of this month?

  3. Shake,

    Good catch, that should be rephrased, but with fall veto session ended by the end of the month, we will have a new congressional map ready for the governor’s signature by the end of the month.

    IMHO, serious candidates for Congress should know what they’re going to do by end of the month, to raise money for a different district, let alone knowing if it’s a district they can compete.

  4. “why this month”

    At some point people need to file for the primary.

    They do in fact need to get it done.

    And there is little hard work for them (unlike the Chicago ward re-map) so it should not take much longer.

    Of course, once it is done, you can expect a real politician to try and run.

    I can’t see anyone giving this crew a clean path to a nomination.

  5. I’m well aware of the need to file.

    But filing is the late winter/spring, and folks are likely going to take some time after they see the new maps before making a final decision.

    I doubt we see final decisions from these folks by the end of the month.

  6. Are we sure maps will be released this month?

    I could see them being released sometime in November, but December would be pushing it.

    Circulation starts in January and there is that winter recess thing too.

    I think this month or next month we should know what the congressional districts will look like though, and I am very excited!

  7. Correcting,

    Senate President Don Harmon, in an interview last month (9/23) with the Chicago Sun-Times “At the Virtual Table” podcast, said the fall veto session will be when the congressional map will be approved by the General Assembly.

    The redistricting committees, both House and Senate, are holding perfunctory hearings that started last week, and scheduled to end Friday.

    First draft map expected to be made public as soon as Friday evening.

    Fall Veto session begins on 10/19, and will be done by 10/28.

  8. Ah. Ok thanks for the definitive answer and reason.

    Well the sooner the better, that’s the way I see em! By the way, you might be interested in this neat tool/tracker covering redistricting in 50 states. (

    Not sure if NCSL has anything like this but it would be cool it they did!)

    Shake might like this too.

  9. Why can’t we just support Catalina?

    She’s young, intelligent and Republican.

    Let’s be supportive of our Republicans.

    You don’t see democrats acting like such assholes against their party.

    Probably why they are winning.

  10. Except in botching the Melissa Bean-Jor Walsh election.

    I think 538 gave Bean an 87% chance of victory.

  11. Cal – first, I was specifically referring the redistricting tracker mentioned above.

    But, second, projecting election results due to existing data, and getting some wrong, doesn’t mean that 538 blew it.

    It means that the 13% chance happened.

    That’s how probability works.

    Sometimes the unlikely scenario happens.

  12. In the Bean-Walsh situation, there was an almost 50-50 poll that had been taken, but apparently not seen by 538.

  13. **there was an almost 50-50 poll that had been taken, but apparently not seen by 538.**

    They don’t look at one poll.

    I don’t remember all of the details from that race, but they look at all public polls together, adjust them for known partisanship bias, etc.

    And they’ve also continued to make adjustments to their projections.

    But, again, they’re just projections, based on the data they have/use.

    He also won by like 300 votes, so it isn’t like 538 was way off.

    That 300 vote margin just fell within the 13% chance of Walsh winning.

  14. They do exclude certain polls though.

    I don’t know how they weight things or select what polls fit their criteria, and if they missed a poll like that one Cal mentioned 12 years in their aggregate, that’s unfortunate since Bean and Walsh basically did end up having a 50-50 race.

    Personally, I like Real Clear Politics better as far as polling averages goes — just wanted to point out that 538 has a (pretty helpful looking) redistricting tracking tool and it seems like something John Lopez would enjoy keeping an eye on.

    I do know when 538 says “Bean has an 87 percent chance of winning, they aren’t saying she is going to win 87 percent of the vote.

    They gave Hillary like a 67 percent of chance of winning which meant Trump had a 1/3rd chance of winning (they weren’t saying he was going to get 1/3rd of the vote).

    They found it unlikely that he would run the table in FLORIDA, NORTH CAROLINOA, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, WISCONSIN, and MICHIGAN.

    But he did. And then we had a very good time!

    Biden basically did the same in reverse he won a lot of states including ones that were maybe a little strange!

    And now we are having a bad time!

    The main difference is Trump put himself around a lot of idiots but probably wasn’t evil and senile himself, while Biden is around horrible people and he has poo poo for brains.

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