Message of the Day – Freedom Land

“I am very happy to be in Freedom Land.”

That’s what the wife of our Cape Coral Methodist Church’s minister Rini Hernandez’ wife’s nephew’s wife told the congregation Sunday after she and her husband were introduced as just having been admitted to the United States as political refugees in Yuma, Arizona.

He was Pastor Hernandez’ wife’s last nephew to have escaped Cuba.

According to our minister Pastor Rini Hernandez, who was held in a Cuban prison cap cutting sugar cane for two years before he emmigrated to America, the nephew had “for years been in opposition to the Cuban government and he has suffered for that, threats, a lot of things. He had to leave Cuba.”

The only country to which the nephew and his wife could flee was Suriname.

From there went through Brazil, Peru. Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico before arriving at the United States Border.

The journey was “about three months trip and every day our hearts were running fast and praying for them and asking for God to send angels around them and they have a lot of stories about angels actually protecting them and being with them.”

After his wife said, “I am very happy to be in Freedom Land,” her husband said,”God Bless America.”

The wife’s words brought tears to my eyes.


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    like the rest of True Americans have done!

  2. But I thought we were opposed to all these refugees and asylum seekers.

  3. I’m opposed to you, Innocent. I hate idiots, communists, lgbtq agendaists, firebugs and people with alot of BO.

    You fit all categories.

  4. To be a European American with a future means to confront the lie that is the American ideal.

    All men are not created equal.

    Rights are a product of power, not the gift of a Deist “God” whose will is reinterpreted every other week.

    The upward development of the race is the purpose of the state, not accumulating money by systematically degrading it.

    And we have more in common with our racial kinsmen in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and the other nations of the Occident than we do our nonwhite “fellow Americans.”

    Our Republic is no longer a melting pot, but a trash can.

    America today is simply enforced mediocrity.

  5. Primate it was an intelligent comment, unlike your libtard drivel.

    I concur with the Bolt’s appraisal of you, and will add that you’re a bad credit risk and loser.

  6. “All men are not created equal.”
    “Rights are a product of power, not the gift of a Deist ‘God'”
    Thus Spoke Zarathustra it seems.

    It appears our Founding Fathers weren’t so bright after all in spite of creating a system of government that was adequately flexible and sufficiently far-sighted to survive more than two centuries, a civil war, the Internet and this past January 6th.

    From the U.S. Declaration of Independence:
    “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”

    So, put your faith in Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and others who had the brains to write and openly sign our Declaration of Independence or some guy lacking the courage to post under his own name.

    My vote is for those old, smart guys.

  7. Well, Jefferson did own a whole bunch of slaves, so I seriously doubt if he really believed that all men were created equal.

  8. Coruscating? That was stellar! It’s been quite awhile since I laughed out loud. Thanks.

  9. Al, you corrupt SOB, don’t lecture me on the Founding Fathers.

    They intended for a white Western Civ.

    Hell half of them owned slaves.

    Wise ones, like Monroe, wanted all the blacks relocated, foreseeing our modern problems.

    When Mt Rushmore is dynamited bc of 2 slave owners, Abe who wanted the blacks repatriated after CW1, and ‘evil’ Teddy who said and wrote naughty things about jews and negro intellect, you can run your own re-education camp for President Prickster, and torture honest men.

  10. Not “lecturing” anyone, just commenting as others have.

    I am shocked at the level of hate displayed by some on this blog.

  11. Al Zielinski, my poor, booted Township ASSessor, get off your ANTIFA soapbox and try and corral more unsuspecting dolts into the Vax Morgue. Do you get a bounty?

  12. Al – while you have screwed my husband and I on our property taxes, I agree with you about the hatred on this site.

  13. Dianne is the kind of brainwashed boob who voted for Biden and has a lame sign in front of her overtaxed hovel.

    Look what she wrote above!

    She recognizes that the crooked Al Zielinski personally screwed her and her emasculated hubby, yet she swallows Al’s libtard swill.

    Can nitwits like her ever learn?

  14. Yes Dianne, I hate crooks like Al Zielinski as well as his MANY victims who can’t bring themselves to see reality and function rationally.

    Look up Stockholm syndrome Dianne. You’re suffering from it.

    Or perhaps you’re a libtard masochist.

  15. Dianne, the Bolt did indeed prove something, but it’s not what you peddle.

    Maybe you can grovel obsequiously at the feet of the tax boy Al Z. He loves the adulation from his peons.

  16. Dianne, people like you deserve to get screwed over and over again.

    I notice you didn’t deny voting for Biden. Quaint.

  17. It’s truly sad when all a person’s brain can emanate is name-calling.

    How childish!

    What a way to go through life: getting your jollies by calling others names.

    No wonder some don’t post under their real names.

  18. Hmm. What a great intelligent comment. NOT! My name is real. I take umbrage over the suggestion that I am not real. Same real name I have used on the internet for over twenty-one years. What other paranoid fantasies do you entertain Al?

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