IL-16: Catalina Lauf Defense of Freedom PAC Continues to Help Out-of-State Campaigns

Endorsement of August 25, 2021

First half of 2021 financial contributions to campaigns included 1st state constitutional office — to Indiana

In the 2nd part of McHenry County Blog‘s coverage of Catalina Lauf’s Financial Disclosure statements, a reference to her Defense of Freedom PAC and its performance in the first half of the year was included.

This article will expand upon Lauf’s PAC and where she donated money in the first half of 2021.

As commenters have observed in the past, Lauf continued not to support any candidate financially through her PAC from her home state of Illinois.

While the endorsement social media meme for congressional candidate Bo Hines (R, NC-13) took place in late August and any financial support would not be included in the 1st half of 2021 filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Lauf’s marketing brand continues to extend out of Illinois to other races.

Hines is seeking the open U.S. House seat being vacated next year by Congressman Ted Budd, who’s running for the open U.S. Senate seat from North Carolina next year.

Campaigns receiving disbursements from Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC thus far in 2021 (through June 30) include:

  • Catalina for Congress, 2/26/21, $5,000
  • Diego Morales for Indiana secretary of state, 5/3/21, $1,000
  • Ohio Young Republicans PAC, 5/25/21, $500
  • Anna Paulina Luna for Congress (FL-13), 6/2/21, $2,500
  • Team Rand (PAC controlled by U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R, KY)), 6/7/21, $2,500

It is legal for Lauf’s congressional campaign to receive $5K from her PAC, which is the maximum amount and given the seed money to start Defense of Freedom PAC came from her 2020 version of Catalina for Congress in IL-14, the 2022 version was paid back with the seed money.

The first donation to a constitutional state office candidate in neighboring Indiana went to Diego Morales, who’s seeking the open secretary of state position and sets up a Republican primary next year with appointed Secretary of State Holli Sullivan.

In addition to the above political contributions, Lauf gave $1,000 to the All Secure Foundation, which replaced the American Legion Post #75 contribution at year-end 2020. The American Legion had not processed the $1K check from Defense of Freedom PAC by April 30.

The semi-annual FEC report can be viewed here.


From the desk of John Lopez: First, Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC, during an odd-numbered year, is only required to file a disclosure report with the FEC on a semi-annual schedule, with her next scheduled report due in January.

Finally, it has been noted Lauf’s PAC has not given financial support to any Illinois candidate, apart from her own campaign since its launch in 2020.

While the congressional remap is just getting underway in Springfield, it is surprising Lauf’s PAC has yet to contribute to Esther Joy King’s campaign in IL-17, a crucial seat needed to flip the House next year, and Lauf did not contribute to King’s 2020 campaign, in spite of the race turning competitive, late.

I’m reminded, and all should remember, it’s up to Lauf, and only Lauf to do with the monies her PAC raises as she sees fit. That said, Lauf not contributing financially from her PAC to Illinois candidates in 2020, or 2022 to-date, could impact her 2022 race which she has an opportunity to remedy by the end of 2021.


IL-16: Catalina Lauf Defense of Freedom PAC Continues to Help Out-of-State Campaigns — 5 Comments

  1. This is a classic waste of time while the nation is being invaded and run by Marxist goons.

    Stop these unavailing distractions and dead ends.

  2. Are you trying to become a Campaign adviser to her with all these “gotcha question topics” that MIGHT come up at a debate or something, to help her prepare–or just throwing things out there to question her or something?

    Why dont you spend more time listing how folks can help support a viable Republican Candidate, like more announcement of the upcoming event she’s having


    Airmotive Airport

    Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum

    Poplar Grove, IL 61065

    October 16, 2021

    2:00 PM

    Just hope you pick apart whomever she runs against with points like you with have her these last few days.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but always though this Blog was Republican leaning and in support of those who are.

    This seems a little opposite of that.

    Good detailed work for sure–but why?

    Peace Out.

  3. Bob Wire,

    I’m not trying to be anything with Lauf’s congressional campaign.

    As noted in these articles today, and on her Financial Disclosure statement articles, she refuses to answer questions about her candidacy which I’ve been asking her, and her campaign manager, since mid August.

    Her campaign has been given plenty of time to respond, and they chose not to respond.

    The McHenry County Blog is conservative-leaning, and Republican vs. Democrat begins in earnest after June 28.

    For now, candidate vetting, and the tools and insight like the Financial Disclosure statements and FEC filings, are the only metrics to use, and they are being used.

    On this “Freedom Event” Lauf’s campaign is hosting on Saturday, I’ve seen nothing on social media or eventbrite or her campaign website.

    Can you forward the email notifying you of this event to Cal or me?

    Curious to see this, and also curious why she’s not using social media to drum up attendance, and if Lauf is having a special guest.


  4. Kamala is trying real hard to find anyone and everyone that has a more shameful past than herself.

    Try as she may, she’ll never outrun her sexual exploits.

    She will forever be the woman who whored her way to the top–most infamous of all was going downtown on Willie Brown’s brown willy.

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