Marengo Parade: New State Senate Candidates Audition

Marching with the McHenry County Republican Party contingent and behnid were two men who seek to represent the western part of McHenry County ini the Illinois State Senate.

I n a new district coming haldway across the county–all the way to the Grafton-Algonquin Township line in southeastern Crystal Lake the longest serving Illinois State Senator–Dave Syverson–is being challenged by Eli Nicolosi.

The northern State Rep. part of the new Senate district David Syverson and Eil Nicolosi seek to represnt.

Nicolosi resides in Winnebago County, the western part of which I represented as State Representative in the 1970’s when Illinois had three State Reps. per district, while Syverson lives in Boone County.

The full State Senate district in which David Syverson and Eil Nicolosi are seeking election goes to the Mississipp River.

In the parade, Syverson’s contingent came first.

Leading his entry is State Senator Dave Syverson.
Dave Syverson
Two different signs are on this vehicle for Dave Syverson.
Walkers for Dave Syverson.
Sign carriers for David Syverson.
A young girl hurries to catch up with her family.

Behind three more bands, pretty much at the end of the parade came Eli Nicolois and supporters.

Eli Nicolosi led with a gin carrier.
Eli Nicolosi walked along the street.
Eli Nicolosi saw me takikng picutres, waved and said, “McHenry County Blog.”
Eli Nicolosi’s vehicle was a a pickup with a big sign indicating that he is going to promote his first name (ELI), one easier to remember than his last name.


Marengo Parade: New State Senate Candidates Audition — 2 Comments

  1. I’d have to score this Marengo audition as a win for Senator Syverson.

  2. Oh really Lopez?

    His fat face has been in the trough way too long.

    Nothing to show for it!

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