McLaughlin Fundraiser Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. WTF what district?

    What Party?

    all info should be on the ticket and on the pledge form

    maybe we’re just supposed to guess

  2. Bill,

    I don’t believe Cal cut & pasted the entire flyer for the article.

    Marty McLaughlin is 52nd House District.

  3. Guess you have not reviewed his record as Barrington Hills Village President.

  4. Is this the best person the GOP could cone up with?

    What happened to Senator McConchie?

    Is this his protege or what?

  5. Protégé to McConchie!

    You’re kidding, aren’t you?

    Marty and his Village Board, initiated sound business practices, restored efficiency and significant savings to residents of the Village.

    Other than those canned “updates”, what has the State Senator done in Springfield?

  6. What tax cuts and reforms sponsored by Marty in the Illinois House have become law? 🤔🔔

  7. Hi, MsTrumpion – no crack for me; sorry to disappoint you. But that is sure a weird response for asking a simple question.

    I am legitimately curious what state legislators Eddie approves of.

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