Tony Colatorti Schedules Fundraiser October 30th

From Tony Colatorti, running for the Republican nomination for Sheriff, an invitation fan October 30th Halloween fundraiser at Woodstock Harley:


Tony Colatorti Schedules Fundraiser October 30th — 5 Comments

  1. Hard pass for me on the “party” and on Colatorti for McHenry County Sheriff.

    People, please do your research.

    Next to his opponent, Tony looks like the love child after a one-night between Barney Fife and a vat of grease.

    Experience matters.

    So does a person’s character and integrity (or lack thereof).

  2. We’ll definitely be going to this!

    I’ve done my research.

    20+ years of law enforcement experience- all while being local small business owner.

    Colatorti has the business acumen to lead the sheriff’s office, he’s a proven conservative supporter, steward to the community, and clearly can raise FAR MORE MONEY than his JV opponent.

    Once you tune out the usual, overly loud, rumor spreading PC’s, the choice for Colatorti is crystal clear.

    Robbb destroyed his character and integrity by playing dirty politics from the beginning.

    Colatorti will be the only one to unite the divided sheriff’s office.

  3. Tony may have “raised” more money but a lot of it is coming from him or from his restaurant.

    I will go with someone who has been in law enforcement continuously rather than someone who resigned from a chief position because he “had a separate vision” for the department HE was in charge of than the village.

    If he cannot make things work between a police dept and a small village.

    How will he lead the sheriff’s dept?

    Will he resign if things don’t go his way if he is Sheriff?

  4. Perfectly said from someone who has zero municipal law enforcement experience.

    Let’s be clear, Robbb doesn’t have the majority support from the police from this county, yet alone his own department.

    I’ve talked with far more cops who are supporting Colatorti and that speaks for itself.

    Other than being Prim’s weak pick, he was described as being immature with ties to some bad apples, and didn’t have much experience besides being sued for his poor judgment.

    I can’t get behind Robbb who has been successfully sued for blatantly violating citizen’s 4th amendment right.

    If a police officer loses a 4th amendment lawsuit it’s a HUGE deal.

    That is a blatant lack of respect for the constitution, therefore Robbb doesn’t deserve a vote to be the chief law enforcement officer of the county.

    As far as fundraising, all that proves is Colatorti is far more committed to this race and will raise much more money than his JV opponent.

    Even if you remove personal contributions, Colatorti still raised more money.

    Robbb had a several months lead on fundraising and he still fell on his face.

    Based off of last quarters precedence, one can easily bet as of next reporting, Colatorti will raise far over 100k while JV Robbb is still sitting on the bench making excuses for himself.

  5. Twaddelman is a Nygrenite.

    That’s all ye need to know.

    Twaddelman also is a big vax enthusiast.

    Nothing about the Covid vaccine makes sense.

    If it’s so safe, why would thousands of nurses rather lose their jobs than being jabbed? Battling Covid for a year and a half, they should know better than anybody what’s what.

    Why are the most vaccinated countries, such as Israel, experiencing new Covid outbreaks?

    Why did Vietnam suffer almost no Covid deaths until it started jabbing people with American vaccines?

    Pfizer just donated a million doses to that foolish government, by the way.

    Though a vaccine is supposed to immunize you against a specific disease, the Covid ones destroy your natural immunity, to make you more susceptible to Covid!

    Isn’t that a sick joke, at your expense.

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