2018 Libertarian Candidate for Governor Arrested for Threatening Lake County Judges

The last time I saw Kash Jackson, he was paerticipating in the 2018 Johnsburg parade:

Kash Jackson, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor in Johnsburg. He also campaigned at the McHenry County Fair.

Now comes this informtion from th Daily Herald:

Former Libertarian candidate for governor charged with threatening Lake County judges

Grayson K. Jackson, who ran for Illinois governor in 2018, was taken into custody Thursday and accused of threatening to kill two Lake County judges. Full Story


2018 Libertarian Candidate for Governor Arrested for Threatening Lake County Judges — 7 Comments

  1. “Grayson K. Jackson, who also is known as Kash Jackson and Benjamin Winderweedle, 43, of Paris, Arkansas”…

    LIttle Bennie Winderweedle–yeah I’d find a cooler name too.

    Now go find some manners.

    You’ll get prison time for that stunt.

    Oh, and you’ll probably lose whatever case you’re crying about.

  2. It’s never ever O.K. to threaten a public official or anyone for that matter.

  3. I have a funny story about Kash Jackson.

    When he went to college for a speaking tour people used to call him dab dabson.

    Not because dabbing was considered cool in 2018.

    Not because Kash was considered particularly cool.

    Not because he was doing particularly well with college students.

    …they just thought the name was funny.

    SOME LIBERTARIANS tried to warn the others, hey this guy is a little kooky (after all who renames themselves to kash jackson?) maybe you should go with the dude who lives in a literal rich neighborhood, who has rich friends, and who is a former professional wrestler, and who has the same name as a celebrity, and who doesn’t owe child support, or a questionable mental health history, and who might actually get some not-so-bad media coverage but they were like

    he doesn’t know enough about policy!

    And then people were like “neither does Kash, so then do you at least want to vote for the third guy who actually does know about policy but is kind of obscure, but a good speaker?”

    And they were like “No because he is mean to people on the internet.”

    So they picked old kash jackson and they got like 2.4 percent of the vote that’s the way things go sometimes.

    Sometimes people think they know better than you!!!

    I guess everybody learns at their own pace though…

    There was a congressional district in southern Illinois where greens used to regularly get over 5 percent and one year then got around 11 percent statewide.

    Now Libertarians get maybe 2 or 3 percent statewide and Greens are getting 1 percent if they can even get on the ballot.

    But like I said, people have their own ideas.

    Evan McMullin, Jeb Bush, Jo Jorgensen, Howie Hawkins, Joe Biden, Bruce Rauner, Kash Jackson, JB Pritzker, Paul Schimpf…

    You Americans think you have such great ideas.

    I’m not so sure you do but I guess we’ll see…

    Surely, things won’t get WORSE in this country, right?


  4. Democrat US Senator from NY, Chuck Schumer, threatened Supreme Court Justices a while back and he is still free, not charged, did not go to court, is not in jail.

    Where is justice.

    This guy has been an a hole for many years and still hanging around. Voters in NY apparently nuts. These voters also elected Hillary Rodman Clinton to Senate in the past and the radical leftist AOC. What is in the water there? Or, they mostly drink cool-aid.

  5. I wonder if he’ll actually be extradited.

    $500,000 bond because he supposedly threatened judge?

    Accused murderers get less.

  6. America holds political prisoners.

    And will gleefully frame you up.

    James Fields, Derek Chauvin, the list goes on…

    Be careful. Don’t be next.

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