12-Year Old Hit by 20-Something Hispanic Man on Way to School, Police Seek Home Surveillance Videos

From the Lake County Sheriff’s Department:

Junior High Student Battered Walking to Bus Stop

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident where a junior high school student was approached and battered in Unincorporated Cary. 

Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Cary Junior High School this morning after school staff was alerted a 12-year-old student was battered. 

Sheriff’s deputies met with Cary Police Officers and learned the 12-year-old was on his way to the school bus stop at approximately 7:30 a.m., in the area of West Pittner Avenue and Hickory Nut Grove Road. 

West Pittner Avenue and Hickory Nut Grove Road, rural Cary.

The victim reported he was approached by a man, described as being Hispanic, in his late 20’s, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and black athletic shoes. 

The victim said the man, with no provocation, struck him in the face and fled into a wooded area. 

The victim was not seriously injured. 

Homeowners in the area are asked to review home video surveillance.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 847-549-5200. 


12-Year Old Hit by 20-Something Hispanic Man on Way to School, Police Seek Home Surveillance Videos — 10 Comments

  1. Looks like Biden’s Open Border crisis and the IL welcoming state situation is coming out to the suburbs. Let’s go Brandon.

  2. The evil Biden Regime, with the moron doofus Joe Robinette Biden in the background, is destroying our Nation day by day. Open borders by them and then transporting the invaders who come over the borders to various States in the black of night. This should be considered treason. The mostly left wing media who are in the tank for Democrats and the moron Biden is ignoring all of this. They are the Pravda of the USSR in the US. How shall the media be held accountable for their WILLFUL behaviour? What should be done to them for justice? The media is probably more evil than is the regime. Their responsibility to American citizens is to report the truth which they have not done.

  3. The school district goons will call the parents terrorists if they complain!

    What a terrible world we’re living in!

  4. That neighborhood down there, by the River, is pretty tight with each other in the way of watching out for each other and strangers “hanging around”..

    you often see them riding golf carts to and fro around, many times to the Bar down there, formerly; Hals, Tommy’s, Soft Landings now The Hidden Tap–

    Good Beer,Good Company.,

    Guaranteed if there’s a “Mexican” hanging around they’ll find him and I’m sure take appropriate action.

    Its kind of a lost colony that part of Cary–not part of McHenry County and the very last vestige of Lake county, rarely patrolled by the Sherrifs dept.

    The locals will know what to do, if in fact there is a “Mexican beating kids”..

    Any word from the Po-Po on home video camera evidence yet?

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