Liberty First PAC Files First Campaign Finance Report

Started the end of July and making its first quarterly report is Liberty First PAC.

Heading it up is Keith Carpenter of McHenry. It’s Treasurer is McHenry County Coroner Michael Rein.

The report is written, rather than submitted via the internet.

Four contributions were made on August 18th:

  • $1,000 Citizens for Mike Buehler
  • $1,000 McHenry County GOPAC
  • $3,000 Citizens for Colonel Craig Wilcox
  • $2,803 Citizens Farmers Combine PAC, Lake Bluff
  • $1,000 Michael Rein

On September 6th, Citizens Farmers Combine PAC gave another $2,803.

$191.04 was spend by Wilcox’s PAC for food for meetings on August 9th and 10th. That shows up as an in-kind contribution

I found a record of Citizens Farmers Combine PAC on the State Board of Elections web site, but there is a Citizens Farmers Bank in Lake Bluff.

In all, $10,606 was taken in.

$6,539 was spent on Surus DH LLC of Lake Bluff on August 30th and September 21st.

The State Board reports that campaign organization have paid the firm for consulting, data, software, etc.

Local campaigns include that of State Rep, Marty McLaughlin and gubernatorial candidate Gary Rabine.

Lilbery First PAC paid t depository, American Community Bank, $193.57.


Liberty First PAC Files First Campaign Finance Report — 3 Comments

  1. Tainted with Buehler’s involvement.

    The gay flag fiasco at the County bldg. Will be his undoing.

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