IL-16: Adam Kinzinger Votes with Democrats on Steve Bannon Contempt of Congress Resolution

From Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, IL-16) email explaining today’s vote:

Source: California Target Book


No one is above the law — not the former President, not his former advisors, and not the people inspired to violence by them. It’s that simple.

The January 6th Committee, on which I serve, issued a lawful subpoena for the testimony of Steve Bannon, one of Donald Trump’s key advisors and the man many believe played a role in planning the insurrection. Bannon refused to comply with that subpoena, and as a result I voted to hold him in contempt.

Criminal contempt is serious — Bannon now faces prison time — and I did not take the vote lightly. But it’s hardly surprising. Steve Bannon’s actions might as well be the definition of contemptible. Our committee has already uncovered the following:

  • Bannon was involved in the dangerous and dishonest “Stop the Steal” efforts during the post-election period.
  • Bannon’s remarks on his podcasts on January 5 suggest possible foreknowledge of the next day’s disruptions: “You made this happen and tomorrow it’s game day. So strap in. Let’s get ready. All hell is going to break loose tomorrow,” he said. “It’s all converging, and now we’re on the point of attack tomorrow.”
  • On the days surrounding January 6, Bannon was apparently part of a clique of Trump advisers gathered at a hotel near the White House. The participants in those meetings—Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, and John Eastman were among the others present—reportedly “discussed plans to stop or delay the January 6th counting of the election results and persuade Members of Congress to block the electoral count.”

The American people deserve answers, and history deserves a full accounting so we can ensure another day like January 6th never happens again. I’m not messing around — there’s too much at stake. And anyone who seeks to thwart this righteous efforts will come to regret it, regardless of whether the letter after their name is the same as mine or different. The truth is what matters here — not tribes.

I never sought a seat on the January 6th Committee, but when I accepted the appointment, I vowed to follow the truth wherever it may lead without fear or favor. That work continues now, and like you, I remain devoted to saving our republic. Thank you for all you do!

Country First,

Thus far, none of Kinzinger’s primary opponents have reacted to the Bannon Contempt of Congress vote, or Kinzinger’s vote in favor.

IL-16 Republican challenger Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) retweeted Congressman Jim Banks’ (R, IN-03) tweet:

Developing story…


IL-16: Adam Kinzinger Votes with Democrats on Steve Bannon Contempt of Congress Resolution — 29 Comments

  1. January 6th was an attack on the Republic, pure and simple.

    There was never any legal basis for a challenge to the cerfication of the vote by Congress.

    VP Pence never had that authority, and Dan Quale reminded him of that.

    As he was coming out of Constitution Hall after finishing drafting the document which we now hold dear, Benjamin Franklin was approached by a woman who had been waiting on the sidewalk.

    She asked “What have you given us Dr. Franklin, a Monarchy or a Republic?”

    Franklin replied ” A Republic, if you can keep it”.

    Finding out exactly what happened on January 6th and preventing it from ever happening again is part of what is necessary to “keep it.”

  2. 14000 hours of recordings kept under wrap and not released.

    FBI and FBI operatives in the crowd.

    Trump offered the botox queen 10k national guard.

    Pelosi’s response, what’s for lunch on Jan 6.

  3. Trumps not going to be President again anyway, so…..


  4. In many ways, language is everything when it comes to demographic warfare.

    The group that can control what other groups are allowed to say has the upper hand because controlling what a person says ultimately leads to controlling what a person thinks.

    And once you can do that, you can quite easily coerce entire classes and races of people into doing your bidding. T

    he Soviets understood this well, and it was one reason why they were able to manage their oppression of a vast populace for many years.

    Whites, as an oppressed class in our current demographic struggles, should be well aware by now of the language restrictions which have been placed on them.

    For example, referring to blacks as “Negroes” or Asians as “Orientals” is considered not just out of date, but offensive.

    Calling a black person a “nigger” is practically grounds for murder these days.

    But what way of referring to Whites is analogous to this?

    Nothing, really.

    Recently, a Jew named Donald Moss announced from his perch within the American Psychoanalytic Association that whiteness is a parasitic condition to which there is no cure.

    Can’t get too much more defamatory than that.

    And did Dr. Moss get in any trouble for offending White people?

    Of course not.

    After all, the Nation of Islam has been calling White people blue-eyed devils for years and getting away with it.

    As a result of this pervasive abuse, I believe it is time for Whites to go on the offensive on the language front in the great demographic war.

    This means that we should produce a list of terms that we should never allow anyone, including other Whites, to say in our presence.

    Racial insults, of course, should top this list.

    Under no circumstances should we allow anyone to use the terms “redneck,” “cracker” or other racial epithets in a derogatory way.

    These should be met with a barrage of accusations of racism, followed by charges of hypocrisy and whatever else the circumstances call for.

    Basically, this should mark the permanent end of the conversation with those who think they can defame White people and get away with it.

  5. Nifty, that is so true.

    What has happened with our language newspeak parallels with what Orwell predicted in ‘1984’.

    When the deluded vaxxed start expiring at a faster and faster rate the calls for Fauci’s evil head with become deafening.

  6. Monk care to share your intel on how the dems cheated and will keep Trump out again in 2024?

    Oh that’s right, we’ll have the next Fauci Variant sprung on us in early 2022 and we have to use mail in ballots.

    The indictments by Durham are starting to drip out.

    Durham took over Huber’s investigation of the corrupt Clinton Foundation and rolled it into his special investigator investigation.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    And Sussman (Perkins Coie) was delivered 81,000 pages in his indictment. T

    hen we have Steele out there doing a PR tour on tv to try and get ahead of his indictment.

    This whole J6 farce is just something the in the tank MSM can focus on instead of having to try to find an accomplishment or a success of Biden admin.

    If the guy could complete a sentence that would be a good start.

    Cryin Adam Kinzinger is just another in a long line of IL Rino’s the state has sent to Washington to do the bidding of the Dems.

  7. Kingstinker – The man who thinks he is a moral anchor but in reality he is Pelosi’s virtue signaling
    useful idiot.

  8. This POS is just a one term Rino… his day is a coming to be gone!!!

  9. JT, no intel, no intrigue, just my take on the candidate himself, and the possible outcomes of the practical matters at hand.

    Durham’s investigation will likely “uncover” most of what we think we already know. Effect on the MYstolenelectionPILLOW™️? Zero. It makes the base feel vindicated, settles an old argument, but no additional gain from other voters.

    If past is prologue, all the various legal rodeos over MYstolenelectionPILLOW™️ will peter out to nothing. Even one successfully contested state alone isn’t enough.

    And let’s say there’s some miracle. By the time it wends its way through the process, we’ll already have had the State Funeral for Biden, and Harris will be campaigning from her bunker.

    In any case, there will be no do-overs. Trump has to run again as a candidate and win to become President again. There is no scenario otherwise.

    Nothing he’s done since or is seen to be doing now is winning or inducing any additional voters into his camp.

    As I said before, I voted for him, and would consider him again. I’ll consider a Candidate Trump with fresh ideas and to-do list, but I’m not going to give much credence to a Victim Trump. I want refresh, not revenge. Success itself is the best revenge.

    Personally, he got on my very last nerve when he threw Mike Pence under the bus. It illustrated beyond any doubt in my mind just how small and mean he can be.

    So, going forward, I don’t see him improving his electability at all unless he changes course. He needs to prove he can win again on his own merits, not on the perceived or real demerits of others.

    Donald! Put the pillow down!


  10. LOL Monk. Trump needs new ideas or were you referring to Biden? I’m not going to go tit for tat with you. Mike Lindell presented compelling evidence with the packet captures but since you are probably not an IT guy I’ll chalk it up to lack of knowledge on this topic.

    I’ll leave you with this since you gave me an afternoon chuckle. 9 months in with Biden, name 1 accomplishment the guy who can’t complete a sentence and flies home to DE every weekend has under his belt.

    I have just 1. He finally got a boat parade off of the coast of CA resulting in our supply chain issues. I frankly preferred the Trump variant of the boat parade because I don’t like giving my money to the lazy in this state who refuse to work.

    A truth tellers words do not offend me. That would be Trump. Has Biden or Psaki told you the truth? And what happened to all of the fact checkers? Are they all on vacation for the remainder of Biden’s term?

  11. What does my having to name a Biden accomplishment (not that I can) have anything to do with my desire to see a fresh Candidate Trump?

    IF he runs, he won’t be running against Biden. I can’t see Biden there one way or the other. Kamala? Pffft! Please!

    So it doesn’t matter how sh*tty Biden is because it’s not who he’ll be running against. And that’s IF he runs, because I don’t think he will.

    Saw Mike Pompey on Fox, looks like he lost 50 pounds, so looks like he’s running. 😀


  12. Okay Monk. Trump needs new ideas. The first that comes to mind is he could become the Wizard of Oz and give the Biden scarecrow a brain. I find it funny that #IncompetentJoeBiden and #Cornholio are trending today on twatter.

    It’s also funny that Tucker Carlson (I don’t watch MSM including FOX) trounced Biden in the ratings last night for his “townhall” by over 1m viewers.

    What EO did Trump sign that is causing Joe Biden’s boat parade off of the CA coast? I think that EO was a good idea. What would you like to see Trump do better than Biden?

    Not trying to be offensive Monk. I just can’t see one thing the guy you said you voted for has accomplished other than pushing us closer to communism.

  13. BS you don’t need a special counsel to find out exactly what happened! They can go in front of congress i.e. the Legislative Committee with both R/D of that committee and find out what happened! When the Dems refused certain Republicans on that so called special committee it became political! Kinzinger and Cheney don’t count as R’s anymore. And it was not an insurrection it was a riot! Of course the Dems are doing a cover up on the one person that actually got killed!

    Monk agree 100% about Trump! He has to run a new campaign against a new Dem candidate. Trump may not win a primary either especially if Desantis decides to run. What will get Trump through a possible primary is multiple candidates to water down the votes.

  14. In the case of the Christmas treadmills on a boat off the coast, that’s pretty much all Newsome.

    Cali regs changed to disallow all trucks older than 2011. When older ones come up to renew, they will be denied plates.

    Cali regs also do not allow hauling by independents.

    Cali regs, regs, regs…..


  15. Fools, the problem Trump has right now is that he likely has no one to run against. Biden/Harris is probably not gonna happen again, so who is?

    Impossible to figure as that’s 3 years out, and even one week can be an eternity in politics.

    Another question, will he be running against other Republicans? Again, eternity.

    The practical problem then is staying in the public eye, using various devices. But there’s no variety thus far, and the pillow fight looks to be winding down.

    He’s a man without a credible opponent a the moment, so what do you do?


  16. fools and Monk…..Trump starts with 75m (more like 100m) votes.

    Now factor in the cheating and as Piglosi said, you can elect a glass of water to beat anyone as she referred to AOC.

    An arrogant pig telling you they determine who gets elected in the fraudulent elections.

    fools…you do know the special counsel – Huber – investigating the Clinton Foundation ceded the investigation to Durham?

    Has anyone heard from Hillary, Huma, Comey, Stroke, Page, and the rest of the crooks.

    Monk, do you really believe Trump needs an opponent? When is the last time you went to the store or filled up your gas tank.

    Let’s hope we cheat the Dems the way they cheated Trump in the swing states and then grab majorities in the house and senate.

    You might appreciate the MyPillow guys analysis then.

    Think Space Force.

    Then watch all of those EO’s Trump signed become bills.

    Of course we need to get rid of swamp rats like McConnell (CCP owned) and McCarthy (another Paul Ryan hack).

    And one other thing Monk.

    You said Trump is 3 years out.

    I suspect you are smart enough to know about Devolution and what it means for our country since their was foreign interference in our election.

    Read the DoD Law of War Manual.

    I’ll give you a hint.

    11.2, 11.3, 11.4.

    I’m enjoying the show.

  17. Monk 3 yrs is an eternity in politics! And people that run for president, most of the egos is what gets them started.

    Doesn’t mean creditable.

    We shall see how this all plays out.

    But we have to understand what happens in Illinois isn’t the concensus of the whole country

  18. So, you know your New Bible chapter and verse? Would that be the Book of DoD, chapter 11, verses 2-4?



    And Mike Lindell!

    You’re racking up lots of points for me on my Conspiracy Bingo card!

    Maybe we can make it a drinking game, to help me keep laughing…



  19. Good one Monk.


    I have an uniformed bingo card I am playing too.

    A drinking game sounds fun like Bob from the Bob Newhart show back when I could handle it.

    dod “dot” defense “dot” gov/Portals/1/Documents/pubs/DoD%20Law%20of%20War%20Manual%20-%20June%202015%20Updated%20Dec%202016.pdf?ver=2016-12-13-172036-190

    Above is the bible our military runs by after the original bible.

    Copy and paste into your browser, Replace the 2 “dot” with a period/dot.

    Hit Enter. Search for 11.2, then 11.3 and 11.4.

    Keep making fun of Capt My Pillow.

    He actually proved foreign interference in our election with the packet captures.

    We already know the domestic terrorist Zuckerberg paid close to 1/2 trillion to the swing states to cook the cake for Biden.

    The most popular president who has never had a real job and been a politician for close to 5 decades and can’t put a coherent sentence together got 81m legitimate votes including yours. Welcome to socialism at the hands of a CCP puppet.

    You can’t honestly believe that with a straight face.

  20. Re Steve Bannon in headline of this thread. Is Steve more patriotic than the current president? Would or does Steve condone violating a number of federal laws encouraging invaders/illegal aliens into the US and then sending them to towns and cities all across the U.S.?

    Don’t think so.

    The current barely alert at times occupant of the whitehouse has encouraged the invasion of the US by non-vetted illegal aliens from all over the world for the last two years. This includes terrorists, gang members, drug dealers and other nefarious persons. Along with his dumb VP. There have been hundreds of thousands of invaders during the regime of this current president and they are WELCOMED and are sent by the fed govt to various communities all across the US. This is a clear violation of existing federal laws. Why has not the U.S. Attorney General taken action to charge the current president, vp, and various governors and mayors who encourage invaders and have given them shelter with gross violation of existing federal laws?

    Bannon is probably more patriotic than the current resident of the whitehouse with regard to protecting our borders from invaders and illegal aliens.

  21. Cmon on bred. Don’t point out so much truth. The normies might get offended.

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