A Retired Teacher Opines on Pensions and Grade School Administrators

Illinois Policy published an opinion piece by Huntley’s Deb Roti, a retrired teacher, with wht appears to be a pretty big mistake.

Her piece on pensions tells of how the 3% annual compound interest bump in local and state government pensions doubles one’s pension in 24 years.

Roti tells of the 1988 bill which imposed the 3% requirement [which I did not vote for, being in a twelve-year period of remission from elective politics]:

“Legislators changed it anyway because they wanted the 3% compound interest on their pensions, and now [that is, as a result of the bill Governor Jim Thompson signed] every group has that rate.”

“Most Illinoisans don’t realize that our legislators get their pension after serving only one term. Most other pensioners have to serve years before they are eligible for their pension. In teaching, it is 35 years for a full pension.”

She is wrong in claiming that a legislator gets a pension after serving one term…unle4ss she is referring to a State Senaotr with a four-year term elected before 2010.

I remember when our State Rep. George Lindberg (later the the first State Comptroller, an Illinois Appellate Court Judge and Federal District Judge] was in his second term, the General Assembly passed legislation giving State Rep.s and Senators a pension after four years. (So I guess if Roti were thinking about State Senators, that would be one term.)

However, in 2010, the number of years a legislator must serve to be eligible for a pension was increased to eight years.

Nevertheless, her point on the number of adiminstrators at three southeastern McHenry County elementary schools is valid:

“I continue to write letters trying to legislators advocating district consolidation. One example is over administration between the Prairie Grove, Cary and Fox River Grove School Districts. The Prairie Grove district has about eight administrators overseeing two schools. Then next door is Cary which has about 16 administrators for five schools. The next town over, Fox River Grove, has four administrators for two schools.”

“This equates to over 28 administrators within a small area. And all these feeder schools go to the same high school, which is a separate district with more administrators.”

“Many larger districts in other states operate well with the same amount or less administration. Yet here, we have three districts, all in bedroom communities without industry or many businesses, each paying high salaries to their administrators.”


A Retired Teacher Opines on Pensions and Grade School Administrators — 26 Comments

  1. She’s applying the “Rule of 72,” which is a loose guesstimate of how long it would take an investment to double at a given interest rate.

    So let’s assume one put $100,000 into the bank (or drew a $100,000/yr pension) at 3% interest (COLA.) The math would then be 72/3 = 24 years for that investment (pension) to doulbe to $200,000.

    The math works.

  2. The challenge with consolidating school districts is that the consolidation must be be approved separately by each affected community.

    The consolidation must result in a benefit to each community involved in order to have a realistic chance of

    receiving voter approval.

    The issue with the 3 districts mentioned in the article is the widely disparate tax rates for each district.

    The recent rates per $100/EAV follows:

    Fox River Grove D-3 $4.68166 – This rate represents the Highest Elementary District tax rate in the County

    Cary D-26 $3.3289 – This is the 2nd lowest rate in the County

    Prairie Grove D-46 $4.412181 – This is the 3rd highest rate in the County

    A consolidation referendum would have to state the new effective tax rate if approved, and clearly, Cary voters would not approve the referendum if they were being asked for a tax increase in order to pay for a tax cut for D-3 and D-46 residents.

    So, at a minimum, to have a chance at approval, the referendum would have to adopt Cary’s low rate to be applied to the consolidated district.

    The new lower rate would result in a 28.9% tax cut for FRG residents, a 24.5% tax cut for Prairie Grove residents, and no change for Cary residents.

    Based on current rates and EAV, the net effect would be to reduce the aggregate tax levy by $4.4 million.

    That also means that the new consolidated district would have to find a similar amount of annual operating expense savings in order to offset the reduced levy revenue.

  3. Big Orange she is right. It is 24/25 years. Here is the calculation – see below. The problem is the same formula applies to administrators working in our indoctrination centers aka colleges that are collecting 750k in salary and starting their calculation at 75% of 750k which means their start point is a little under 600k and then apply the formula 1.03 compounded.

    All pensions in this state where the receiver earned more than 100k avg in their final for years should start at 100k. Period. Especially the UofI administrator who is basically the Lord Fauci of the state of IL in terms of pensions. Imagine if we applied this rule how our “unfunded pension liability” would disappear. Unfortunately we would need the constitution to be opened up. Does anyone want that to happen with the upstanding grifters we have sitting in Springfield?

    Not me

    1 100,000.00 103,000.00
    2 103,000.00 106,090.00
    3 106,090.00 109,272.70
    4 109,272.70 112,550.88
    5 112,550.88 115,927.41
    6 115,927.41 119,405.23
    7 119,405.23 122,987.39
    8 122,987.39 126,677.01
    9 126,677.01 130,477.32
    10 130,477.32 134,391.64
    11 134,391.64 138,423.39
    12 138,423.39 142,576.09
    13 142,576.09 146,853.37
    14 146,853.37 151,258.97
    15 151,258.97 155,796.74
    16 155,796.74 160,470.64
    17 160,470.64 165,284.76
    18 165,284.76 170,243.31
    19 170,243.31 175,350.61
    20 175,350.61 180,611.12
    21 180,611.12 186,029.46
    22 186,029.46 191,610.34
    23 191,610.34 197,358.65
    24 197,358.65 203,279.41
    25 203,279.41 209,377.79

  4. (1.03)^t = 2
    t*(log 1.03) = (log 2)
    t = (log 2)/(log 1.03) = (0.301029996)/(0.012837225) = 23.44977225

  5. Cuke. If you worked teaching kids for 34+ years with 2 masters degrees being paid under 100k per year with the promise of hard work being rewarded on the back end and then people said good work for your hard work but we won’t honor our end of the deal, how would you feel.

    It’s not the teachers. It’s the crooks (politicians, judges, city and township workers, etc…) in the state of IL and indoctrination centers aka our colleges that are milking. New teachers can’t quit until 67. They don’t get SS. How would you feel about that Cuke. I rarely disagree with you but on that comment you are misinformed.

  6. JT – still waiting for you to supoorrt your assertion that new teachers don’t get pensionsthat you’ve made previously.

    Or, is your comment above (they “can’t quit until 67”) finally acknowledgement (though still not entirely accurate) that you were previously wrong?

  7. Nefarious, why are you here?

    Does your psychiatrist and parole officer know your posting again?

  8. Nah – I didn’t tell them, maybe you could do so for me?

    Also, welcome to the blog. Looks like you’ll fit in quite well with most of the folks around here.

  9. Hey Shake, are you Alabama shake? Or do you boast split personalities like real sociopaths?

  10. Hi Eddie – no split personalities here.

    Just changed my name because Cindy calling me “nefarious” was hilarious.

  11. Hey shake, I’m with Nationalist. I resolved that in another thread a while back. I figured you would be dancing and chanting that you got me on a mistake. Are you taking the same meds as the turnip brain in the white house.

    Tier 3 retires at 67. Please go back to your obsession with John and ignore my posts. Sorry John. When was your last proctology exam. Your posts lead me to believe you are due soon since I am sensing a bit of anality through your blurbs.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  12. JT – 1) you sure didn’t resolve it on the post you were wrong know.

    2) And here’s the funny thing. You claimed that I needed to my own research because I didn’t know what I was talking about. So, sure, you made a mistake. 🙄

    Also, tier 3 teachers can retire earlier than 67, they just get a lesser amount. They have to wait until 67 to get the full amount.

    But I’m sure you already knew that, you and your brilliant research and all.

  13. Sorry Cal.

    Hey douchebag Shake. Make your point and move on. Do you have OCD on top of your Anal retentive disorder? I am leaning towards The Nationalist who has your number about the psychiatrist and parole officer.

    Change your handle to AnnoyingPickerOfNits. You have children and post like that on this board? As I said before, may your wife give them the guidance in life to not turn into an annoying liberal know it all idiot like you.

    I’ll wait for you to straighten me out on the teachers pension Tier 1 2 and 3 so you can move on to another poster with your superior intellect. I’ll just say you are right to make you go away. Keep plugging sport. #FJB

  14. 1) there’s nothing wrong with having a psychiatrist. Making that an attack is childish and ignorant.

    2) but, I don’t have a psychiatrist or a parole agent. But, once again, you focus on making silly and childish playground taunts when you don’t want to deal with the substance.

    3) you are the one that treated me like I was an idiot because I corrected you. You are the one that said I had to do research and come back to you. And you are the one who was wrong.

    4) “make your point and move on” – that’s hilariously un-self-aware coming from you.

  15. Re the 28 “Administrators” for 9 schools in southeast McHenry County.

    What are the job titles of these administrators?

    What are job descriptions, day to day responsibilities, do they have secretarial functions?

    What are each of their salaries?

    What do they administrate?

    Rather than 28 administrators for 9 schools, how about 9 administrators, or one administrator per school, or one administrator for 2 schools?

    How do administrators impact “outcomes”, or results of each student’s education?

    What is the ratio of students to administrators in these 9 schools?

    What do best in class school systems in the U.S. with documented top child outcomes have with regards to quantity of students per administrator?

  16. All good questions bred.

    And Shake, like I said before.

    Get a life.

    You are unfunny and mostly uninformative.

    Based on responses towards your posts you are about as popular as Brandon.


    Go pick up your leaves it’s more productive than sucking brain cells out of people reading the posts you put on this site.

  17. And Shake re your bullet 2 “But, once again, you focus on making silly and childish playground taunts when you don’t want to deal with the substance.”

    No one wants to deal with you on this site.

    Hate to break it to ya sport.

    As I said get a life.

  18. Oh nos!

    I’m not popular in a right-wing echo chamber?

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    Also… picking up leaves isn’t productive.

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  19. Man shake when you are losing you just keep digging deeper. Keep it up douche. I may raise the rent on the space I use in that small cranium of yours. Mulching…LOL…I prefer to pollute the environment with burning leaves and V8 vehicles. What a maroon.

    Don’t worry your favorite person that owns the most farmland in amerika is Bill Gates. Ever heard of chem trails Einstein. Wait for you MSM echo chamber to explain Gates plan to cool the planet. Echo Echo Echo.

  20. Mulching per snake?


    With a big lot and a lot of trees, have to gather up the leaves and burn them.

    It is OK to do in McHenry County on weekends in the autumn.

    Per the Chicago Tribune, burning leaves in autumn is magical:


    What about fireplaces and burning of wood logs from September through March?

    Is that OK vs burning leaves?

    No town or city has banned burning wood or wood burning fireplaces in houses.

  21. 1) I didn’t make an environmental argument, but y’all sure are defensive about it.
    2) Mulching your leaves with the mower is excellent for your grass.
    3) not sure why you want to ban wood burning fireplaces, but you do you.

    JT: “When they can’t debate they start calling names.”
    Also JT: “Keep it up douche.”


  22. LOL bred…maybe we can blame the “indigenous people” and their campfires for being the primary cause of global warming.

    Oh sorry.

    Climate change because only God knows if it is a cold winter these environmentalists have an out with their word salad existence. How can people be so dense.

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