Algonquin Township Republicans Schedule $35 Fundraiser Thursday — 14 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t go to that suckfest if you paid me $1000.

    Sheer lunacy.

    They won’t talk about anything real or name the evils we are suffering from or the diabolical monsters behind it — for fear of offending the puppet masters.

  2. I wouldn’t go to that suckfest if you paid me $1000.

    Sheer lunacy.

    They won’t talk about anything real or name the evils we are suffering from or the diabolical monsters behind it — for fear of offending the puppet masters.

  3. Count me out.

    Cuckservatives can cry without me or my money.

    I seen nothing worthwhile. Just drama queens trying to fleece for more RINOS. A sick cycle of political cowardice and decay.

  4. Which candidates have been invited and which candidates have confirmed they are attending?

  5. I’d go if there was anybody good.

    I won’t go if Mike Tryon is running it. Or Prim.

  6. I don’t think so.

    Nothing on flyer that interests me.

    Designed to fail.

    Maybe the intentions were good, but the execution is a dud, dude.

  7. Correcting, that’s a valid question of who’s been invited (presumably all Republican incumbents and aspiring challengers/newcomers), and maybe we should work backward and determine who SHOULD be at the Algonquin Township Republicans’ “Meet the Candidates” event, Thursday night in Algonquin.

    Almost a given the two sheriff candidates will be in attendance.

    Let’s focus on McHenry County Board.

    Four of the nine new districts are in all, or part of Algonquin Township, so, aspiring County Board Members, and Republican incumbents, should be expected to attend.

    District 1 is all within Algonquin Township, and Tom Wilbeck (R, Barrington Hills) is the only Republican incumbent drawn into District 1. Who will be the 2nd Republican to challenge the two Democrat incumbents, assuming both Democrats seek reelection next year? So, all aspiring Republican County Board candidates for District 1 NEED to be at Golf Club of Illinois in Algonquin, Thursday.

    District 2 with only one Republican incumbent, Jeff Thorsen (Crystal Lake), while Thorsen does not live in Algonquin Township, most of his new district is within Algonquin Township, so Thorsen should be in Algonquin Thursday. With two Democrat incumbents (one being appointed), like District 1, District 2 aspiring Republican County Board Members should be at the event Thursday.

    District 3 is the high profile race pitting two Republican County Board incumbents and the senior Democrat competing for two spots in the district composed of the villages of Algonquin, Lake in the Hills and small portion of Crystal Lake. Republican incumbents Vice Chair Carolyn Schofield (Crystal Lake) and Bob Nowak (Algonquin) should both be in attendance, assuming both seek reelection next year in District 3. Both Schofield and Nowak live in Grafton Township, so they need to become known in Algonquin Township, particularly to the Republican Precinct Committeepersons (or committeeperson candidates) in Algonquin Township Precincts 11, 28, 39, 43, 58, 61, 63 & 68

    District 4 Only consists of 6 Algonquin Township precincts (5, 10, 29, 31, 40, 50) with 3 Republican incumbents, one must be retiring among John Jung, Jr., Joe Gottemoller or Lori Parrish. Not sure which one is stepping down from the Board, but hopefully the two seeking reelection, plus aspiring primary challengers, will be in Algonquin Thursday night.

    With the fall veto session still taking place Thursday, doubtful State Representative Marty McLaughlin (R, Barrington Hills) will be in attendance, but since his new 52nd Representative District (provided it survives the federal court challenge) includes six additional precincts in Algonquin Township, he should be represented.

    Same goes for any other incumbent state representative or senator.

    While McHenry County’s influence in the redrawn 66th Representative District was diminished, former Republican state Representative Gary Daugherty (R, Gilberts) should be in attendance, as he’s been attending multiple meetings/events as a candidate and the panhandle of the new 66th is within Algonquin Township.

    Congressional candidates, with nearly every draft (both the official 10/15 and credible citizen-submitted) map includes Algonquin Township in the likely new 6th Congressional District, the two announced Republican challengers to Congressman Sean Casten (D, Downers Grove) should be in attendance: Niki Conforti (Wheaton) and Justin Burau (Rolling Meadows).

    As I said, the McHenry County Board Republican candidates in Districts 1 through 4, plus Republican candidates for 6th Congressional District and other local races should be in Algonquin Thursday night.

    Who actually shows, we’ll find out Thursday.

  8. I’m sure this will come as s horrendous disappointment, to all the people willing to pay Nationalist, a $1000 to attend this snooze fest.

  9. Perhaps people should go and make their voices heard… instead of anonymously posting on the blog.

    Just Sayin’

  10. Until elections are no longer rigged, the installations will continue.
    no choices

  11. Why doesn’t Gasser send a telegram?

    I refuse to pay a bunch of tards to listen to me after they’ve ignored the GOP party platform for years.

    Lutzow says even he won’t go.


  12. Cuke you go to make a point. I’d go but I’ve been asked more than once after 2017 to please lay low… so I do.

    You know me but I don’t know you.

    But seriously – you could go and make a point which I’m sure would be covered.

    Why not ask , to their faces, why they do wheat they do?

    Would be interesting to hear your report.

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