IL-14: Underwood Makes Remap Fundraising Pitch

From the campaign of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood comes this email:


​​“Democrats could have added more protection for Rep. Lauren Underwood, who barely won a second term in 2020.”
–Chicago Sun-Times


Lauren Underwood’s voice is one of the most important in Congress today. She’s a pragmatic progressive who knows how to effectively work to advance our shared values. But if the current map becomes law, Lauren would remain one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country!

It’s our responsibility to ensure that our campaign is prepared to organize like never before, WIN another historic election, and send Lauren back to Washington.

Can you add a grassroots donation to our Redistricting Fund so we can be ready to introduce Lauren to voters in our new congressional district?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

The Chicago Sun-Times makes one thing very clear: “Illinois Democrats in Congress have NO power over mapmaking.”

That’s right, team. All we can do at this point is wait for the redistricting process to play out in the Illinois legislature and be ready to put our pedal to the metal and organize in our new communities once the maps become law.In the meantime, we’re continuing to engage our existing voters, building our base of volunteers, and raising the resources we’ll need to communicate with new folks once those maps become law.

That’s where your help comes in!

Click here to make a donation to our Redistricting Fund today to make sure we can properly introduce Lauren to the NEW IL-14!

Team Underwood


IL-14: Underwood Makes Remap Fundraising Pitch — 5 Comments

  1. “Lauren Underwood’s voice is one of the most important in Congress today. She’s a pragmatic progressive who knows how to effectively work to advance our shared values.”

    Cough clear throat Bullshit clear throat Cough

    If voting party line with Piglosi is advancing shared values of p

    I already know the regular lowest common denominators will chime in as usual.

    Cuke or Cindy can you add anything that this chick has done to represent you?

    She did vote to impeach Trump twice on the Clinton made up Russia Hoax and then the FBI coordinated J6 “insurrection” which has yet to bring 1 insurrection charge in front of the courts.

    I can’t think of one but maybe I am not being open minded enough.

    fyi the real insurrection took place on Nov 3 and in the middle of the night on Nov 4.

    Why isn’t the CIA run media bringing that up?

    What a clown show.

  2. Team Underwood doesn’t sound very confident in Lauren’s abilities.

    Team Underwood is over-reacting over a first draft remap too. 🤔😬😦

  3. Re: Chicago Sun Times

    translation: Democrats didn’t help me cheat enough! Give me money!

    She still won a second term and they made her district safer, but it’s not good enough!

    Update: and now they proposed new maps that DID make her district MUCH safer instead of just quite a bit safer!

    I knew it!

    I knew this was JUST A BIG SCAM!

    Just a BIG SCAM from LAUREN!


    Might as well call her Lauren UNDERHAND.

    Raise money crying and then hit the switcharoo!

    Shameless little Jezebel!

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