Kennedy Assasination Record Release Delayed by Another President

First President Donal Trump failed to release records from over fifty years go about the Dallas assination of Prsident John F. Kennedy.

Now, on a Friday (the day reporters take off early), President Joe Biden has followed suit.

So, was the CIA involved?

And, how much longe than fifty-eight years could a bureaucracy trying to hide things take?


Kennedy Assasination Record Release Delayed by Another President — 36 Comments

  1. Surprise, surprise! He was never assassinated. They can’t release anything, EVER.

  2. Wow Cal.

    How couldn’t the CIA be involved?

    If people still believe a guy with communist ties using a bolt action rifle got off 3 accurate shots to the head and neck in 3 seconds I have some tin foil to help block the psy op the MSM was using on us back then.

    Remember to look at JFK’s burial site from overhead and tell me what you see.

    I also found it interesting the Juan O’Savin came out from behind the cameras to speak in front of the camera at the Vegas convention yesterday.

    If you look closely you can see the similarities to a certain person who now resides in NV.

    What was JFK Jr’s call sign for the SS under his dad?

    Trigger the normies who think QAnon is an actual cult.

    Keep that name in mind normies.

    When your cognitive dissonance kicks in you will need someone to help you off the ledge you are about to jump off of.

  3. I hope Cindy was watching the latest series of American Horror Story.

    They presented the idea that Ike was forced to sign a treaty with aliens to allow them to abduct people for genetic experiments in exhange for giving us tech and not killing us all (which Spoiler Alert! they are going to do anyway).

    JFK was murdered because he was about to go public with it.

    Also Marilyn.

    It should be right up her Tin Foil Alley.

  4. Nah, it had to be Roosevelt.

    Or Truman at the very latest.

    The transistor that Bell Labs patented happened more or less coincident to the Roswell incident. 😆


  5. Of course the CIA was involved.

    The Deep State can’t allow the Truth.

    Ask the perjurers Pompeo, Clapper, Comey and Brennan.

    At least people are FINALLY waking up that the FBI has become their enemy.

  6. BTW, Rothschildist agents threatened President Garfield to set up a privately owned central bank crime syndicate, a forerunner of the “Federal” Reserve System, “or else.”

    Soon afterward,Garfield was snuffed.

    Assassination of James Garfield (Sept. 19, 1881)

    Lie: President Garfield was assassinated by a lone, disgruntled assassin.

    The bank runs of the second half of the 19th century (1873, 1884, 1890-91, 1893-4, 1897, 1903) made President James Garfield so angry that he issued a statement on March 4, 1881:

    “Whosoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce … And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”—A History of Central Banking, Stephen Milford Goodson

    Two weeks after his made that statement, President Garfield was gunned down by Charles J. Guiteau, who apparently was ticked off at not having received a diplomatic posting.

    “At his trial, the hidden hand of Rothschild was revealed when Guiteau claimed that ‘important men in Europe put him up to the task, and had promised to protect him if he were caught.’”—A History of Central Banking, Stephen Milford Goodson

    Citations here ~~~

  7. Per

    “in 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in a preliminary report that Kennedy was “probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy” that may have involved multiple shooters and organized crime. The committee’s findings, as with those of the Warren Commission, continue to be disputed.”

    How convenient that night club owner Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald 2 days after JFK’s assassination.

    That shooting was covered on live network tv.

    Ruby supposedly had connections with the mob.

    He was despondent(?) over JFK’s death and took matters into his own hands to kill Oswald.

  8. I have been to Dealey plaza a few times.

    A perfect triangulation for what I believe were at least 3 shooters.

    Railroad overpass in front, fence on the right by parking lot, and possibly a different floor in the school book depository.

    The area is smaller than you think.

    And the rifle Oswald was said to have used was a real POS, and the scope was worse, he likely used iron sights.

  9. From the article.

    Kennedy was not a democrat in the way you think of the political parties today.

    He was a champion of individual freedom, wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve, spoke publicly about abolishing secret societies in government, and didn’t think we belonged in Vietnam.

    Abraham Lincoln most likely would not still be a Republican today, and John F. Kennedy, a practicing Catholic, would most definitely not be a Democrat.

    Without mixing into the details of all the inconsistencies of the death of John F. Kennedy, we have hoped with this article 50 years later would give us an idea of what the real gun found in the book depository looked, felt and shot like.

    The real one is in the national archives and will most likely never again see the light of day.

    Will the truth about JFK ever come out?

    Maybe it already did, and maybe it is one of several government stories that just don’t add up.

  10. Seriously, there are too many descrepancies in the Oswald as Lone Nut Shooter theory to hold water.

    Oswald learned Russian fluently while in the military. (Difficult to do without tutoring)

    Oswald, who had been a radar operator for the base where the U2 flew out, of just happened to be in Moscow when the Russians were first able to shoot down a U2 thus scuttling the peace talks which the CIA wanted to kill.

    Oswald passes out pamphlets for the Fair Play for Cuba committee right in front of the buiding housing the anti Castro group in which Oswald also had an office address.

    This causes attention to be brought to him as a “communist”, which literally no one was trying to do back then.

    Oswald moves to Dallas and is alerted to a job at the Texas School Book Depository by Ruth Paine, who has close family connections to the CIA and is trying, for some reason, to learn Russian. She takes in Marina Oswald after a supposed spat and also has the rifle stored in her garage.

    Immediately after the shooting several witnesses see a man running out of the TSBD and jump into a light colored station wagon and speed off. Ruth Paine owned a light blue station wagon and Oswald was asked during his interrogtion about what kind of car Ruth Paine had.

    Oswald has absolutly no plan of escape, doesn’t drive or own a car, and didn’t have enought money for bus fare out of town.

    Oswald is seen by a motorcycle cop 45 seconds after the shooting coming out of the 2nd floor cafeteria.

    Two women who walked on the staircase leading to the 6th floor at the time of the shooting didn’t see anyone descending the stairs.

    The bullet that fell out of the stretcher at Parkland Hospital came from a different stretcher than the one that had held Connally according to the Warren Commission testimony of the technician who discovered the bullet when he moved a stretcher in the hallway.

    Four Railroad workers who were standing on the railroad bridge not only heard shots coming from behind the fence but saw a puff of smoke and all ran over there to try and locate the shooter.

    We could go on and on and on…

    I think the idea that Oswald had some connection to the CIA and was set up explains the events a lot more clearly and consistently than the official theory and I think that Ruth Paine was a key figure.

  11. And for fans of historical fiction, Steven King fans will like his novel “1963”.


  12. Good one Dobie.

    Another person that understands the cabal.

    The double cross of the Chicago mob was a good cover story for the lying media to create a true conspiracy theory that people would buy into and ignore the CIA.

    I believe when the real truth comes out if it ever does with the deep state crooks we will find Kennedy was about to go back to the “gold standard” instead of the petro dollar.

    The top of the pyramid including the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and the other ilk couldn’t have their debt based note being paid for off of our sweat disappear.

    Well JFK was also killed just like Lincoln:

    “JFK tried to warn people through various speeches and actively spoke out against secret societies, but not many listened. There was no internet for the public in the 1950s; no way for people to share ideas and discoveries like what we have today. JFK was largely alone in the fight against freemasonry.

    JFK and Abraham Lincoln were very much against secret societies and were silenced from exposing the truth on freemasonry.”

    These people are evil yet most will continue to listen to the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats being run by the crime syndicate running the top of the pyramid you see on the back of your dollar bills.

    http://www.outofshadows “dot” org/ Replace “dot” with a period. J

    ust trying to help people wake up to the fact you have been psy op’d your whole life.

  13. Hey Monk and Science.

    Who had access to Nicola Tesla’s research that was confiscated by our fine government to never be shared with us even though it would eliminate the need for this green new deal crap and make every home self sufficient and not powered by more government agencies?

    When you figure that out I hope you understand the irony of who’s favorite uncle he was.

    Enjoy the search.

    I recommend not using Google. LOL

  14. I know, I know, it’s all tucked away in that giant warehouse in Maryland, on a dusty shelf with the Ark of the Covenant and the 100mpg carb.


  15. So who had access to all of his work after confiscated?

    Indiana Jones?

    I would think Monk you would be more curious why I asked such a question.

    It might surprise you when you find out.

    And I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t our favorite pedophile crack addict grifter named Hunter and his creepy hair sniffing daddy Brandon.

  16. When TV went from 3 channels to 300,000 channels, idiot inflation increased at the same rate.

  17. OK, I admit I was wrong.

    JT set me on the right path.

    It was the Rockefellers and Rothschilds that signed with the aliens.


    Had no idea it went so deep.


  18. Biden had already been riding the Amtrak train and flying the Air Force jets back then, he was probably an eye witness and if you ask him, Cornpop probably killed Kennedy.

  19. DJ, you still watch TV? It’s like your brain on drugs if you do. I watch it like it is comedy central which is sad because the majority of people believe the bile being spewed by the teleprompter monkeys. All media (left and right) is owned by 6 Israeli’s but you knew that already. Look up Israeli CIA (Mossad’s) role in 9/11. Hint: don’t use google.

  20. Because, Oswald also defected to Cuba for awhile, where he married the daughter of a KGB colonel.

    Then Oswald got cold feet, supposedly, and the Soviets allowed him and wife to go to America.

    Funny isn’t it.

    He also tried to assassinate a patriotic US Army exGeneral.

    Of course Trump, our controlled opposition swamp creature, didn’t release the JFK files as promised.

    He didnt build the wall either, or fire the ghoul called Fau-chi, but he did appoint Barr and Pompeo.

    Seven months before Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy, he took his Mannlicher-Carcano rifle to Major General Edwin Walker‘s house, stood by the fence, aimed towards the window, and shot at him.

    Walker was a stark anti-communist voice and an increasingly strident critic of the Kennedy’s, whose strong political stances had him pushed out of the army in 1961.

    In an excerpt, published at the Daily Beast, from a new book, Dallas 1963, Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis tell the story of how Walker found himself in the sights of Lee Harvey Oswald.

  21. I think this delay is unacceptable.

    The American people deserve the information and the right to know all details.

  22. One question not asked in the above comments (for those alive back then) – Where were you when you heard about JFK’s assassination?

    Also, Biden is using the “pandemic” as some kind of excuse that some agencies STILL need to be consulted on redactions.

    What does that mean?

    More redactions?

    Doubt that the reckless, lawless and secretive Biden regime would want to rescind redactions already in place.

    What kinds of redactions still make sense today?

    Of course, protection of sources and methods by our spying and investigative agencies would make sense.

    But, does any person of 1963, either in the U.S. or other nations STILL need to be protected?

    Interesting that the Democrats in 1963 controlled BOTH the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

    What kind of shenanigans might have been going on at that time by the Democrat Congress and various agencies, the spying and investigative agencies for example?

  23. I was 2 years old at the time. It was an odd day at home.

    By that time, I knew that if we were having people over, we’d have been doing some house cleaning, taking up the sofa slip covers, and setting up a bar on the laundry counter in the kitchen.

    None of that had occurred, yet Dad and most of the neighbors came home early from work, all crowded into our upstairs apartment watching our TV. At that point, they did set up the bar.

    All of the kids were chased out into the yard to play.


  24. Cynthia Allen Schenk, if you really believe that tripe, you live in dreamland.

    The American proles deserve what they’re going to get (minority crime, like So. Afrika; staggering inflation; hordes of ravening aliens; confiscatory taxation; total brainwashing of the young …… right after the nonvaxxed are disposed of.)

  25. The government knows what’s best for all of us to know even though they report to us.

    It was a bolt action rifle used by Oswald to get 2 accurate head shots and 1 neck shot off in 3 seconds with a little twist of communism and mob activity added for spice to the psy op.

    Nothing to see here about exposing secret societies and getting us off the petro dollar since the media knew back then what the approved narrative was even in a time of black and white television. Why was Lincoln killed again? Hint: it wasn’t the petro dollar. LOL.

    Keep waiting for the approved “truth” to come out of DC for you to absorb and be beaten into your head daily by the psy op media so you don’t question what is being told to you. Remember a monkey that tells you what to think is reading from a teleprompter with approved narrative and you continue to believe they are telling you the truth. That buzzing sound is your alarm clock going off. It could be time to wake up.

  26. CornPop I already knew the Bush Family was corrupt. They are a little more covert when taking out their enemies unlike the Clintons. Look at that pyramid on the back of you dollar bill sometime. That all seeing eye of the Masonic temple and the substrata of corrupt cabal members underneath them is partially explained in the blurb. That is just the tippy top of the pyramid. I know Klaus Schwab is in there too and several others but this is just for illustrative purposes only.


    Vanguard and Black Rock are stake holders in all industry, media, academia, and politics.

    Vanguard and Black Rock invest in each other through something called circular ownership.

    Thus, consider Vanguard and Black Rock as a monopoly that owns everything.

    With due diligence you will discover that the major stake holders of this monopoly are

    -Rothschild family
    -Du Pont family
    -Rockefeller family
    -Carnegie family
    -Orsini Family
    -American Bush family
    -British Royal family

    They use the following foundations to ferment chaos around the world

    Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
    Soros Open Society foundation
    Clinton foundation

    These foundations are instrumental for geopolitical destabilization.

  27. I’m sure obydumb next excuse will be oh burned up on one of those many ships sitting out in the Ocean off the coast..sunk… just like him…

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