Dog Park Sought on Conservation District Land

Joe Roeser has strated a petition to encourage the McHenry County Conservation District to establish a park where dogs could run free.

It is below:

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Mission Statement of the McHenry County Conservation District

The McHenry County Conservation District exists to preserve, restore and manage natural areas and open spaces for their intrinsic value and for the benefits to present and future generations.

Establishing an off-leash dog park will aid this mission by-

  • Providing healthy exercise and reducing depression, stress, and grief for both people and dogs
  • Building a community of dog lovers across all ages and social-economic classes.
  • Providing a safe place for dogs to exercise and socialize away from traffic and other dangers in the face of increasingly restrictive leash laws.
  • Reducing leash law violations by offering an alternative.
  • Attract new users from inside and out of the county.

MCC’s General Use Ordinance which regulates site use requires dogs to always be on a leash and under the immediate and direct control of their human companion. The reasoning for this is two-fold, safety/courtesy for other site users and protection of habitat, wildlife, and environmental impact issues.  However, it should be noted that-

  • A designated off-leash area will allow other, dog adverse, site users more opportunities to avoid unwanted canine interactions.
  • Hunting dogs are already permitted off-leash.
  • Interference with wildlife and harm to natural environments is a foreseeable impact of all human activity in a conservation site. But as with hunting, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, and other activities, it can be managed to maximum mitigation of undue harm.

It has been stated that other taxing bodies in the county offer dog parks. However, these tend to be small and costly for non-residents. On the other hand, other neighboring forest preserves and conservation districts have found dog parks to be valuable assets. 

While any increased public use and more active recreation will create greater costs to operate, there are many options to reduce the overall operating expense and even make it revenue neutral.  These include volunteers, sponsorships, and user fees.

We, the undersigned, hereby respectfully request that the McHenry County Conservation District Board of Trustees establish one or more off-leash dog parks at whichever district sites may be found to be most suitable. We urge that the greatest possible number of acres be devoted for this use.

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Dog Park Sought on Conservation District Land — 19 Comments

  1. Sure, take more land off the tax rolls to squeeze the remaining property owners a little harder.

  2. Where is the counter-petition to this mess?

    A COMMONS FOR DOGS! Are you kidding me?

    Sure, let’s take a away the little of public land in the suburbs not yet used for overpriced housing and globohomo megacorporations to sell us poison and usury. Instead, give it to beasts to snap at each other and defecate! And worse: off-leash. So that vicious animals may maul children and the elderly!

    This unholy alliance of liberals and leftists will destroy civilization. There is nothing “conservative” about this, Joe.

  3. A very bad idea of running free. Too many irresponsible dog owners who cannot control their dogs with commands.

    For those wanting their dogs to run free, own a house with a backyard and totally fence it in with signs posted at gates stating, “Beware of dog”

  4. Not every dog is a good candidate for off-leash. MOST owners are pretty good in their judgement on this, but that’s like everything else too.


  5. Of all the problems in this state this organization wants to spend our tax dollars on a dog park for “Providing healthy exercise and reducing depression, stress, and grief for both people and dogs”

    My dog is trained and definitely not stressed. He is not a hunting dog. He walks off leash with me everyday. I keep the leash on me in case an overzealous LEO wants to write a ticket (not likely in my town). If the pleasure of owning a creature that will be your best companion and love you unconditionally in some way depresses, stresses or causes a person grief because of a leash, I think such a person has bigger issues than an off leash dog park.

    Train your animal, it will not need a leash if done correctly, or move out of a revenue generating town that will write a ticket before having a conversation and getting to know you. Start by training him/her to heal, stay, sit and lie down. Dogs have a good understanding of verbal and physical and facial cues. Having a pocketful of Zuke’s as rewards helps with the operant conditioning too.

    And yes I know if the dog is not in my control on a leash I am at fault. In over 9 years I have never had a problem because I don’t own breeds that are unpredictable even when trained.

  6. Helping Paws no-kill shelter has been critically, chronically short of evening shift dog walkers since early 2020.
    Volunteers desperately needed.

  7. I agree with you bred winner. People always say, “but MY dog is good” well it’s not all about YOU! We don’t have regulations in place because of the best behaving people, we often have them because of the dumbest and worst people. We can’t go around regulating everything to death because of the dumbest people, but in the case of dogs I just think there are way too many irresponsible dog owners and bad dogs like you said. The outcome of this seems too predictable and unfortunate: You’ll see a bunch of bozos with their s#1+bulls running around attacking people and killing other dogs!

    Kangaroo, it’s Joe Roeser not Joe Gottemoller who is pushing this. He’s the son of that Jack Roeser guy, so we are supposed to sit like a good boy and obey him because of his pedigree.

  8. Why not. Critters like Althoff and Yensen need a place to romp and poo. But they need some grooming, too.

  9. I understand it’s approved by the fat thief, but the dogs must wear masks.

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    Experimenting on homeless, motherless BABIES.

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    “This article deals with pharmaceutical abuse in a children’s home in NYC” – – Liam Scheff 2004

  12. I as a major tax payer as well as several thousands of other tax payers, are against a dog park for the unconscionable expense and added requirements for maintenance, policing.

    The Conservation District is a needless cash hog, requiring excessive expenses on citizens who can least afford the conservation park.

    The Conservation District was sold to the public as a fraud.

    Supposedly, “free money” developed not to be free, and required a yearly tax charge of over a million dollars.

    The existing Conservation area, should be dissolved and taken over by existing services, and not be expanded nor incur additional expense.

    In addition to Bob Anderson’s wasteful and corrupt and many useless taxes, there should be a serious move to dissolve the Conservation District.

    A visit to the County recorder’s office has maps and records of several hundred parks supported by tax payers.

    Reduce our needless taxes.

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