Wilcox Asks for Electronic Witness Slips on Bill to Radically Amend Right of Conscience Law

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

As you may know, Governor Pritzker and many Democrats are taking steps to amend Illinois’ Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.

This Act provides vital protections to Illinoisans, as it allows people the right to refuse to receive or take part in healthcare services that are contrary to their conscience.

Governor Pritzker and some Democratic lawmakers have indicated that they would like to make changes to the long-standing law so that the protections don’t apply to COVID vaccinations and testing.

I will be voting “no” to any attempt to weaken the Act to allow for continued government overreach by the Governor, and I invite you to have your voice heard on this issue by filing a witness slip.

The proposed amendment to the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act has been filed as House Floor Amendment #2 to Senate Bill 1169 in the House.

You can read the proposed language here.

Click here to view a video on how to fill out a witness slip on any piece of legislation, or click here to be directed to the witness slip portal for this specific bill amendment.

This amendment is scheduled for a hearing this week on Thursday morning, October 28, at 8:30. You can watch the House Executive Committee’s hearing live at: https://ilga.gov/houseaudvid.asp.


Wilcox Asks for Electronic Witness Slips on Bill to Radically Amend Right of Conscience Law — 13 Comments

  1. There goes Wilcox again!

    Actually standing up to the sociopaths, creeps, degenerates, pansies, tyrants and race hustlers.

    —– On behalf of us lowly working people and taxpayers.

    Good luck with that.

    Unfortunately these efforts are highly unlikely to affect any positive change.

    As Wilcox is a military officer, he’ll understand that the next step at defending our liberties will not be talking, kneeling before Felon Geo. Floyd statues, or taking legislating steps.

  2. 1. The pandemic is to force you to get the vaccine.
    2. The vaccine is to force you to get the vaccine passport.
    3. The vaccine passport is to force you into the social credit system.
    4. The social credit system is to force you into obeying the government.

    JB’s only way to achieve these 4 phases and control you is by eliminating protections under the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act which allows you to get weekly Covid tests to remain employed. Progressives keep thinking giving up your freedoms under the guise of safety will make you more free and more safe.

    Please wake up.

  3. Why don’t you quit weaseling around and say what the bill really does, Wilcox? They’re talking about vax mandates for COVID.

    10200SB1169ham002 LRB102 04980 LNS 30154 a


    2 AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1169, AS AMENDED,
    3 by replacing everything after the enacting clause with the
    4 following:

    5 “Section 5. The Health Care Right of Conscience Act is
    6 amended by adding Section 13.5 as follows:

    7 (745 ILCS 70/13.5 new)
    8 Sec. 13.5. Violations related to COVID-19 requirements. It
    9 is not a violation of this Act for any person or public
    10 official, or for any public or private association, agency,
    11 corporation, entity, institution, or employer, to take any
    12 measures or impose any requirements, including, but not
    13 limited to, any measures or requirements that involve
    14 provision of services by a physician or health care personnel,
    15 intended to prevent contraction or transmission of COVID-19 or
    16 any pathogens that result in COVID-19 or any of its subsequent

    10200SB1169ham002 – 2 – LRB102 04980 LNS 30154 a

    1 iterations. It is not a violation of this Act to enforce such
    2 measures or requirements, including by terminating employment
    3 or excluding individuals from a school, a place of employment,
    4 or public or private premises in response to noncompliance.
    5 This Section is a declaration of existing law and shall not be
    6 construed as a new enactment. Accordingly, this Section shall
    7 apply to all actions commenced or pending on or after the
    8 effective date of this amendatory Act of the 102nd General
    9 Assembly. Nothing in this Section is intended to affect any
    10 right or remedy under federal law.

    11 Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
    12 becoming law.”.


  4. https://cookcountyrecord.com/stories/609966329-il-dems-to-strip-vax-mandate-protection-potential-from-il-health-care-right-of-conscience-law

    “The legislation has been introduced as House Floor Amendment 2 to a bill known as Senate Bill 1169. It is currently pending in the Illinois House of Representatives. A hearing is scheduled on Gabel’s Right of Conscience Act amendment before the House Executive Committee on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 3:30 p.m.”

    According to the article the meeting is tomorrow, not Thursday. So 12 hours or so before a meeting Wilcox makes a vague statement about this? Is he useless?


    Legislation sponsored by…
    905 FOREST AVENUE, #1N
    EVANSTON, IL 60202
    (From ISBE)

  5. How convenient that the witness slip system is not working, keeping you from submitting it.

  6. I don’t speak lawyer Correcting but reading lines 8-16 above it looks like Wilcox is supporting forcing people to get this crap injected into their bodies and is supporting both public and private entities from liability and being in violation of the act hence it is taking away the option for weekly testing.

    I may be wrong.

    That’s my interpretation.

    Anyone else reading it that way?

  7. Section 1, lines 11-12 “to take ANY measures or impose ANY requirements”?

    What are the “persons or public officials” limited to imposing on others?

    Is this not an attempt to legally gut the Nuremberg Code – the core of internationally accepted medical ethics?

    The greatest contribution of the Nuremberg Code was to combine Hippocratic ethics and the protection of human rights into simple boundaries on an international level following the Nuremberg trials of Nazi scientists who experimented on human beings… yet the code is being ignored to experiment on human beings?

    Can anyone explain how this is a net positive for human liberty?

    Once legal precedent of this magnitude is exercised, what are the boundaries for public officials or medical professionals to deny right of conscience?

    What shall constitute the next ‘crisis’, and what denial of conscience shall be afforded to our captors then?

    Just asking for all of mankind.

  8. Jt and Corn Pop, you two are great!

    Corn Pop, I guess you regret not dispatching Pres. Xi-den when you had your chance in the late 50s.

  9. JT, no.

    What Wilcox posted is what the overlords want to change in the existing law, makng the old act not apply to anything Covidian, including all manner of alleged mutations.

  10. Cal, Wilcox said he is voting no to the wording so I believe he doesn’t agree with it now. The wording is clearly aimed at violating peoples rights protected under this act. The common cold is going to called Covid in the future if this passes.

  11. Tadelman supports mandatory Covid vaccine.

    Under him, no one will be safe.

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