Another Victim of Democratic Party Precinct Captain John Wayne Gacy Identified

The news came out yesterday.

The only connection I have is second hand.

A Repubican State Representative was invited to view the execution of John Wayne Gacy.

After Gacy was dead, I was told the guards tossed his body down the stairs to the funeral home vehicle.


Another Victim of Democratic Party Precinct Captain John Wayne Gacy Identified — 39 Comments

  1. So Cindy, you are saying that John Wayne Gacy didn’t commit any of those murders and didn’t bury the victims in his crawl space and live over them for, wasn’t tried and convicted, and wasn’t executed?

  2. Are you trying to make a kind of a ludicrous attempt at correlation ? Sure you want to go there ? Haven’t studies shown that the vast majority of serial killers are conservatives ?

    “A new poll of living and deceased serial killers has shown that upwards of 80 per cent lean towards conservative ideals and the majority routinely voted Republican, something becoming more and more common throughout the United States as a whole.

    “Across the board, serial killers are predominantly conservative in their political leanings. Gary Ridgeway, Dennis Rader, and probably the biggest name of all, Ted Bundy, were all active in the Republican Party at some level. Quizzing other killers showed the same thing, that the vast majority
    vote Republican.”

  3. DEMOCRATS and their death cult abortion agenda are responsible for the deaths of millions of
    innocent defenseless babies, this makes them America’s most prolific serial MURDERS.

  4. When I die, I’d prefer a simple ceremony of Vegas strippers catapult launching my coffin, into the Colca River Gorge.

  5. You really reach on some of your citations. C’mon man.

  6. LOL Primate. Your source is a google group where the moderator’s handle is “Palin’s Cheesedick”? Next

    So Fauci and his NIH has killed millions worldwide with his gain of function research and subsequent death shots.

    Me thinks he is not a conservative.

    Mengele would be proud of the twit.

  7. The amount of murders by Gacy years ago cannot be matched by the shootings resulting in injuries and murders in Chicago, Cook County and nearby areas every weekend and even during the week. Chicago has been Democrat controlled and has predominately Democrat voters and admirers and supporters of Democrat politicians.

  8. Some of you love your programming so much, you will NEVER ever see truth in your miserable lives. Keep on keeping on. How’s that planned demic thing working out for you?

  9. Cindy, there are those in McHenry County, that know Gacy did not act alone, other men were involved too.

    Gacy was a concrete contractor, had the job of disposing of the bodies.

    Oh yes he killed too.

    Too bad Gacy was the fall guy, and Illinois Politicians then and some retired now, are going to keep their dirty little secrets private.

    By the way, Gacy might of been a Democrat, but Republicans were also involved in the cover up too.

  10. LOL Cindy. It’s plandemic for future typo corrections. There is not enough Xanax, weed or whatever people are on in this state to cure them. Being a liberal means being miserable. That’s why liberals want to convert us. To be just as miserable as they are. Ain’t happening.

  11. I thought y’all might enjoy the source, if, for nothing else, the humor. And also about as persuasive as this blog’s title for purposes of implying a correlation between political persuasion and criminal activities. Nonetheless, disputing the source doesn’t equate to refuting the source’s assertions (e.g., Ted Bundy’s political leanings).

  12. Cal is a master clickbaiter.

    He knows when he has an article with a shocking and objectionable title (but can technically say is true) and knows the outrage will generate clicks, comments, and maybe shares.

    You should know that by now, Innocent Primate, and if you don’t know now you know.

  13. JT? Never correct an English major. It doesn’t go over well. Go back two years on this blog and you will see that I have been using those words for at least that long. You may also see me talk about waxxines. Making up new words to get past censors is just an endless job these days.

  14. BTW Ted Bundy was ALSO fear porn. Is everyone as gullible as BS and Primate?

  15. When you cite a worthless source, it carries no weight.

    There is no need to refute it.

  16. Has Nick Provenzano’s ‘Hell Fire Club’ ever been investigated?

  17. Billy Bob (“When you cite a worthless source, it carries no weight. There is no need to refute it.”)

    I don’t agree with that. That confounds the message with the messenger.

  18. Cindy, touche. I will not citizen edit the master of the language.

    I would give your video a watch but there is too much going on with that webpage as far as trackers, cookies and everything else for me to trust it.

    Re your comment on Ted Bundy, I agree, a psy op.

    We could go on about the Vegas shooter too who was just a fall guy for an op to kill Saudi Prince MBS.

    The Vegas hoax was just another psy op.

    Thank god Trump stepped in to stop that one.

    Back to Gacy, he met his maker and hopefully all of those young boys he killed were on the jury when God passed judgement.

    Hopefully he is splitting a cell in hell with Jeffery Dahmer.

  19. When you have 9/11 as a false flag, these little pay ops mean little.

  20. IP – A Google group is the internet equivalent to graffiti on the wall of a bathroom in a very low rent dive bar. The messenger and the message cannot be separated.

    You are certainly free to try to make the same point with a more reputable source, but you haven’t as of yet established anything that needs refuting.

    BTW, I don’t really believe that you were trying to be funny by posting that link from the Rush Limbaugh group.

    I think that link popped up on a Google search and you posted it without really reading it.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that you’ve posted a nonsensical link.

  21. I agree Deputy.

    False flags like 9/11 that were perpetrated by the Mossad and the Bush Crime Family are used to diminish your rights whereas psy op’s are used to continue to brainwash the masses who have no clue they are being lied to and led by the nose.

    What did the Patriot Act accomplish?

    Take your belt and shoes off at the airport because you are deemed a terrorist with no proof backing it up yet we have Applesauce Brain flying in unvetted Taliban and dropping them in cities across our country.

    Well it also created the FISA court to allow political hacks to spy on their political opponents.

    I hope Gitmo has a 7 ft long cot for Comey to rot in down there if he doesn’t get hanged or shot first.

  22. OK Martin.

    I recently found out the Bundy bloodline is one of the powerful bloodlines like the Kennedy, Rockerfeller, and DuPont families.

    Also that Chumbawumba is a left-wing anarchist band and started out doing punk.

    Vegas shooting was fishy.

    They never established a motive.

    You know there was a woman who appeared to the crowd disheveled and distraught yelling about how they were all going to die right before the shooting.

    Who was she?

    How did she know?

    If I recall that Aurora, CO mass shooter had a dad who worked for an intel agency.

    There were a lot of rumors about him being subject to mind control studies and there were rumors there were multiple shooters.

    Multiple shooters may have been present at other mass shootings but it’s so hard to keep up.

    There were so many shootings under Trump and Obama.

    It’s also weird with some of the mass shooters there’s like no info on them.

    That just seems unlikely with the internet and social media.

    Like the El Paso shooter.

    Other than saying he was a racist and an accelerationist who posted on 8chan, there’s really not much info on the guy.

    If he was a racist with an internet presence wouldn’t you think people would be digging and find a bunch of stuff about him?

    The San Jose transit shooter earlier this year was 57 and there’s not much on him other than he was an angry employee.

    There’s not much info on Seth Ador the Midland shooter either.

    You see this time and time again.

    If it were any other person they’d have 500 pages of oppo research, but with these people there’s next to nothing except general descriptor like “incel” “PTSD” “disgruntled worker” or something like that.

    At least 9 cops were killed in 2 separate incidents one in LA and one in TX over the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille in 2016.

    There were two shootings, one in 2009 and one in 2013, at military bases where 13 people died at both of them.

    The first one was Fort Hoot, Muslim extremism and the second one in Washington DC was done by a black guy who thought he was being controlled by low frequency electromagnetic waves (which sounds plausible).

    About 3 weeks before the shooting they put him on SSRIs (I bet you could find a lot of SSRIs in these mass shooters — that’s one of the many rabbit holes to go down).

    Sandy Hook shooting.

    Adam Lanza.

    Killed his mother and himself after the shooting so there is nobody to talk about him.

    There are some pictures of him but that’s it.

    That shooting happened about a month after Obama’s re-election and was the deadliest in k-12 school history.

    That was the shooting where there were parents on TV caught laughing right before they were giving a speech to the camera.

    Or maybe I’m thinking of Stoneman Douglas.

    Anyway, there are people who think with some of these shootings that not only is the official story wrong but that the shooting itself didn’t happen at all, and Sandy Hook is one of those.

    There were definitely accuasations of crisis actors.

    There may have even been some individuals who were allegedly at Sandy Hook and Stoneman Douglas.

    I haven’t done a lot of this research in a while.

    Stoneman Douglas might have had some conspiracy theories too.

    That might have been one where people initially said there were multiple shooters and then recanted.

    That was the one that sparked all those goofy zoomer protests where teachers were leading students out of class to demand we get rid of the Second Amendment.

    You had that one shooting in Idaho with a marine who thought the priest and a bunch of politicians were martians.

    Kyle Odom.

    He thought there were hypersexual martians blackmailing a bunch of real politicians (which sounds plausible to me).

    Some of these shooters from the 80’s have a lot more info on them than the recent shooters which is weird since there was no internet or socialmedia back then and recordkeeping in general wasn’t as good.

    Leading figures in Hollywood are probably assassinated or sacrificed.

    I would suspect Bennington, Avici, Cornell, Bourdain, Prince, Jackson.

    The first four were working on some kind of documentary to expose the entertainment industry for grooming and abuse and boom they all die of suicide and drug overdose.

    The death of Governor Carnahan right before the election for U.S. Senate on a plane crash was weird.

    He won the election even though he was deceased against John Ashcroft who later worked for Bush.
    His wife was appointed to fill his seat.

    Paul Wellstone died right before the 2002 election in a plane crash.

    Ventura picked an independent named Dean Barkley to fill the vacancy.

    In the meantime, Dems picked Walter Mondale to run in Wellstone’s spot but Wellstone lost to Norm Coleman.
    Read up on how the control of the Senate switched back and forth from 2001-2003.

    That was a peculiar session.

    In 2013, there was a Hawaii official who was responsible for releasing Obama’s birth certificate and that person died in a plane crash.

    How about the Malaysia flight?

    Was the blackbox ever found?

    Was any piece of wreckage ever found?

    How about that Nashville bombing around Christmas or New Year where there was a robot voice telling people to clear the area?

    No motive.

    Story got totally memoryholed.

    It’s weird what stories disappear quickly and which ones stay on the news for a very long period of time.

    Like this Alec Baldwin story.

    The amount of time on the news being spent on it tells me something is off. T

    hey’re definitely milking that one.

    Or Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.

    Does anybody remember ElsaGate?

    When creepy and inappropriate things were showing up in videos targeted towards children?

    And YouTube was like “Oh, that’s just the algorithm bro. Sorry about that. We’ll try to fix it.”

    A bunch of people took short sells on airline stock right before 9/11.

    2019 had the highest CEO turnover rate.

    Did they know about something that was going to happen soon?

    The co-founder of Reddit died by suicide in 2013.

    His father and girlfriend believed the government played a role in his death since he was involved in hacking.

    I can’t remember the name of the high profile guy who died in a car wreck but it looked like his car got hit by a missile — that’s going to bug me.

    If you remember, post it. I can’t think of it atm.

    There was a train engineer who tried crashing his train into a Navy ship docked to act as a spare hospital for COVID.

    He said he didn’t trust them and they were doing something else so he wanted to smash his train into the boat but I don’t think he succeeded in hitting the boat.

    He did crash the train though.

    When he was arrested he said “You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

    There was a pharmacist in Wisconsin who destroyed over 500 vaccines because he said they were unsafe.

    Donald Trump has his taxes hidden and he went to a Jesuit college.

    He’s refused to release his college transcripts either and people say everybody at that college would have had to take some sort of philosophy and theology classes.

    One of Trump’s last pardons was Aviem Sella, an Israeli spy who was collecting secrets about the U.S. military to share with Israel.

    The legalization of government produced propaganda to be used on U.S. citizens was legalized with the 2012 Smith Mundt Modernization Act which is probably why things seem so wacky now.

    Harrison Deal, an aide for then Senator Kelly Loeffler and dating the daughter of Governor Brian Kemp, died in a car crash a few weeks before Georgia had to certify its election results.

    Kemp’s sister in law died last month from pneumonia and COVID.

  23. Billy Bob

    Well, we disagree. In my view, the message is different from the messenger.

    To my way of thinking, you’re mixing up credibility with factual accuracy.

    And perhaps I didn’t make my point clear enough.

    I believe such correlation attempts (including the title of this thread) aren’t supported by any credible evidence or studies.

  24. JT? If you’re NOT running ghostery and tracker blocking etc. do NOT go to that site. I presumed you knew all that already because you are so knowledgeable about things that are foreign to the brainwashed masses.

    BTW Dahmer is another psyop for fear porn.

  25. BTW the link is for free viewing of the new television series “Inside Job”. It is an animated 2021 series that MOCKS truthers and speaks on every rabbit hole you have ever seen but is VERY off-color. I don’t recommend watching ANY television whatsoever.

  26. Correcting? 👍 All I remember is a red sports car on a lonely stretch of city highway at night in California. They claimed it had burst into flames, yet the car had no fire damage. Wasn’t the occupant about to release some knowledge that only he was privy to? Sketchy “accident” to say the least.

  27. Correcting we are supposed to wake them up slowly not drop an anvil on their heads. They are brainwashed, don’t know it and can’t comprehend what the real truth is. You educated me on a couple of things in your post that I didn’t know with the most enlightening – 2012 Smith Mundt Modernization Act. I thought the congress was controlled by the uniparty GOP at that time. Basically you are saying the deep state (both sides of the aisle) codified Project Mockingbird that has been run on us by the CIA through the Mockingbird MSM and expanded it to include internet content if I read the recap correctly. Interesting. At the top, who owns all of the media – Israeli’s.

    Cindy. I have blockers for both ads (ABP) and scripts (NoScript) running on Mozilla. For me to figure out how to watch that video with the sheer amount of stuff being blocked by NoScript told me it wasn’t worth my time. If I can bypass all of their trackers in a couple of clicks no problem. That site was horrendous. Re Dahmer, I know. The visual of those 2 in a hell cell kinda made me chuckle.

  28. He was some kind of insider and it still bugs me I can’t remember the guy’s name. Not sure if a government whistleblower, corporate guy, or something else but the incident was definitely fishy.

    Another thing for people reading this who are like baby taking first sip is check out some CNN’s footage of the Iraq War, the one from the early 1990’s. It’s blatant propaganda and it’s SOOOOOO cheesy and laughable. The main difference between propaganda then and now is they have more convincing actors and better special effects.

    Got it. 33 year old Michael Hastings. Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed writer. Considered to have been a reporter that destroyed General Stanley McChrystal’s reputation. Died in a single vehicle crash in his Mercedez-Benz.

    Critic of Obama administration, Democratic party, and mass surveillance. Last story: Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans.

    He was about to release some kind of bombshell report (possibly on spy agencies? not quite sure) but then he died.

    There is another whistleblower named Phillip Haney who said the Obama administration was working closely with Islamic radicals and was bringing them to the inside of the administration. He used to work for DHS. I might be inclined to brush him off as a political hack who was loyal to GW Bush but then… He was found dead on the side of a road. Death was ruled suicide by a single gunshot wound. There was no mention of the flash drive he used to carry on his necklace and whether it was recovered. So it was either stolen or if someone has possession of it they haven’t released all his files and recent research. Can’t talk to his wife because she died of cancer in June or July of 2019 which is probably the explanation given to normies why he “committed suicide.”

    You have to understand they clean up loose ends. Adam Lanza lives with single mom. Lanza and mom are dead. Lee Harvey Oswald kills Kennedy and gets killed and the the person who kills Oswald also dies!

    In McHenry County, the deaths of Mark Justen, Mayor Shepley, and Chuck Wheeler raised eyebrows too. Ideas that they were whacked or put into some kind of re-location program surfaced.

  29. I didn’t consider who was in charge of congress at the time, but yeah.

    Why would it matter?

    Why would you think the GOP isn’t part of the deep state especially after the administration of George W Bush?

    They can always get enough MIC goons from both parties to pass things like this.

    Sometimes you get outsiders from both parties who oppose, but they’re always outnumbered and the leadership of both parties push it.

    (I think that is why Dems hate Mary Miller so much and are desperate to get her out of congress.)

    You can’t think Boehner or McConnell are good guys, right?

    And Trump was a disappointment at best.

    I’m sorry but we’re in a stage right now where calling Rosie O’Donnell a pig isn’t going to cut it.

    Talking about sleepy Jeb or crazy Bernie doesn’t cut it. Sure, Trump is funny, but he dropped the ball *at best*.

    Was probably in on it too.

    I could post a bunch of proof leaning towards the latter assumption, but don’t really feel like doing a deep dive at the moment and dinner is almost done.

    Tonight I have a spicy meatball!

    No, it’s not really spicy.

  30. Correcting, you are missing something.

    You are over the target.

    If you know about Devolution and feel the same about Trump well we will just disagree and continue to fight this war with different opinions.

    If you have not heard of Devolution by Patel Patriot I recommend you start by reading P12 in the link so you understand what is going on behind the scenes.

    You can read backwards through the parts but 12 is a good place to start.

    If you want to see PP in Vegas from this past weekend here he is.

    We are in the middle of a foreign occupation.

    According to the Dept of Defense Law of War Manual sections 11.2 11.3 and 11.4 you are living through it right now and don’t even know it.

    If you follow 17 he always brought up 11.3.

    It wasn’t the day the election cheat occurred putting applesauce brain in office.

    Just trying to help.

    I understand all of your prior posts.

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