Folks Invited to Algonquin “Developer’s Breakfast” at Port Edward on Thursday

From the Village of Alqonquin:

Special Event Announcement
Developer’s Breakfast

Stephanie and Kirk Dillard chatted with Karen McConnaughay at the Port Edward GOP fundraiser in 2013.

October 28, 2021
8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Staff will be hosting a Developer’s Breakfast on October 28, 2021 from 8:30-10:00 AM at Port Edward, 20 West Algonquin Road.

Members of the public are invited to participate as this is an open meeting.

Please be advised that members of the Village Board may be in attendance.

If you have questions about this Special Event, please contact Community Development Director, Jason Shallcross at 847.658.5785.


Folks Invited to Algonquin “Developer’s Breakfast” at Port Edward on Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. Remember that restaurant had a great Sunday morning brunch BreakFast.

  2. Looks like Provenzano withdrew his right hand from the boy. He’s looking directly at the cameraman, wondering if he got caught.

  3. I do think Hultgren should stop blaming his Congressional loss on Provenzano’s SUV antics with shirtless boys.

  4. That’s his son Ryan.

    It also looks like Bob Miller is in this picture.

    I don’t see anybody who looks like Karen M, Kirk Dillard, or Stephanie Dillard in this picture.

    There are some people I recognize in this pic but don’t know the names of.

    What caught my attention was green shirt guy is eating hash browns with cantaloupe and that one woman with the sticker on her shirt appears to be scolding him.

    Green shirt guy is the only person in this picture who looks remotely happy.

    His food choices may be unconventional, even uncouth, but maybe that’s the success he has?

    Maybe he is living life his own way regardless of what some nagging woman says.

    Maybe that’s the key to his happiness. Everybody else in the picture looks NOT happy.

    Look at this photograph

    Every time I do, it makes me laugh

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