DuPage County Going Back to the Future–Paper Ballots

From the Daily Herald:

‘At last’: DuPage County to roll out new paper voting system in time for 2022 primary

DuPage County voters will cast their ballots entirely on paper starting with next year’s primary, a shift long sought by election authorities. Full Story

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I have to say, I trust paper ballots much more than electronic ones.

I always use paper.

I think all ballots should be hand counted.


DuPage County Going Back to the Future–Paper Ballots — 24 Comments

  1. – Verity Duo handles thousands of electronic ballot styles without pre-printing traditional paper ballots. Duo eliminates voter intent issues seen with hand marked paper.

    – What it won’t do: electronically transmit results from each polling place to a central database.

    Instead, DuPage continues to adhere to a long-standing practice of having election judges hand-deliver memory cards from voting machines to the county complex in Wheaton.

    Critics have blamed the process for delaying the release of results on election night.
    Great, more ways to hack an election by altering USB devices.

    So just a minimal of digging shows the Romney family is invested in this company.

    Just what we need in IL (DuPage) is more Romney RINO’s to ruin our state/country via uniparty rule.


    The article also shows the machines are unreliable.

    I’m sure those DuPage county officials did those detailed level stress tests with people that actually know about computers before blowing 8m on machines that are tied to a political family.

    Paper ballots means paper ballots with manual hand counts.

    Not a machine that shows a paper ballot but votes are tallied behind the scene.


  2. I always take the paper ballot. Once, during a heavy morning, while I had requested paper, I had to use a machine. When I was finished, it printed a completed paper ballot, which I read and double-checked to be satisfied.

    JT, while yes, all such paper ballots are then available for a hand-count if need be, at least at the precinct level, they will always be read and tabulated by machine.

    It’s the only practical way.

    “Back in the day”, we used to take all ballots, result tapes and the data cartridge to the receiving station, along with all used, open seals from supplies and equipment.

    I don’t recall that former process as resulting in any unusual delays.

    By the time 10:00 PM, usually more than 95% of precincts were reported.

    The remaining precincts were always the same ones that always seemed to have “challenges”.


  3. OMG someone with a Brain…

    Thank God…!

    why would you screw with something that has worked and what we the people have wanted…

    Stop the Cheat…

    keep paper and our system they way it was before all of their mail in ballots,illegal voting tactics they / used…

    The Law of the people should be adhered to not to the politician none of you are above our laws! no matter how hard you try we are watching you..

    there is still at least 62million of us you can’t pull your lies over on..

  4. Mellow, the cheating happened after you did your review and put it into the tabulation machine.

    I’m not sure how far back in the day is for you.

    This whole scam was developed and perfected in IL before it was rolled out nationwide.

    It started with dead and non-existent voters and evolved into the mess it is today.

    I am not saying you were part of the cheat.

    It is coming out.

    When I don’t know.

    Just ask yourself why are people like Shifty Pencilneck Schiff and his Crazy Aunt Nancy pushing so hard for the release of the PEAD’s under Trump.

    I’ll tell you why.

    They are in Panic Mode and don’t know what is about to hit them and when.

    They are desperate to know.

    Nancy is even talking about stepping down.

    She is just waiting to see what indictments she has coming her way which I am sure are going to be good.

    She’s worth 120m by working in congress decades making 170k/yr.

    What an investment savant she is.

    Unfortunately for them, the PEAD’s are Top Secret documents that they have no clearance to read.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock.

    Daily Herald lied in their headline that DuPage is going paperless.

    They are not but unfortunately people are just going to believe it and move along and think they are “cleaning things up” With the Mitt Romney voting machines in DuPage.

  5. My precinct had subsidized senior apartments, so in our case, we had a massive amount of the deceased on our rolls.

    A number of our Judges were residents there, and one time we counted approximately 100 individuals known deceased.

    There were forms and affidavits to fill out in order to remove them, which we did, but it never got corrected in the time I was there.

    We gave up.

    My father recently passed away, and I was his executor.

    My most important first calls, whether it was his pension, insurance companies, etc, every signal one of them already were aware of his death before I called, not more than 2 or 3 days later.

    Social Security even sucked back his last SS deposit, so I didn’t have to call them.

    So I thought, why can’t this type of automatic reporting that is already being done be applied here in this instance against the voter rolls?

    The problem is that this is Federal, and they don’t (can’t) exert authority like this on the State level.

    And I’m sure most here don’t want the Feds to start being in control of elections any more than they are now.

    On the other hand, the Feds did report Dad’s death to the State, so it’s not as if the State couldn’t effect this if they really wanted to.


  6. Yep let’s keep using and trusting corruptible machines claiming to be paper ballots. I wish I had 8m like DuPage County taxpayers to piss in the wind like their County Clerk did. We have paper ballots yet you don’t have to show an ID. LOL

    Delaware Audit Confirms Dead Voters And Literally Impossible Numbers From Nursing Homes In The 2020 Election


  7. I blame Tirio for being lazy.
    He let us down.

    But maybe he wasn’t lazy, just a cog in the scam.

  8. Monk the coroner is a corrupt county clerks best friend.

    Your dad appreciates not being affiliated with marxist communists in death.

    There will be good karma visited upon you unless of course he leaned that way then I wouldn’t want to wait for bad Karma to arrive like Schiff and Pelosi have coming their way.

    And I assume the feds involved in state elections is rhetorical and about as stupid as Applesauce Brain as president.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when he meets the pope in rome.

    He could be getting last rights early

  9. One thing we can forever be mindful is that Democrats practice cheating in elections. It goes back to JFK and before then. Democrats want persons to register and vote at the same time on election day. No vetting or checking for legitimacy. Democrats want the moronic motor voting ID. Most everything the Democrats want or propose or actually put in place only serves to undermine the legitimacy of the voting process. Trust no Democrat on anything ever. Never vote for a Democrat. Look at the scum at their top leadership. The moron Joe Robinette Biden and the reckless wretched deceitful Pelosi and Schumer.

  10. Monk, don’t let his flag hit the ground.

    Bred, they are corrupt on both sides.

    The GOP is just too feckless to play the game being played against them.

  11. I haven’t.

    I have his burial flag proudly hanging in my entry.

  12. Ahhh WI districts being paid off by Soros and Zuckerbucks. How easy it is to bribe people to cheat with so little money.


    They weren’t even looking for fraud in this Wisconsin review but still found more than enough illegality to affect the election outcome:

    45K voter registrations (double the margin) whose PII (personally identifiable information) did not match state records

    7% of mail-in ballot envelopes incomplete — amounts to 137,849 ballots!


    Nothing to see here, move along. Joe Biden got over 81m LEGAL votes.

  13. Veteran Rider…… how about voter ID and dyed hands that won’t was off to indicate the voted already? And of course real election judges…. not the section 8 goofs that Joe Tirio collects.

  14. Tirio gave a buck into my Salvation Christmas Kettle awhile back.

    I asked him THEN what he was going to do about ballot security. He said he couldn’t do anything—- it was the State Bd. of Election’s job.

    I was surprised by his strange answer.

  15. And the truth keeps on coming >>>> JUST IN – Racine County sheriff claims “multiple breaches of law, possible fraud,” at #Wisconsin nursing homes in 2020 presidential election – press conference.

    Well Well Well.

    Hey Dupage, pay attention.

    Fake paper ballots created by a machine are not paper ballots.

  16. Rasmussen

    “How likely is it that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election?”

    1000 National LV’s (legal voters)

    Majority, Likely: April – 51% … Oct – 56%

    DEM: Now 32% – Was 30%
    IND: Now 54% – Was 51% Left pointing backhand index
    GOP: Now 84% – Was 74%
    All Voters: 56% – Was 51%

    Looks like the brainwashed people’s alarm clocks are starting to wake them up. Lets Go Brand #FJB

  17. Hey Artful, you just reinforced my opinion of Tirio. Just keep your head down if there is a problem. It’s not in my job description. I have never met him but if what you said is true the guy is worthless. No wonder he thinks the McHenry County ES&S cheat machines he uses for us to cast votes work flawlessly. Another clueless RINO who slithered his way into our county politic. I’m sure he knows the machines are corrupt and he can milk it for more reelections and tell us with a straight face they work to correctly count the vote.

  18. Voter fraud in Wisconsin –


    “Wisconsin Elections Commission ‘Shattered’ Laws By Telling Nursing Home Staffers To Illegally Cast Ballots For Residents

    One of the family members said his mother would ask him who he was, meaning she didn’t recognize her own son. She hadn’t voted since 2012 — yet MyVote Wisconsin revealed she voted twice in 2020.”

    A very close election in Nov 2020 and with the help of the Pravda like Democrat media misinforming, misleading and hiding facts about the doofus and senile Biden, just enough useful idiot voters pulled the doofus over the line to give him the win.

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