Message of the Day – Dying

Across from the Raue Center is a dying tree between Williams Street and the sidewalk next to Jude’s.

Dying tree on city property next to Jude’s. Cocktalls & Nosh (where I am real fan of the sea bass).

Will the Cityof Crystal Lake replace it by next spring?


Message of the Day – Dying — 8 Comments

  1. A metaphor for the section 8 town with pretenses of Grandeur.

    Shepley legacy of moral and political corruption continues.

  2. You’ll have to advise the City that it needs replacing.
    They don’t drive around seeing what needs their attention, whether it be trees or enforcing ordinances.
    They expect us to do it.

  3. A deciduous tree needs to have ground, dirt, grass, ideally mulch under its entire drip zone in order for the roots beneath to get water and nourishment. To plant a tree surrounded by concrete or bricks is folly.

  4. The tree and the surrounding sidewalk is visible in street view of google earth.

  5. Ask them how many trees in the past they have planted and then 3 months later pulled up to replant more young ones, dispicable waste! of our $$ sheep law…

    I said why don’t you at least plant them in our parks!!!

    since you have so much $$ to just piss away… instead of mulching them, just like we needed new benches up there… like another person on the council NOT!

  6. Maybe they’re going for the Charlie Brown Xmas tree theme this year?

  7. Look at all the trees they needlessly planted along Rt 14 after the widening toward MCC, many of which are dead!

    They like to fill convertibles with our money and see how fast they can get from 0-60! Wheee!

  8. McHenry Township can lead the way in showing how to kill trees.

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