IL-11: As Congressman Bill Foster Emails Concerns to Supporters About Map, Mike Pierce First Republican to File for New IL-11

Bill Foster
Mike Pierce

Retired career Army officer, PhD, author, and 20-year Naperville homeowner files Statement of Candidacy to Challenge Foster in 2022

From POLITICO Illinois Playbook Tuesday morning:

Rep. Bill Foster has taken his concerns about the latest congressional map to his supporters. In a fundraising letter, he said, “Last week new Illinois maps were released, and frankly the results don’t look great for me: My existing 11th District was cut into four pieces. The main city, Aurora, which has stayed with me through thick and thin throughout my political career, was cut in two. Our second major Democratic city, Joliet, was transferred entirely into another district. Our third city, Naperville where I live, remains split in two. Conservative rural areas more than an hour away replaced much of the missing population from the loss of these cities.”

He adds, “most worryingly… our Democratic senator and governor only received 48 percent of the vote in this new district — the worst performance of any Democratic district in Illinois.” With that, he says, he needs supporters’ financial help.

Separately overnight, U.S. Army Major Michael D. Pierce (ret.) of Naperville filed an amended Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to challenge Congressman Foster’s reelection for an 8th term in Congress.

Pierce, who grew up in Elgin, Aurora and Kankakee, established roots in DuPage County when he enrolled in school at North Central College in Naperville in 1983, and voted in his first election in 1984 in DuPage County.

While working his way through school, Pierce was a youth minister in Ingalls Park (by Joliet), Genoa (DeKalb County) and in Aurora.

After graduating from North Central College in 1988, Pierce was an assistant cross country track coach at UIC for a season, and also coached track at the Illinois Math and Science Academy among other employment at that time.

Pierce enlisted in the U.S. Army in the early 1990s. After his first years as an enlisted man, he was recommended for Officer Candidate School, and earned his officer commission.

Retiring from the Army after 20 years, including a 15-month deployment to Iraq, Pierce published a book on organizational leadership and did project work for the Department of Defense.

McHenry County Blog has learned Pierce will be appearing November 14 with On Target Radio Show at 9PM CST to discuss his candidacy with hosts David Lombardo, and co-host Gretchen Fritz.

Other media appearances will be shared as information becomes available.

From the desk of John Lopez: So Congressman Foster relegates residents of McHenry, DeKalb, Boone, Lake and northern Kane counties as “Conservative rural areas more than an hour away”?

When Foster served two terms from 2008 to 2011 in the old IL-14, he represented ALL of northern Kane County including the Hampshire and most of Rutland townships in Kane, was this how he felt about the residents then?

Wonder if residents of Crystal Lake, McHenry, Woodstock, Huntley, Island Lake, Belvidere and every other municipality over an hours drive from Naperville see themselves as rural areas let alone conservative.

For reference, here is the map of Chicagoland congressional districts passed by the Illinois General Assembly last Friday:

Approved Congressional Map 10/29/21

Foster is clearly upset with what his fellow Democrats in Springfield did to him.

Fair enough.

As far as the metrics Foster cited in his email confirms the coverage here on McHenry County Blog including yesterday, down ballot races are not as heavily Democrat as the presidential results within the new IL-11 in 2016 and 2020.

With the FEC Statement of Candidacy from Major Pierce, McHenry County Blog expects there will be other Republicans filing to compete in the Republican primary June 28 for the opportunity to challenge Congressman Foster.

And now Foster has let voters know how he feels about residents in the new portions of his new district.

Foster’s concerns expressed in his campaign email betrays fear and predicts a competitive general election a year from now, and possibly for Foster, echoes of his 2010 loss for reelection crossed his mind.


IL-11: As Congressman Bill Foster Emails Concerns to Supporters About Map, Mike Pierce First Republican to File for New IL-11 — 8 Comments

  1. I think it’s reasonable for him to wish to have had more of Aurora, Naperville, or Joliet than those areas in Boone, DeKalb, McHenry, and Lake County.

    It’s closer to where he lives and more reliably Democratic.

    He got snubbed so they could make Lauren Underwood’s district safer, and he has more seniority than her.

    He probably is upset.

    Why is he complaining about it when it looks to be a done deal?

    He doesn’t expect Pritzker to veto this map, right?

    Only thing I can think of is he’s trying to raise money just like Underwood did when she complained her map wasn’t blue enough (which they ended up making more blue — after she took people’s money).

    Why else would an experienced lawmaker like Foster think out loud like that expressing his dissatisfaction with a map made by his own party?

    It will be interesting to see if he gets a primary challenge.

    He had one last time around and she did surprisingly well.

    Will his new district be more Latino and less black than his current district?

    It looks that way.

    Maybe a Latina could knock him out in the primary or at least get him to spend a lot of money.

    That probably wouldn’t be ideal for Republicans because then you might just replace Foster with someone to his left, but it would be a wild story.

    Democrats, however, might feel they have a stronger chance of winning with a Latina whereas Foster would be more vulnerable.

    Needless to say this is all just *speculation* based on the ASSUMPTION that America won’t be smoldering ruins 8 months from now…

  2. **Why is he complaining about it when it looks to be a done deal?**

    He’s “complaining” about it because he or his people think it is a useful way to raise money.

    “My new district is less Democratic, give me money to help win” is typically a useful fundraising strategy.

    **Will his new district be more Latino and less black than his current district? It looks that way.**


    His new district is 67% white, 6% black, 8.35% Asian, 19% Hispanic (numbers are from 2020 census).

    His current district is 60% white, 11% black, 7% Asian, 22% Hispanic (numbers are from 2010 census).

  3. Funny, he blames his scum democrat consorts for his crying jag fund raising letter.

    A pissant.

    When’s Foster going to claim he’s transgendered?

  4. There will be a story tomorrow.

    Peterson lost a Lake County Board race in 2018, in a very Democrat year.

    Now, she’s running against Senate minority leader?

  5. How tragic, Foster gets thrown under the bus in favor of black, Latino, Jewish and gay Democrat incumbents.

    So sad.

  6. Ok cool I look forward to reading it! I still don’t see it up, but take your time.

    Some of the things you might want to look into when comparing:

    -How Dan’s district is rated now (how safe is it for GOP) vs the proposed district
    -How red/blue is the county board seat Peterson ran for
    -When did she get into the race: was she in it to win it or did she get in late
    -Would you describe her campaign in 2018 ideologically as being centrist, run-of-the-mill establishment Dem, very progressive, or something else
    -How much money did she have running for county board
    -Was she running against a popular incumbent or for an open seat
    -Do they have multi-member or single member districts on Lake County board
    -Who ended up winning instead of her
    -Demographics (particularly if you can find % of women and % of Hispanic) of McConchie’s old vs new district and if possible for the Lake County board district (though that may be very difficult to get)
    -COH for McConchie
    -Peterson’s background — education, profession, community involvement, political involvement, etc.
    -Any endorsements she got running for Lake County board
    -2018 vote tally for Peterson; how close was she to winning

    I may be forgetting some things but that’s a good start for research and analysis.

  7. How’s that article going?

    John, you might also be interested in this. It’s sort of related to congress which you write about often, and it’s definitely a federal issue which you sometimes write about.

    Wasn’t this fake dossier the genesis of Trump’s first impeachment? Lunatics and foreigners were going to Never Trumpers like Kinzinger and McCain as well as Democrats to spill the beans about fake Donald Trump pee pee tapes.

    Ha those crazy Democrats with their tricks, and lies, and evil machinations.

    Democrats colluded with Russians to make fake news about Trump colluding with Russia lol honk honk
    I always assume that what Democrats are accusing people of doing is what they are doing…

    Maybe someone could ask Kinzinger about this. Forcing him to resign would be cool. It’s not like he’s going to share any of the info on the Jan 6th meetings. Pelosi picked him for a reason. Here are some articles you might want to brush up on and might lead you down a rabbit hole if you do plan on writing about the dossier.
    ^Kinzinger got the “document” early.
    ^Here’s Kinzinger joking around on Twitter when getting called out for fake dossier last year. He also jokes about the U.S.’s involvement in helping ISIS which is common knowledge (John Kerry more or less admitted to it when he was Secretary of State for Obama).
    ^Details about McCain and the dossier^
    ^Snake in the grass Lindsey Graham always playing both sides.

    More articles below

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