Algonquin Township Hires Consultant to Research “What’s Going On”

Those were the words of Algonquin Township Supervisor Randy Funk while explaining line items shifts in spending at the October Township Board meeting.

Randy Funk

It seems that a consultant has been retained and Funk proposed reallocating $10,000 to pay the person.

I filed a Freedom of Information request for documents concerning the consultant.

FOI Officer Richard Alexander replied, “I see no RFP or resume for the consultant or references to minutes about his hiring.”

Ed Zimel

Matching the $1,383.33 mentioned by Trustee Ed Zimel as being paid from a “consulting line item” with checks written, it appears the consultant is David Linder, a former Crystal Lake Chief of Police.

Other reallocations were for the purposes of

  • replacing rusted doors
  • a salary that was not included for “a person hired to assist the township,” which seems to amount to an additional $60,000 when benefits are included

Although no paperwork was available for review for spectators at the meeting, Funk said capital expenditures would be cut from $100,000 to $75,000 and infrasructure reduced from $150,000 to $70,000.

He mentioned future capital expenditures include increasing the capacity of the sewage systwm from the 6-8 it was designed for to twice that number.

In addition, $700,000 is estimated to be needed to repave the parking lot.

Administrative executive Pam Gavers pointed out that “Kris became full-time” and money to pay for insurance for Highway Commissioner Danijela Sandberg was not budgeted, because her predecessor Andy Gasser took no health benefits.

Millie Medendorp

Trustee Millie Medendorp said two employees were added, plus “Kris going full-time.”

(In June, the minutes report that Funk talked about hiring “a HR/PR person.” At that same meeting a resolution was approved delegating hiring authority to the Township Supervisor.)

Insurance costs also increased because the determination was made that all employees had to have the same coverage of the Local 150 union employees. Such coverage was higher than for employees paid from the Town Fund.

Someone asked if Township Clerk Maureen Huff was on health insurance.

Funk replied she was not, but “I would have never have a problem of her having insurance.”

= = = = =

.Constituents will not be able to view Wednesday’s Township Meeting over the internet, according to an email received yesterday from Supervisor Funk.


Algonquin Township Hires Consultant to Research “What’s Going On” — 13 Comments

  1. “What’s Going On” ?

    Perhaps a “listening tour” is in order.

  2. Since Algonquin is on land stolen from the Chimichanga and WillyGum tribes, you might consider a commission study on how to give it back.

  3. Townships…… a license to steal.

    And they do.

    Investigate Lesperance in Nunda and his 5 gallon gasoline cans that get filled from the Township pump.

  4. People post stupid things here about townships all the time.

    They have a sick fetish.

    And they know nothing about all the services provided by the unit of government closest to the people.

    Have they every bothered to attend township meeting?


    They just scream and rant.

    They hate.

  5. Perhaps if they streamed the meeting people would know.

    There is absolutely no reason not to stream tonight’s meeting.

    In Algonquin Township it seems as though one family continues to milk the system through their surrogates.

    The road district did a good job in the last four years and so far so good with this administration. The supervisor and board need to prove themselves and demonstrate they are better than the last bunch.

  6. They ran two of the same cloth: Sandberg v Lee.

    Either win = Millers

    We had NO choice!

    Getting more clever?

    Eyes wide open at EVERY election for EVERY position Countywide.

  7. That top picture of Funk captures him so well.

    A mouth breathing, blinking idiot.

  8. Heeeere we go again!

    Alg Township isn’t trying to save itself.

    Taxpayers in our township can’t seem to get a break!

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