Algonquin Township Board Refusing to Broadcast Meetings

Word is that Algonquin Township officials don’t think their taxpayers want to be able to see and hear them in action.

Apparently, I am the only person who has asked that the meetings be livestreamed the way former much-maligned former Township Clerk Karen Lukasik used to do.

From the minutes of the October Algonquin Township Board meeting.

A heading on the Township website is “Serving our community with pride.”

But not transparency.

We are now six months into the new term–with all new faces–and it seems transparency is not a concern.

As noted above, Algonquin Township is McHenry County’s largest township.

Smaller townships like McHenry and Nunda allow long distance viewing of its meetings, but not Algonquin.

As I look at the website, there is contact information for all the elected officials but the four Township Trustees.

Here is the contact information for two of the officials who attend the monthly eetings:

Township Supervisor: Randy Funk

Township Clerk: Maureen Huff


Algonquin Township Board Refusing to Broadcast Meetings — 4 Comments

  1. Transparency in Townships?

    C’mon Cal.

    They are protected rackets.

    But who protects the taxpayer?

    Mr. Funk is great at hiding things, such as his relationship to Bob Miller

  2. Randy Funk, a Millerite minion.

    Send FOIAs about the communiques between little funky “artichoke artist” Funk and the Master Cylinder Bob Miller.

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