Governor Pritzker Reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict

JB Pritzker

From Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on Friday afternoon after the Kenosha County jury rendered its not guilty verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse early afternoon on Friday:

“Carrying a loaded gun into a community 20 miles from your home and shooting unarmed citizens is fundamentally wrong.

“It’s a tragedy that the court could not acknowledge that basic fact.

“26-year-old Anthony Huber and 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, a father, had their whole lives ahead of them. They deserved to be alive today. They deserve justice.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to all who loved them.

“We must do better than this.”

A balanced perspective is in order for many, including Governor Pritzker, concerning the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict in Kenosha last Friday.

Let’s remember then Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn’s prediction he published with details on September 3, 2020:

It must be remembered, Zorn’s column last year was published just a week after the events in Kenosha, and Kyle Rittenhouse’s voluntary surrender to Antioch, IL police in the early hours (around 1:20AM CDT) of August 26, 2020.

Zorn, who now publishes his The Picayune Sentinel blog on substack, was a guest on last night’s Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont radio show during the 2nd hour.

Host DuMont referred to Zorn’s Tribune column from last year, and Zorn responds on November 21, 2021.

The video is cued to DuMont asking Zorn about his assessment now, and from 2020, and the exchange with the other guests is very interesting, and worth the additional 15 minutes of video.

On the “gun charge” Zorn references, additional insight plus accurate critique concerning the Associated Press coverage of the Rittenhouse trial from Red State‘s Jim Thompson, who was a trial lawyer for 30 years, and combined with a 35-year career as a freelance cartoonist (interesting combination) is worth the quick read.

The ending of Thompson’s short column is something Governor Pritzker, given how he lauds Joseph Rosenbaum pointing out he’s a father, was at best short-sighted compared with the whole truth:

“Inconvenient facts.

“Like Rittenhouse defending himself from a convicted child rapist, and two other men with long criminal records.

“Meh, facts.”

Jim Thompson “AP Leaves Facts on the Cutting Room Floor”, Red State 11/19/21 8:15PM CST


From the desk of John Lopez: Governor Pritzker needs to listen to Eric Zorn, and everything he said in his comments from last night.

I don’t need to repeat what I just published in the Congressman Sean Casten article here on McHenry County Blog as the words I said there about Casten apply to Pritzker, too (outside of the fact Casten used his congressional office).


Governor Pritzker Reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict — 11 Comments

  1. What a pig.

    What a fat-assed pig.

    I hope he burns in hell with his fat faced trans brother, Lightfoot, Casten and Underwear.

  2. Lord Jumbo Boy once again embarrasses himself, and by extension the State Of Illinois, in his usual shameless manner.

    Fat, greedy and exceedingly stupid is no way to go through life, but it doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.

    #FJB, Now and forever.

  3. The fact that anyone in mch co.would cave in and align with Pritzger is beyond disappointing.

    We are the only state east of the Mississippi with these ILLEGAL mask mandates & vaccine demands.

    now they’re after YOUR KIDS with this experimental mRNA injection ( ITS NOT A VACCINE) Covid seems to be just in IL & not our other surrounding states.MCC & the raue center demanding “ SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS” just proves how weak some people in CL are by excepting these tyrannical unnecessary rules and believing it’s “For Your Safety” !!

    Sheeple need to wake up .

    This “ reset” is about the shift of wealth and the rich just got richer !

    Pritzger is DS & only cares about his family’s billions , not you .

    His actions prove it .

    ISBE needs to be defunded also.

    Crooked as hell .

    Remember c19 has over 98% survival/ recovery AND there’s other successful treatments, meds available that have a proven tract record.

    The jab is about $$$ for THEM

  4. Nice job inspiring the Waukesha terrorism JB.

    Just more blood on his hands oh, but he’s used to that by now.

  5. Self Defense is a bitch Governor Dough Boy.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Huber – a convicted felon (assault and battery, domestic abuse, false imprisonment, illegal weapon) and

    Rosenbaum – convicted felon (sex offender, level 3 offender, failure to maintain registered status).

  6. Oh boy, the Gorn Zorn doesn’t get it at all.

    The Rittenhouse ‘case’ was nonexistent from the start!

    The criminal justice system in Kenosha Co.

    Does NOT work.

    The punishment is the process.

    No one asks the key questions: why did the mayor order the police standown?

    Why did the Gov. not send the guard?

    60 businesses burned up. 4 days of rioting.

  7. It is wildly exciting to think JB and Casten and so many other liberals have openly invited anyone to come loot and burn their properties while shooting at them with the screamed intent to kill them and none of them will fight back or prosecute those doing these acts!!

    It is just exactly about which any Citizen would dream.

    We can now rob, loot, burn, murder, attempt to murder, commit great bodily harm…. to anyone we wish anytime as long as we carry a placard stating a grievance and claim we are protesting.

    This should clean up our nation’s Rogues Gallery of moronic politicians in a night!!!

    We’re just beyond ourselves with excitement!!

    Thank you Liberals!

    Finally, a position you’ve taken we can get behind!

  8. So simple a cave man can do it…whatever happened to that ad campaign?

    I always thought it subversive to imagine a parallel universe where Neanderthals were still extant and living in modern America.

    The thought experiment inevitably leads to rethinking our perceptions of the blacks

  9. Gov. Lard Ass strikes again. He dreams he’ll be president. He never worked a day in his miserable
    AntiChristian life.

  10. Pritzker has zero integrity. He an fellow Democrats constantly call on the rich to “pay their fair share”. Yet, Prtitzker, the guy who inherited his fortune, disconnected the toilets in one of his mansions to greatly lower his real estate tax bill and thus not “pay his fair share”.

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