Bob Anderson Switches Gubernatorial Candidate from Bailey to Schimpf

Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson is a proven door knocker.

Through petitioning, he got a countywide vote on abolishing townships, for instance.

Since then, he has broadened his special interest to cutting the multiplicity of governments regardless of function.

He thought he had the support of Darren Bailey in this effort and because what Barb Babey told him about the issue, walked in the Marengo Settlers Days Parade for Bailey.

Bob Anderson holding up his sign supporting consolidating local governments whijle wearing a Darren Bailey for Governor tee shirt.

Indeed, when I met with him at Around the Clock for lunch, he was wearing a Bailey for Governor Tee shirt.

Paul Schimpf and Bob Anderson pose with Anderson’s “Fight Waste. Consolidate” sign.

Now, after a conversation with fellow Marine Paul Schimpf, Anderson has met with Republican gubernatorial hopeful Schimpf and signed onto his campaign.

If you begin to see Schimpf for Governor yard signs locally, they might have been put up by the now-retired Wonder Lake barber.


Bob Anderson Switches Gubernatorial Candidate from Bailey to Schimpf — 4 Comments

  1. Will he jump ship again when Schimpf is outed got being a RINO, too?

  2. No way to Schimpf.

    He participated in a war crime: the murder of Saddam Hussein.

    Has Schimpf said anything publicly about Illinois’ sanctuary state status?

    I met him when he was campaigning for Atty Gen.

    I was singularly unimpressed.

    All drivel.

    OK, if he’s the nominee I’ll vote for him against Lord Fatso.

    But that ain’t saying much.

    I’d vote for a cicada or even a fool like Terry Kappel rather than Lord Fatass.

  3. Probably not, Augustus.

    Bob seems like a single issue voter (his fixation is reducing the quantity of government units in Illinois) and it sounds like Paul Schimpf was more responsive and sympathetic to Bob’s cause than other candidates hence the switch from Bailey to Schimpf.

    The fact that both Anderson and Schimpf are marines is likely icing on the cake.

    Lee Preston, Schimpf has actually bragged about his run against Lisa Madigan in 2014.



    He thinks he did good.

    He lost by nearly 22 points.

    That same year, Oberweis lost to Durbin by 11%, Tom Cross narrowly lost by 0.25%, Topinka beat the Democrat by about 3.9, Rauner beat the Democrat by about 3.9.

    Schimpf lost by 22 and he thinks he did well.

    You would think a marine would hold himself to higher standards.

    I don’t have the link, but it’s on YouTube, probably in one of his more recent interviews.

    He also bragged about winning an election for state senate but it was some district in southern Illinois.

    Last, convicting Saddam Hussein in a kangaroo court is also not impressive.

    Since nobody has stated the obvious yet, I will: Bob Anderson’s endorsement is not a net plus and probably does the opposite, but Schimpf’s campaign is a sinking ship so he’s desperate.

    I expect Sullivan to do better than Schimpf who will finish fourth place.

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