World War I CLCHS Honor Roll

On Veterans Day, McHenry County Blog posted picutres of Civil War and Vietnam War Memorials in McHenry County.

I noted that I knew of non for World War I and World War II veterans and, I’ll add here, Korean War Veterans.

A graduate of my high school more familiar with it than I has forwarded a picture of a plaque honoring those who served in World War I:

The names below are difficult to read, but here they are:

There are last names that recognizable, e..g., Raue.

Three ;family names have more than one entry.

My source tells me, “I think only two people died (the ones with stars next to their names).”

On the bottom right appear the letters “S.A.T.O.” with eight names below it. I’m bee told it stands for Student Army Training Corps.


World War I CLCHS Honor Roll — 5 Comments

  1. There really wasn’t an identifiable good guy and bad guy in WWI.

    It wasn’t our fight, and we should have stayed out of it.

    If the US hadn’t come in with hordes of fresh troops, the stalemate in the trenches never would have been broken.

    Eventually, the two sides would have grown tired of slaughtering each other and would have worked something out.

    There would have been no Treaty of Versailles, no Hitler, and a whole lot of future unpleasantness would have been avoided.

  2. ^I have done a little bit of research on WW1 in the last year and think you are right about that Billy Bob.

    The Balkans probably still would have been a mess but when are the Balkans not a mess? They were doing genocide in the 1990’s for crying out loud.

    There’s a WW1 museum maybe in KC, MO. If anybody has been there, is it worth checking out? There used to be a Korean War museum in Springfield but it got shut down.

  3. I watched all the videos of the Korean War, but the TV coverage of the line moving up and down on the map was not included.

    I watched the news every night at that time in my life.

    Not anymore.

  4. What about US involvement in VIet Nam. Totally unnecessary. Viet Nam did not attack the U.S. nor threaten the U.S. with WMD nor did they have WMD. Our involvement was something about the domino theory. If a country was overtaken by the Communist Party, then the next nearby geographical country, and the next, and the next would fall according to the theory. Over 60,000 U.S. lives lost needlessly.

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