Advice for Thanksgiving Day Dinners — 4 Comments

  1. This will be my contribution to the conversation around the Thanksgiving Day table if someone
    doesn’t beat me to it-FJB and whoever doesn’t like it is welcome to leave immediately.
    I already know all will cheer in agreement and raise a glass to freedom, liberty and America.😃

  2. Thanksgiving was never about the Indians, or any nonsense picnic in New England with the Puritans, who did not even celebrate Christmas. (Isn’t it a bit cold and wet in late November in New England for any picnic?)

    Thanksgiving is the anniversary of the end of a bitter eight-year war of Revolution to break free of British rule in the Thirteen Colonies.

    So, pause to think about Thanksgiving, when you are feasting this year, and the Patriot blood and suffering that paid for your meal. Be thankful.

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