IL-14: Republicans Urge Kendall County Board Chairman Scott Gryder to Challenge Lauren Underwood Next Year

Scott Gryder

McHenry County Blog note: While McHenry County (excluding Algonquin Township), northern Kane and western Lake counties will continue to be represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, Naperville), the new boundaries of the IL-14 take the 2022 election from from the Blog‘s service area.

Therefore, Election 2022 articles about IL-14 will be included that have some impact, even indirectly, on congressional races on the ballot in McHenry County next year.


From The Illinoize newsletter from Patrick Pfingsten:

Kendall Co. Board Chair Gryder Considering Underwood Challenge

November 23, 2021

After conservative radio host Mike Koolidge [(R, DeKalb)] announced he is challenging Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D-Naperville), more candidates and potential candidates are starting to emerge.

One is Kendall County Board Chairman Scott Gryder, a Republican from Oswego, who has been chairman since 2012. Gryder is President and General Counsel for a Chicago-based commercial and residential land title service and sought the appointment earlier this year to become chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

Gryder confirmed to me last night he’s considering the race after being encouraged to run by some local Republicans and business owners. He calls himself a “pro-growth Republican who is tired of the nonsense in D.C., Springfield. and Chicago.”

Gryder says he’ll make a decision over the holidays.

The new Democrat-drawn map makes the 14th slightly more Democratic, but Underwood defeated Republican Jim Oberweis by about 5,000 votes of around 400,000 cast last year.


From the desk of John Lopez: As previously reported on McHenry County Blog, in addition to Koolidge, Kendall County Republican Chairman James Marter (R, Oswego) and former IL-16 Republican candidate Jack Lombardi (R, Manhatten), are the three declared candidates in the new IL-14 to challenge Underwood.

McHenry and northern Kane counties

Reason I’m including this coverage due to similar Republican elected officials, party leaders and business leaders will be pushing other Republicans to jump into the congressional races touching McHenry County, as well as northern Kane County, over the coming weeks, in the IL-08, IL-09, IL-10 and IL-11.

Of the four seats held by Democrats, the IL-11 is seen as the most flip-able from Democrat to Republican next year in what is expected to be a Republican mid-term election.

The new IL-11 is a Biden +15.21 district, based on the presidential race of 2020 last year.

But given the results of the Virginia and New Jersey elections earlier this month, Cook Political Report with Amy Walter applying a Republican-factor of ~12 percentage points to congressional districts, which would make the new IL-11 a Biden +3.21.

Basically, IL-11 will likely be rated by the major rating services as a “Leans Democrat” district, factoring in 2021 results in VA and NJ.

Currently, only Major (ret.) Michael D. Pierce, PhD (R, Naperville) has formally declared his candidacy for 2022 in the new IL-11.

Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) is widely expected to declare her candidacy for IL-11 between now and the 1st day of petition circulation on January 13, 2022.

Back to IL-14, it’s not surprising people unhappy with the declared candidacies of Koolidge, Lombardi and Marter, two of whom are 1st time candidates and Marter’s electoral record is abysmal, in spite of being the Kendall County Republican Party chairman serving his 2nd, non-consecutive term.

As The Illinoize article pointed out, Gryder was in the running for the election to be the Illinois Republican Party chairman, per coverage by McHenry County Blog nearly ten months ago. It also must be pointed out, in last year’s IL-14 election between Jim Oberweis and Congressman Underwood, the incumbent Democrat won Kendall County, and that was before the city of Aurora portion was added into the new IL-14.

All of Kendall County is drawn within the new IL-14.

Fortunately, both Cal Skinner and I here on McHenry County Blog, have been around the block numerous times during this time of Republicans posturing themselves as potential congressional candidates, and floating names on trial balloons to see if anyone generates genuine excitement among the primary voters.

Right now, there have been no names floated publicly of additional Republican candidates, and as names begin to be floated over the Holiday season, each one will be evaluated with discernment, to see if their interest is genuine/sincere, or just a diversion.

All voters, especially those who are Republican Party leaders, including precinct committeepersons, should apply discernment to any rumors floated for the 2022 elections.

Or as the old Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Call to Arms” from June 1997, Captain Sisko suggested with the 190th Ferengi Rule of Acqusition on any rumors: “Hear all, trust nothing”

Sound advice for the 2022 elections.


IL-14: Republicans Urge Kendall County Board Chairman Scott Gryder to Challenge Lauren Underwood Next Year — 17 Comments

  1. Gryder is another obese pachyderm RINO put up by reptilian republirats.

    Look at that fat face.

  2. Gryder’s hobby or avocation is dressing up like a clown with full make up. I guess that tells us something.

    The GOP leadership in this state is a combination of parasites, clowns, psychopaths, fools and crooks who espouse queer marriage and special rights, more handouts to minorities, oppression of Whites and culture, CRT and of course higher taxes to pay for our dispossession.

  3. Races are not identical or interchangeable in terms of average ability and capacity for high civilization.

    Any society that expects — or as ours often does, demands — equal outcomes by race is asking the impossible.

    Ultimately, given the reality of racial loyalty and racial differences in ability and behavior, separation comes more naturally than integration

  4. Having race determine district boundaries is racism.

    Let the boundaries flow naturally!!

  5. This thread embodies much of the blog.

    Self hatred in the GOP leading to the circular firing squad, racist language, white supremacy, segregationist reactionaries, fear of “replacement”, fear generally, and sexual insecurity all wrapped up in the cowardice of anonymity.

  6. John, did you know that the “there are four lights” scene is a huge meme on the internet? That’s from ST TNG.

    Captain Picard warned us of the post-truth society decades ago, but of course nobody listened and now look at how things are…


    There is a Scott Gryder who seems to be into broadway and entertainment stuff: writing articles and it looks like even dressing up for plays, but that looks like a different guy.

    Are you sure THIS Scott Gryder wears make-up and dresses like a clown? Are there TWO Scott Gryders in the Chicago area who dress like clowns?

    I think you are probably confusing him for the other one.

    If I’m the mistaken one, could you share a link? I did some research and it looked to me like they were different people.

    Not saying I support this guy, but wouldn’t want people on this blog to be libeling somebody.


    I take it this guy Gryder is more popular in Kendall County than James Marter is on account of he’s an elected official there (not just a Republican official) and James Marter finished in 4th place (out of 7) in Kendall County during the 2020 primary.

    Going over Gryder’s resume
    -Elected to the Kendall County board in 2012
    -Re-elected to the board in 2016
    -Became chairman of the board in 2016
    -Re-elected again to the board in 2020
    -Re-elected chairman of the board in 2020
    -Former chairman of Oswego Plan Commission
    -Former member of the Oswego Public Library Board

    Word of caution: Kendall County does not elect their board chairman at large like McHenry County, so he’s not battle tested over a large, populous, and competitive area. He only had to win a single county board district. On the other hand, he was selected unanimously by his colleagues to be the chairman of the board in 2016 and 2020 and received support from members of both parties so that might be good for a general election.

    Still, not sure how big of an announcement this is. :/ This man was not on my radar. I had never heard of him before this article.

    And that KOOLIDGE guy doesn’t have a big following. His website is basic. His YouTube videos don’t have many views. I didn’t even know he was a radio guy. His name is vaguely familiar but not once have I tuned in to him over the many years (14?) that he’s been on radio. He is an Air Force guy though, so that might get him some extra support especially in the primary. Another thing he has going for him is his name Koolidge which is cool. It reminds me of the president. You know, Silent Cal.

    This is not a great field once again.

    I’m pretty sure Rezin lives in the current and the new 16th and am not expecting her to run.

    Not sure about Oberweis but it’s doubtful he’d even want to run again. Both Oberweis and Rezin likely know if Underwood could win in 2020, what point is there in challenging her in a district that is going to be even more favorable to her than her current seat?

    Lauf would likely run in the 11th (which also doesn’t look like a great field).

    Gradel had a weak performance and moved out of state anyway.

    Evans and Catella were weak candidates and won’t be in the new 14th unless they have moved recently.

    Randy Hultgren, the last Republican elected in the 14th district, also does not live in the new 14th district assuming he still has a St. Charles address.

    My advice is that Republicans need to find somebody who has street credit in Joliet or Naperville which are the big population centers and heavily Democratic. You have to pick somebody who is well liked in one of those cities if you even want to be competitive with Underwood. That includes celebrities, philanthropists, business owners, and sports people. Otherwise forget about it! I suggested the Naperville resident and Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer earlier this year but don’t expect that to happen. It is possible the GOP will try to nudge former Illinois comptroller Leslie Munger into running. She is from Joliet & won the 14th district in 2016 (just barely) while Donald Trump and Mark Kirk lost that new district by 8 and a half and 9 and a half respectively in the same year. To be clear, there are no rumors about Munger running as of now (that I’m aware of).

    None of the current candidates and rumored candidates are impressive. The GOP establishment is going to try really hard to make sure Lombardi is not their nominee given his affiliation with the Groypers and I can see why. To a lesser extent, the GOP would rather not have Marter be the nominee either, but they would prefer Marter to Lombardi easily. I can understand why they’re trying to recruit people even though I have spoken out against this kind of gatekeeping and the GOP establishment in the past. Lombardi wouldn’t be as bad as Arthur Jones but it would still give Republicans a headache. The media would be brutal to him and hypnotize normies. Despite what Trump supporters want you to believe, not everybody can run as an extreme or politically incorrect candidate. What might work for a billionaire and celebrity like Trump doesn’t translate to everybody else. The GOP is definitely going to look for a more tame candidate who they think can get swing voters, so they’ll be looking at people like Gryder or Koolidge. The ironic thing is they’ll lose with their tame candidate too.


    How come nobody is talking about the new 6th and new 13th? People are focusing on 11 and 14 so much, but the numbers show the 6th and 13th as better prospects for Republicans imo. The situations in those districts are better too. 6 is going to have a primary between Democrats which might leave a bad taste in people’s mouths and diminish the Democrats’ resources; the 13th is open and the Democratic frontrunner is a CARPETBAGGER and closely affiliated with a tanking Joe Biden administration.

  7. Correcting, time to correct yourself.

    You aren’t the Grand Poobah of local political thought. Not by a long shot.

    Do you possess a spine? Call things for what they are.

    Elections are ever so useless without ballot security. Correcting, herd the sheeple into their slaughter pens.

    Judas Goat!

  8. When have I EVER said we should NOT have election security???

    I’m talking about candidates running for office.

    I don’t owe you anything or people on this blog anything and I can talk about whatever the hell I want. I comment on for fun, you insecure moron. I comment for MY amusement and if other people learn something, great. It’s not MY job to magically fix every problem in Illinois or comment about every problem in every post, you dumpling brained lunatic.

    If you’re that cynical about EVERY election being rigged, what are you even doing on a political blog? Why do you care at all about politics if you think nothing matters because it’s all rigged, and where are your suggestions? Where are your calls to action?

    If you want to talk about election security, we can do that. I have talked about it before. I’m not going to do it in every post like some autist.

    I have on multiple occasions on this blog advocated for specific reforms as well, such as voter ID and paper ballots with more primitive software and election audits. Not sure what your position is.

    There seems to be a really odd thing on this blog with right-wingers virtue signalling and purity spiraling about how they’re better than all the other people commenting, and that those people are all impostors and libtard shills and judas goats. Are you guys schizos or something?

    I’m not going to bring it up in every post. For me, it goes without saying we need secure elections — that doesn’t mean I can’t weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of candidates.

    What are YOU doing to get election security you little man? I’ve at least been an election judge before. I’ve worked for people who won elections despite your boo hooing about rigging. I’ve gone to meet and greets with multiple county clerks to ask them questions about election processes and security. I try learning a little bit about rules in other states but it’s something I could study more for sure.

    WTH are YOU doing?

    You fool, I don’t have a magic wand to change the Democratic legislature to all of a sudden have different election rules! I don’t have a wand to make JB Pritzker do the right thing!

    “Call it out!” Idiot, what does that do?

    Oh, guys, look, the commenter Correcting is CALLING IT OUT! Oooooh I’m sure Pritzker is terrified of those commenters on Cal’s blog — now he’s going to change his mind! Now things will change for sure because Correcting is CALLING IT OUT. We will only have secure elections if Correcting says we need to have secure elections! smh

    What do you want me to do? Write a comment that elections are rigged in every post? You think I’m going to comment on every article and say “we need secure elections” ?

    Don’t bother commenting on anything because nothing matters, guys! Just say we need to secure elections, but don’t worry about the topic or substance of an article at all! Yeah, that’ll make for a GREAT blog! …

    You’re not doing that either. Nobody is doing that, nor do they need to, nor should they.

    We’re talking about primaries.

    Do you think every vote is wrong? Do you think every election is rigged? In every county, for every office? If there are any legitimate votes, which there are, then you have reason to be interested in primaries.

    By your logic, this blog should do zero coverage of any candidates and every post should say “da votes are rigged!”

    Why don’t you go start your own blog and do that then? There are several free blogging services.

    Why don’t you go be the savior of the sheep since you’re so smart?

    If your position is Republicans shouldn’t care at ALL about primaries because elections are rigged, what are you doing here and what are YOU doing to unrig the elections?

  9. Is it libel to write somebody is a clown?

    Especially if they dress up like one and act clownish?

  10. Mr. Correcting, some elections are almost certainly rigged.

    You can expect a true American nationalist can never be elected given the various harvesting and digital ways to fix election outcomes.

    So, people like you are rather delusional.

    Rigging elections are nothing new.

    Go look how LBJ won the TX primary for US Sen.

    But the new ways to cheat are overwhelming.

    The first steps IMHO are going back to a single election DAY and not the weeks’ long cheat way we have now, with iron safeguards for the FEW people who have legit excuses for not voting in person.

    Next step is paper balloting.

    Not the JoeTirio way of zero ballot securityand zero transparency.

  11. And yes, Monsieur Gryder is a RINO clown.

    He joined the pike on attacking Kyle Rittenhouse last fall (2020). If you or he feels that’s not true check out the way back machine for his Twitter Acct.

    Lookee here, all the usual suspect RINOs whose watchword is “Fail” back the rodeo clown:

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