Catalina Lauf’s Thanksgiving Wishes, from California with Love

Catalina Lauf from California, with Love

From Catalina Lauf’s campaign Instagram page, posted around 9:20AM CST:

“Happy Thanksgiving from CA!!

“Missing our Illinois today (is it snowing over there yet??😂) but life brought us here this week and am just so grateful to be with family !!

“And to live in the greatest Country in the world….

“Sending you all lots of LOVE today, hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones, cooking, watching football, making memories…

“💛💛🙏🏼 AND …. A Special love to our troops who are deployed and are spending the Holidays overseas God Bless!”

From Catalina Lauf Instagram post 11/25/21


Personal note from John Lopez: First, and most important, a Happy Thanksgiving to all from McHenry County Blog.

Those of you who will be having the traditional Thanksgiving Day feast with family, friends and loved ones, or even complete strangers, may all remember Who to be thankful for, and as the Scripture says, prayer with Thanksgiving to God is the reason for this day, feasting on the blessings He has provided.

And for those, who cannot partake of a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, keep them in your prayers, too, and let God bless them even more than any of us can.

From the desk of John Lopez: Back to Lauf’s latest Instagram post on Thanksgiving morning from the state of California, I’m a native Californian myself and I recognize her sunrise picture was likely taken in the central valley of California, either the Sacramento, or more likely the San Joaquin Valley (of TV’s Big Valley fame), with the Sierra Nevada Mountains being the eastern boundary of the Valley.

I don’t believe the picture is from Napa Valley, as you’d likely see grape vines if she was in Napa.

Catalina and Madeline Lauf & Friends

It’s beautiful God has blessed Lauf to be with family in California, and it’s no secret Lauf’s older sister Madeline lives in San Francisco, where her start-up business is based (this is the business Catalina Lauf claims to “own”, but is listed as an “advisor” and Catalina has a small, minority ownership interest).

It is also known Lauf has other family in California, too.

Knowing the truth of the blessings of living in our great country where anyone can go anywhere comes from God Himself, Lauf hopefully has thought of the optics of posting on her campaign social media her traveling to Annapolis, MD, for the Navy football game, and less than a week later, Lauf posts she’s in California, not on the Left Coast but inland in California, and literally treating Illinois as “flyover country”.

Assuming she still has aspirations to serve in Congress and represent Illinois, the optics of jet setting from Maryland to California is questionable at best. Maybe mature judgement/advice would be not to post all of one’s travels on one’s campaign social media accounts, but keep it private with her family, and real close friends not to be shared with the world, especially the voting public back in Illinois?

Honestly, I wish Lauf and her family the same blessings I wish for all, and if another significant life experience taking place in California in her family outside of celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish the best for all.

In yesterday’s McHenry County Blog article on Lauf’s attending the Navy-East Carolina football game last Saturday, a promise she made in her campaign Instagram page was to visit all the service academies, not just the Academy for the Navy and United States Marine Corps.

Let’s see, Lauf is in California, and the United States Air Force Academy (including the Space Force Academy) in Colorado Springs is on the way back to Illinois, just over the Sierra Nevada and Rocky mountains.

The final home game for the Air Force Falcons is tomorrow (Black Friday), playing the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, kickoff is 2:30PM MST.

Looks like Lauf may be in Colorado Springs tomorrow afternoon, and if so, God bless her for keeping the promise she posted on Monday.

And remember, cadets with gold sashes are Air Force cadets, and those wearing silver sashes are Space Force cadets.

Finally, given it’s God we thank for His blessings, should Lauf visit Colorado Springs tomorrow (or anytime in the near future), one must always remember the Honor Code a cadet swears to, ending with “so help me God”.

The midshipmen Lauf visited last week swear to a similar code, as all service academies enforce discipline through the Honor Code.

May all, even if we’re not sworn in as a cadet/midshipman of the United States service academies, live by this code, based on Scripture.

And this Thanksgiving, may all thank God for His Word, which is the real code all should live by who believe, and more important, love God

More on the United States Air Force Academy Honor can be viewed here.


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  1. Why wasn’t that lesbian Air Force general kicked out of the service for her rip offs?

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