Dems Plan Tax Deduction for Teacher Union Dues — 9 Comments

  1. Come on Cal. Not all teachers are making 6 figures while raising a family.

    Pritzker needs to buy those votes the good ole Mike Madigan way.

    He masked them up for an entire school year for no reason at all since everyone has a 99.9x% chance of surviving.

    Don’t worry, we now have the next variant – Omicron – queue’d up to distract us from the economy, bad policies, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial (starting Monday) and the best for last – lockdowns for the 2022 mid-terms to push another round of mail in voting. Don’t you find it funny they skipped the Mu variant.

    I was so looking forward to the Revenge of the Nerds memes.

    WSJ is owned by Fox and they are as corrupt as the rest of the talking heads.

    Pushing non stop vaccine talk when it is not even a vaccine in the real sense.

    I hope people start waking up.

    You are being played by your own brainwashing.

  2. What about others who belong to unions, will their dues be tax deductible or is this just
    for the CRT Commies ?

  3. What’s the diff? The Public Sector doesn’t pay taxes anyway.

    Unless of course you believe you fill a pool, by running a hose from one end of the pool to the other opposite side.

  4. Pensions jettisoned by most private sector businesses….. but not government workers!


  5. How about a $100k award for all transgendered perverts in the State too?

  6. How about a tax credit of $10k for every negro?

    The problem is only about 30% of blacks have legal income from which to give a tax credit.

  7. this is good to know i will now be deducting that part of my taxes from payments to da man …

    whats good for one will be good for ALL!…

    wonder how them gold chained big union boys are going to do their tax returns or maybe they just won’t..

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