Biden Poll Results Underwater Even in Illinois

From PJ Media comes these poll results gathered by Poll Project USA:

Behind even in Illinois.

Biden’s national approval is 37%, with 54% disapproving for a net approval of -17 with130,749 responses through November 23, 2021. In a separate survey with nearly 200,000 responses, Biden has a -14 favorability rating. According to Civiqs, his favorability went negative on January 28, 2021, and has gotten steadily worse since that date.

Looking at the subgroups in the survey, the news for Team Biden is no better. Nationally, the president does not have a  positive net approval in any age group. His support is lowest with Americans aged 18-34, a demographic the Democrats have long taken for granted. There is also not a single education level where Biden earns a net positive approval. Even college-educated voters, who increasingly voted Democrat over several election cycles, only reported a 38% approval rating.


Biden Poll Results Underwater Even in Illinois — 9 Comments

  1. Filth is very unattractive.

    The democratic criminal regime is pure excrement.

    Funny how there is a high correlation of Biden disapproval with the Racial demographic of white voters.

    Higher percentage of whites, higher Biden disgust.

  2. Paper ballots hand-counted, please.

    Oh, yeah, and no mail-ins.

  3. Commies in Russia and China would give Biden a very high approval rating for his ongoing work in destroying America.

  4. Corruption. That’s how the stooge won. Why isn’t his whole rotten family in jail or swing from gibbets?

    Bad things do happen, historically, to bad people.
    Look what happened to Robespierre.

    Or the Ceaucescus in Romania.

    Or Lincoln.

    Or Nero.

    Tyrants die.

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