Highly Credentialed Educator Sought to Replace Leslie Schermerhorn as McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Education

At its last meeting, the McHenry County Board voted without dissent to remove Leslie Schermerhorn from her elective office of Regional Superintendent of Education.

Otherwise ger term would have ended at the end of November, 2022.

Schermerhorn was appointed in 2012 to replace Joe Williams, who was elected, but got a better paying post.

McHenry County sent out the following press release:

McHenry County Board Seeking Applications for Regional Superintendent Vacancy

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler is seeking applications to fill the vacant office of Regional Superintendent of Schools.

The County Board declared the vacancy at its Nov. 16 meeting after voting to remove former superintendent Leslie Schermerhorn from office.

The Regional Superintendent of Schools is responsible for duties such as teacher certification and background checks, truancy enforcement, administering GED exams, conducting school safety inspections, and auditing the county’s school districts for fiscal viability and adherence to state curriculum requirements.

The Regional Superintendent of Schools also acts as the ex-officio secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees.

Interested applicants can submit a resume and/or short bio to MJBuehler@mchenrycountyil.gov as soon as possible.

Under state law, applicants for the position must:

• Have a master’s degree;
• Have earned at least 20 semester hours of credit in professional education at the graduate level;
• Hold a valid all-grade supervisory license, or a valid state limited supervisory license, or a valid state life supervisory license, or a valid administrative license;
• Have at least four years of experience in teaching;
• Have spent at least two of the previous four years in full-time teaching or supervising in public schools, or as a regional superintendent in Illinois; and
• Be of good character.

Applicants must live in the boundaries of Regional Office of Education District 44, which are generally coterminous with McHenry County’s boundaries.

The appointee must also be a Republican, like the former officeholder, as determined by the individual’s declared party
affiliation in the most recent primary in which they voted.

While the seat is up for election at the Nov. 8, 2022 general election, the appointee’s term expires June 30, 2023.

The appointee is welcome, and encouraged, to run for election to a full term.

= = = = =

Missing from the press release are two elements:

  • The salary, which is $116,300. It is paid by state taxpayers and, as I read the State Constitution, will be paid for her entire elective term.
  • The residency requirement is significantly different from “generally coterminous with McHenry County’s boundaries.” Residents of District 300, which covers Algonquin and most of Lake in the Hills, are not eligible. In addition, the region covers all of Huntley District 158, even that portion of Sun City in Kane County.


Highly Credentialed Educator Sought to Replace Leslie Schermerhorn as McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Education — 17 Comments

  1. “Be of good character” …. that requiremEnt would n
    Knock out all democrats and most GOP!

  2. You believe then, that more than 76% of Americans are not of good character, which puts you in line with the Taliban and others who hate this country and those of us who live here.

  3. Of course this begs the question of why we need that office to exist.

    Gov Pat Quinn tried to abolish it but backed down to pressure from the teacher union.

    This office is, like townships, a vestige of the horse and buggy era of one room school houses.

    The Regional Superindent would drive in his buggy to the various school houses to make sure they all had enough chalk etc. and visit with the school marms.

    Once the one room school houses were abolished, each school district had its own superintendent so there was really nothing for the Regional Super to do and still isn’t.

    Its just a way for teachers to pad their retirment accounts.

  4. The job requirements aren’t particularly relevant to the actual job, but they do serve their purpose of making the position hard to fill.

    The requirements are tailor-maid for a retiring school administrator who wishes to double dip.

    It’s pretty tough to find one of those who is a Republican.

    I think it would make more sense to abolish the office, hire a CPA to handle the financial end, and farm out the other duties to existing county entities.

    MCC could handle GED testing, the building department could handle school safety inspections, social workers and/or LE could handle truancy……

    I know that eliminating superfluous government offices isn’t the Illinois way, but it’s worth a shot.

  5. I agree with Because, perhaps for the first time in history.

    Why do we need this political sinecure?

    Now if Squirmyworm would have been an obstacle to the lgbtq program, the CRT program, the anti-parental mindset of the districts, or a proponent for gifted programs instead of the dumbing down programs to accommodate low IQ minorities, I might see some value in the position.

    But Squirmyworm cooked the books to fatten herself; shown her rank incompetence and done absolutely nothing during her fatassed tenure, I saw kick her out and DON’T REPLACE HER unless a real educator can be located.

  6. Bear in mind also that Leslie approved the disastrous Bleachergate which was thrown out by a unanimous state Supreme Court.

    Those folks rarely agree completely on anything but they voted 7 to zip that District 155 had to go to the Crystal Lake City Council for zoning approval to rebuild the outdoor bleachers that would have shaded out nearby homes.

    And she is a lawyer and daughter of a former judge to boot.


  7. She is a political pet of a dying Fat Al Jourdan dynasty. And she’s pig.

  8. tailor-made…..That had to be a spell check correction. I really do know better.

  9. ou should read Erectus Walks Amongst Us by Richard D. Fuerle

    The man is a polymath and puts together a very compelling case that Africans are so different from the rest of Homo sapiens, that it makes far more sense to classify them as a separate species.

  10. Let’s play racist reality, Ian.

    Suppose get your wish and “they” are a separate species, and suppose credible geneticists, anthropologists, and others in the related sciences admit they’ve all been wrong or part of a grand conspiracy.

    Now what do you want to do with this new racist reality?

    What do you do with the mixed race USAians?

    We have a lot of non African whites and Latinos and Asians here.

    But almost all of the black peoples are mixed race.

    And then there are the white people who have 1/32 black, which itself was not like Louie African.

    What about us?

  11. Martin you complain about all the anonymous here, but you are the hypocrite!

  12. Martin, 10,000 years of reverse discrimination, called ‘affirmative action’ will not raise up the intelligence quotients of negroes.

    I came across this, from a wise Greek immigrant, read the whole thing, including the conclusion.


    I’ll put the first few paragraphs here to get you started:
    Growing up in Greece, we were taught that blacks in America were oppressed and discriminated against as a matter of policy. Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the white-hooded KKK were all we knew back then, not only in Greece but everywhere in Europe.

    So, when I immigrated to America in 1971 at the age of 22, I was carrying with me these ideas about race relations in the US. I came here legally. It took almost two years and a lot of paperwork and red tape to get a visa.

    My goal was to go to college and get an engineering degree, but because I had no money, I had to work for a number of years before this would be possible. I never knew that it would take 29 years to get a degree because of marriage, children and endless obligations.

    At first, I worked in restaurants with few black and many Hispanic co-workers. Then I went to a professional driver’s school for a career in transportation. There I discovered that in that class of about a dozen people, only I and another European (a Portuguese immigrant), were paying our own way. The rest – all black or Hispanic – were in government programs that covered their tuition. For the next 24 years, I worked in New York as a delivery driver and later as a taxi owner-driver.

    It didn’t take long to discover the truth about race. I don’t think that there were many days that I did not witness one or more criminal acts, most by blacks and some by Hispanics. I could write a book about the bicycle thefts, break-ins, grab-and-runs, robberies of locals and tourists, and many other crimes I witnessed. Taxi fare cheating was routine. After reaching the destination in a dangerous part of the city, the black would open the car door without paying and run into the projects (locking the doors was against Taxi & Limousine Commision rules; not that I would want to be locked into a car with a dangerous black anyway). The first time it happened, I ran after him; but I quickly found out that if you value your life you never do that. A hostile crowd gathered almost immediately, and I barely had time to get away.

    We were sitting ducks. The penalties for discrimination and refusal to go to “minority” areas were severe, even in the 1970s and ’80s. Asking for the money up front was also prohibited. I’d rather lose a $10 or $20 fare than face a $500 fine or license suspension.

  13. I don’t care about your anecdote.

    What do you propose to do about your race superiority fantasy?

    Ian wouldn’t answer.

  14. Of course you don’t care.

    It conflicts with your antiwhite narrative.

    Go move to Zambia or Chicongo’s Englewood, and tell uhow you fare.

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