Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Found this T-Shirt attacking “Fake News” at the Dundee Township Republican Party picnic in mid-September:

Fake News tee shirt.


Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt — 26 Comments

  1. Yes. You should listen to Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.

    Remember, as the Omicron variant bears down on us, you are already “immunized” by horse dewormer and herbal teas.

    So go out an lick some doorknobs.

    And by all means, exercise your “right” not to wear a mask.

    You are good.

  2. Omicron is an anagram of Moronic. Figures BecauseScience would tout moronic. 😳

  3. The good news is we’re safe from extraterrestrial invasion.

    No higher life forms would want any part of a species that still thinks it’s “their right” to get infected, infect others and die (or suffer with still unknown long-term side effects).

    That’s in addition to letting the virus continue to mutate and keep getting better at killing us.
    It’s shocking some of the human race are less intelligent than a virus.

    “Omicron is an anagram of Moronic”

    Perhaps the WHO picked it specifically for that purpose because it so accurately defines those who still think the virus is a ruse.

    Going on two years and the only given is the virus is more potent now than when this ride started.

    For those non-believers with 401Ks, how’d you like that 900-point drop in the Dow Friday?

    If the virus continues to mutate, spread faster and eventually out-maneuver the vaccines, it’ll drop a LOT farther. Get your short sales ready.

    The solution remains don’t infringe on anyone’s “rights.”

    Just deny Covid treatment at hospitals for those not immunized.

    That’ll thin the herd.

  4. Guess it depends in where one puts one’s trust:

    – unknown, unfounded, undocumented Internet videos or

    – proven science.

    I’ll go with education and proven science.

    I’m sure there’s an Internet video out there saying gravity is old, wrong and a hoax too.

    Maybe we should prepare for flying off the planet when gravity realizes it too is a hoax.

  5. ……..but the T-Shirt didn’t mention “The Northwest Herald.”

  6. Al I’m sorry to report that an End Times Preacher has just posted, that an alien entered her husbands body, tried to have sex with her, than it claimed to be Xerxes, than Jesus got involved and uncovered the alien to be a reptile, along with a posse of gargoyles.

  7. This new variation of the Chinese Virus should perhaps be named the South African Virus.

  8. I bet Al has a Dr. Fauci pillow on his couch.

    Al you do understand this next “highly contagious” variant is just another con to get you to shoot more mRNA garbage into your body?

    Keep destroying your immune system 1 shot at a time.

    I’ll roll the dice on what the “science” has proven.

    I have a 99.95% survival rate.

    Said another way I have a .0005 chance of dying from it.

    HCQ and IVM protocols both will cure you.

    Ask BCScience.

    That dreaded horse dewormer protocol cured Joe Rogan.

    It’s easy to spot the ones who can’t wait for their daily news to get their daily dose of fear enhancement.

  9. Funny how a moron will double down when you point out their sheer ignorance.

    The zombified are among us.

  10. Give me any High Limit Credit Card and I will be happy to underwrite you a Re-Animation Insurance Policy.

  11. Just let them breathe on each other and kill themselves Al.

    The world will be better place.

  12. LOL Cindy.

    Their cognitive dissonance is laughable.

    The clueless live among us and vote which makes it even worse.

    According to BS, we should now breathe on each other to kill ourselves.

    I’ve been doing that just fine before and after the propaganda storm.

    Where do people like this seek their truth?

  13. JT: I seek my “truth” in something called “verifiable facts”.

    So here is one that may cheer folks up:

    According to the doctor who discovered what is now being called the Omicron Variant, the symptoms of this have so far been mild.

    Very few people have been hospitalized although the affected population skews younger.

    Also symptoms are mainly headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue.

    Not much coughing or respiratory distress and no loss of taste or smell reported so far.

    Here is a video with a discussion.


    You should try them.

  14. Sorry BS.

    You are so far behind the curve I just laugh.

    Why are you focusing on the current made up strain which is the common cold?

    Try using DuckDuckGo and search for the Rothchild, Fauci, Gates, NIH connection to what you believe to be true in your echo chamber. What is the curiously numbered patent number?

    You have to go back way before the bad orange man was president.

    I doubt you will do it but that’s what I expect from a normie.

    You may need a new alarm clock because your current one is not helping you.

  15. JT? I have found that these are people that probably went to college of some kind. Consider themselves smarter than others (not true just more indoctrinated) and have absolutely NO sense of humor whatsoever. They couldn’t understand a pun if their life depended upon it and will actually try to explain it to you or correct you on your faulty thinking. Nuance goes completely over their heads. This is how we end up with such in your face horrific jokesters running their schemes but being taken seriously as truth. They can be played for simpletons and quite often are. For further proof of this premise, see this:

  16. Footnote for BS and his link for laughable truth. Mobeen Syed is a software engineer. If that doesn’t scream new world order and the current frenzy to turn everyone into non-human computer Metaverse things with no soul, I don’t know what would.
    Here is his Linked In recommendation verbatim:

    …β€œMobeen is a superb technologist. He is an expert on retail commerce, retail software and point of sale technologies. He came in to PayPal and was responsible for running PayPal’s retail technology organization. He improved PayPal’s understanding of the retail commerce ecosystem. He understands technology, is great at working with business partners and is uniquely able to lead his team to achieve great execution results. He is an exceptional addition to any team. I would be honored to work with him anytime.”…

  17. My razor blade booster appointment is tomorrow! 😁


  18. Appears the virus likes hanging-out in the less educated and/or stubborn among us.
    More proof it’s smarter than some humans.

    “The high level of mutation means Omicron likely came from a single patient who could not clear the virus giving it the chance to genetically evolve (a similar hypothesis was proposed for the Alpha strain).”

    So just keep bashing the vaccine and letting the virus mutate stronger and stronger.

    By the time the unvaccinated wise-up and come to their senses (assuming they have some), the vaccines will be useless and we’re back to square one.

    Nut at least everyone will have their rights!

  19. In all fairness, South Africa hasn’t had access to much of the vaccines yet.

    Part of this is a distribution problem and the fact that most of the vaccines require specialized cold storage.

    Part may be due to hogging of vaccines in the developed countries.

    Here in the US we are getting access to booster shots while most of the world hasn’t even had the first shot.

    So payback is a bitch.

    We still don’t know much about the new variant.

    The South African health official who discovered it has said that it has not caused serious symptoms, however, those infected so far have been younger, so who knows.

    The WHO is taking the prudent step of recommending travel restrictions to buy time for scientists to find out more about it, and we are lucky now to have a President who listens to the science and doesn’t play politics with the pandemic.

    Just think of how much better off we may have been had our previous Commander in Chief done likewise.

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