Sunday Funny: Adam Kinzinger Calling Lauren Boebert “TRASH”?

Lauren Boebert
Adam Kinzinger

Maybe Kinzinger gonna run for governor by taking to calling trash other Republicans, latest Congresswoman Lauren Boebert?

In case you missed it, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R, CO-03) did what so many other Republicans do when they take on the Leftist Squad, whether in DC or at a safe distance from DC — stick foot in mouth.

From the desk of John Lopez: The original Squad from the 2018 freshmen class of Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY-14), Ilhan Omar (D, MN-05), Rashida Tlaib (D, MI-13) and Ayanna Pressley (D, MA-08), and joined this year by Congresswoman Cori Bush (D, MO-01) and Congressman Mondaire Jones (D, NY-17) have terrible ideological views that all hope will not ever see the light of passage in Congress.

But when Republicans veer out of ideas and take to 1-on-1 confrontation like then Congressman Ted Yoho (R, FL-03) in 2020, Congressman Paul Gosar (R, AZ-06) and now Boebert, they always come out on the short end of stick, and make fools of themselves.

Boebert’s stupidity for her idiotic remark sure betrayed what she really felt about Omar, which is not the teachings of Christ Boebert says she believes.

And it’s not a case of a Millennial indiscretion, as both Yoho and Gosar are in their 60s when they went after AOC.

But giving Kinzinger a chance to look good, sadly is a terrible side effect, given Kinzinger calling Boebert trash is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Look for Boebert to be censured, and possibly lose her committee assignments too, as what happened to Gosar, and look for Kinzinger voting to sanction Boebert, too.


Sunday Funny: Adam Kinzinger Calling Lauren Boebert “TRASH”? — 15 Comments

  1. I laughed at the comments Boebert made when I first heard them.

    Stupid and idiotic John?


    Which religious group is best known for strapping bombs on themselves and committing acts of terror?

    Is it the 13% on the south side of Chicago?

    The world is full of uptight people who can’t discern humor from reality.

    And poor Ilhan Omar and the rest of the Kotex Mafia got offended.

    Boo hoo.

    When are we going to put Omar behind bars for illegally importing her brother into this country by marrying him to get him full citizenship?

    Christ never taught us humor and laughter is a bad thing.

    When the truth becomes offensive you are not living in reality.

  2. Crybaby Kingstinker, loser extraordinaire and Pilosi’s traitorous RINO lacky, never
    misses an opportunity to beclown himself. #FJB – Now and forever.

  3. Adam Kinziner needs to go, right along with Brandon.

    Edgar has groomed a Pompous Nit Wit to lead Illinois and a goal of DC right along with Mike Pence.

  4. Why did the police officer run up to the elevator?

    What was his or her concern?

    Was the officer looking for someone that fit the description of Omar or Boebert and that was a threat of some sort?

    Really need to get FOIA info from the Capitol Police as to why one of their officers ran up to the elevator.

    Not very good humor by Boebert on a very serious matter for a number of decades.

    What have the Capitol Police done about arresting Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer for the threats he made to two U.S. Supreme Court Justices on the stairs outside the D.C. Supreme Court Building.

    Why has he not been arrested and charged with making threats?

  5. What are the Democrats good ideas? Tell me?

    The Republicans have a lot of good ideas but are constantly stopped.

    You believe Kinstinker has good ideas?

    Omar ?




    Tell us what they are?

  6. Old news, John! Now the Jerry Springer political drama on Twitter is Kinzinger-MTG-McCarthy.

    Or at least it was yesterday or the day before.

    I haven’t read much news today.

    Kinzinger hopes MTG will “stay in power” because he thinks he’s making a profound point.

  7. Bred, I’m sure the story related by Boebert didn’t even happen.

    She just dropped it in as a cheap applause line. ‘Murcia!


  8. Kinzinger is like used toilet paper. Flush him.

    For him to call anybody else trash is hilarious.

    I know somebody will be sarcastic and say he’s quite a world expert on human trash, but just bc he’s trash, I wonder what his sad end game is.

    His fake marriage and gay antics are sad indeed.

  9. This is why this rino will be no mo can’t stand truth or america the strong!

  10. John, do you know anything about attaining marriage records? There is conflicting information, but it sounds like it is not public information. It sounds like the records are held by circuit clerks or maybe county clerks of individual counties. Kinzinger’s would probably be Grundy or Will County. It doesn’t seem like a for sure thing that they can be obtained by just anybody though. Have you ever looked into it?

    Perhaps making things more complicated, Kinzinger was married in Guatemala. The woman he married is Sofia Boza-Holman. Where and how did they meet? According to Heavy, Kinzinger has never disclosed that. Sofia is or was recently a worker in D.C. so there could be a simple and benign explanation yet it has not been revealed.

    Sofia worked for Boehner, later the RNC, later Trump, and then Pence. Over the last few years she worked in the D.C. area as a communications specialist but does not disclose where also per Heavy. According to The Sun, she worked for DHS as of January 13 2021.

    She travels often between Illinois, D.C., and El Salvador where her family lives. Why the marriage in Guatemala if her family lives in El Salvador?

    Kinzinger was going to get married to a woman he knew from the Air Force named Riki Meyers, but the wedding was called off and no explanation was given. Their engagement was in 2011 and the marriage was cancelled in 2012.

    There is almost nothing on Sofia’s Twitter between 2017 and 2020 and her Instagram is private according to Heavy.

    “Baby Kinzinger” is expected in January. When that happens, I expect there will be people demanding DNA tests of “Baby Kinzinger.”

  11. Now we know why he cryin Adam retired Correcting if your assertions are true.

  12. Kinzinger wants to be the family guy.

    Kinzinger as Vice President inbound?

    Kinzinger running for president 2024 inbound?

  13. Correcting, I would say Kinzinger will accept a VP Nomination along with Pence for President . . .his dream of becoming President will have to wait.

    A Family Man? Well he loves Trophy’ and they are recognition or evidence of merit.

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