District 300 Lets Public Comment AFTER Action Taken

Looking at the latest agenda for Algonquin District 300 School District, I was surprised to see public comment right before adjournment.

And look at the conditions:

Public Participation: Members of the public, especially residents of District 300, are welcome to contribute during public participation. To do so, you must sign up electronically via a computer located in the Central Office lobby prior to 6:30 pm, or the start of the open meeting; be 18 years old or older or have a parent/legal guardian present with you, give your full name and respectfully state your comments, and you are not permitted to mention the names of specific staff members or students. The Board will not respond in this forum but will thoughtfully consider your statements. [Emphasis added.]

And I wonder if the Board has the right to limit comments under the First Amendment.


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