Lake in the Hills Police Deal with Another Considering Suicide — 4 Comments

  1. We’re these the statements?

    1. If Rittenhouse was convicted, I’d consider giving up my firearms.

    2. We need more illegal aliens to coddle and pamper.

    3. I wanna become a transgendered.

    4. Where Can I get the wondrous clot shot Fauci vax?

    5. We really need higher taxes in McHenry County!

    6. Our school Districts are way underfunded.

    7. BLM are our friends!

    8. Townships are just so essential.

    9. Defund the police.

  2. All these suicide attempts seem to be from LITH and Algonquin.

    It must be something in the water.

    That area grew too fast and many corners were cut when all those developments went up at record speed!

    Townhouses near Randall and Miller Rds shouldn’t even drink their tap water.

    Stinks to high Heaven.

  3. Or maybe it is that no other police department shares such information in its publishsed reports.

  4. Or maybe people are instinctively figuring out there’s no future in a minority hell amerika.

    Underweird says so. But she may be fish food in 2028.

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