Commenter Categorizes Types of Vote Fraud

From commenter “JT”:

There are 5 types of Phantom Voters.

1) Traditional fraud – Person doesn’t exist, yet someone created a fake identity.

2) Split Person into multiple voters using same first and last name; diluting your vote. Bobby Smith, Bob Smith, Rob Smith, Robert Smith across county or State lines

3) Moved out of or intra State – they are in voter registration files in different counties and/or states, voting from multiple locations across county / State lines.
a. It might be very difficult to catch if voter registration files are withheld or have limited viewability across county lines.

4) Children or other family members are registered at a family house but are not actually living there.
a. In some cases, they are children off to college, in extreme cases, the parents knew their children had moved out of the home and they still received and possibly voted their ballot; they knowingly committed voter crimes on behalf of their political party.

5) Dead Voter – Identity of someone who died voted across county lines in a different part of the State or the Coroner doesn’t file the paperwork in a “timely manner”, helping his friend the county clerk out. A good way to find out which clerk / coroner might be involved in this fraud is to focus on the ones that have held office across election cycles or for over a decade.
a. In many cases, the “coroner” stays within the same family; look for family relationships of coroners through time.

The goal of the cabal was to flood the system with “Real Ballots” that were generated as a result of these “phantom voters” in the voter registration rolls.

Real Ballots are very difficult to counterfeit, so coming up with a way to get the government to issue this voting currency was essential to pulling off this fraud.

This Fraud would have been very difficult to effectuate if it wasn’t for the mail in ballot push that was so heavily fought for and implemented by the communists (the UniParty) within the Republican Party (RINO’s) and the Democrat Party.

Step 1) Inflate the Voter Registration Rolls with Phantom Voters that don’t exist and motivate everyone to register, or automatically register as many as possible, counting on most not actually voting.

Step 2) Mail out “Real Ballots” to Voter Mules at locations that have a disproportionate amount of registrations. (New Construction sites, Nursing Homes, Apartment Buildings, Government Buildings, PO Boxes, etc.)

Step 3) Mail Back “Real Ballots” and have them separated from the envelopes. Don’t enter these “Real Ballots” cast votes onto the “Phantom Voter” Files, but rather assign them to “Real People” that didn’t vote. Assign a very Real Ballot to a Non-Voter. This is still illegal as someone who exercised their Right NOT to Vote is still afforded the same rights as someone who did vote.

Step 4) If you run out of “Real People” that didn’t Vote, because the real people that “own that spot” show up to vote, tell them they already voted and give them a provisional ballot.

Step 5) If the cabal still can’t make the numbers work, start flipping votes by using an algorithm that calls on names in the voter registration files that are the inverse of real people’s names. (For example, Bob Jones is also registered as Jones Bob, etc). Countless voting records show this insane relationship, and these fictitious voters are created to “tag” how to flip votes if necessary.

Step 6) Destroy entire classes of Last Names across a particular precinct or county.
Say there is a family that would vote 70% Party A and 30% Party B in the past and now votes 30% Party A and 70% Party B, or a 100% swing. Just delete all of the votes that were cast for both Party A and Party B by “Last Name”. This is very quick and efficient and makes it easy to manage a targeted outcome since millions of voters are involved.

Step 7) Last line of defense. The U Voters that are created across every type of voter, age, and across all precincts is deployed to “assassinate” a real vote if the numbers still can’t work with all of these other measures. Since voters do not get a “receipt” that they can reference in the final “Voter Tape” of every Vote that was cast, there is no way to ensure their vote wasn’t later “assassinated” to make the final precinct totals work.


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  2. I’ll give credit where credit is due.

    That is Bobby Piton’s work.

    He has a background in quantum finance.

    He is running against Duckworth for a Senate seat and will only sit for 1 term.

    He has done ad nauseum work on this topic of analyzing voter roles while at the same time running his investment company PreActive Investments with his wife.

    As part of his Senate run he received the IL Voter roles and is doing the same for IL.

    I can’t wait for McHenry County to come out.

  3. The problem is co-opted county clerk’s, like our very own Joe Tirio, RINO.

    He won’t even conduct the minimum investigations and babbles about how great the voting software of our county, yet he can’t tell you the first thing as to how it actually works or how it’s supposed to work.

    He’s relying on his crooked predecessors,even though he has criticized them on the campaign trail.

    Tireo also fails to take the slightest interest in getting to the bottom of voter fraud and his own office’s many acts of dereliction, neglect and incompetence.

    If voting can’t be trusted, we are lost. Tirio is just as bad as Gov. Fatass and Mayoress Beetlejuice.

    They all need to be chucked…. ideally into a great Bonfire of the Vanities.

  4. I can’t wait until McHenry County comes out either, because I’ll be long dead by then.

    Piton has yet to produce anything actionable. He gets everybody riled up, and then ghosts. I’m sure he hasn’t gone back to Kane County yet, where he made his initial splash.

    He and the stolen election co-religious throw out all these questions, then never hang around for review and explanation, which generally gut their initial wild claims.

    JT, it’s just as silly as waiting for Q to prove accurate, or for Mike Lindell.


  5. LOL Monk. “Piton has yet to produce anything actionable.” You are very well informed and knowledgeable on the topic. I can tell. I am not going to post a bunch of hyperlinks to try to educate you. It’s a waste of Cal’s time to sift through them.

    If you knew how to find things, they are right in front of your face via your fingertips. It’s convenient Jack Dorsey of Twitter happens on the same day as the Ghislaine Maxwell trial starts and then we have the Roe v Wade SC hearing to keep jingling the keys away from the trial.

    If there is no fraud Monk, why won’t any of the leaders in any of the swing states debate Trump on live television about the integrity of the 2020 elections in their states. If everything is on the up and up what do they have to fear?

    In the meantime, enjoy the not so temporary inflation you are experiencing and hold your breath that Joe Manchin doesn’t allow this country to be thrown over a cliff and the Mitch “Worthless” McConnell holds the line on the debt ceiling. Elections have consequences. Cheated elections have worse consequences.

  6. Toilet Bowl, when did Illinois have voter ID laws? They have had the address and signature check system for a long time. They SHOULD have a picture ID requirement, but they don’t and if they ever had it then it was a long time ago. However, I would be interested to know how helpful a voter ID would be in regard to preventing the types of fraud JT is talking about.

    I don’t deny election security issues and have brought a few of them up myself, but get irked when people act like campaigning and strategy doesn’t matter *at all* which is the position of some people on this blog. The question remains: if campaign strategy does not matter at all then why did Trump win in 2016 and why have some states become more red in the last 10 years? That’s what your “you can’t trust elections anywhere” thing fails at explaining. Unless you’re saying red states are actually blue and blue states are actually red, but then you would be sounding delusional.

    Furthermore, and more important, give us suggestions for what should be done. If you just say it’s hopeless and all elections are rigged and nothing matters then log off. Go find something else to do. If it doesn’t matter why are you here? There are plenty of people acting in good faith and want to get bad people out of office who aren’t “judas goats” and who would join a fight to have election security if people would explain what they can do instead of merely insulting them

    I can give you some suggestions and you can add to the list.
    -Be an election judge
    -Be a pollwatcher (you may have to pick one or the other — you obviously can’t be a judge and a pollwatcher on the same day, but you could check to see whether or not you could be a judge for early voting and a pollwatcher for election day or vice versa)
    -Watch them count provisional and mail in votes after the election. I’m not sure if this is the same thing as a poll watcher, but there is some way that you can do that. Look into that.
    -Demand Joe Tirio have at least 2 forums on election security. That way you can air grievances and he can respond, but a second forum would also give you both chance to research those issues further if you didn’t know certain things and then come back and address those things. He won’t do any forums? What are you doing to put pressure on him? Have you organized a letter/email/phone campaign to him or was it just you contacting him or at least asked friends/family to contact him?
    -Start a neighborhood or social media group dedicated to election security.
    -Primary Tirio or recruit a candidate for the Democratic or Libertarian primary. On this point, you could even use the threat of this potential election foe to pressure him into having a forum on election security. Tirio would not want a Republican primary challenger who would sap resources or a third party in the general election (and Libertarians have ballot access). You can use these things as leverage.
    -Only elect legislative and statewide candidates who are good on the election security issue.
    -You need to think about expanding this message to outside of McHenry County. It’s one thing to get a Republican in McHenry County pledge something, but these people are in a super minority in Springfield. Their hands are tired. So what should be done? Create a nonpartisan organization that is dedicated to election security and make it so that all candidates for state legislature regardless of party have to sign a pledge with the organization’s demands.
    -Demand an audit from Joe Tirio and be prepared to raise the funds for an audit yourself. The audit could be of a past election or you could wait for a future election and do an audit after it has concluded.

  7. Correcting, I’ve been involved in first three you mention above for decades.

    Piton as but one example – never went back to hear Kane County’s responses to his and that citizens group’s questions. Nor to then to publicly compare those responses to his accusations. He won’t, of course, because that would illustrate how little he knows about voting processes.

    Same in Arizona. Very little attention was paid to categorical responses on those very questions by the accusers.

    They’re really pushing articles of faith rather than items of fact.


  8. Average expense for a countywide audit are about $4 per vote.


  9. Commenter ”JT” has made what appear to be either some careless assumptions or based his/her assertions on the laws and policies of election authorities outside of Illinois. I cannot address concerns outside McHenry County

    In “Phantom Voter” types 1-2, Illegal identification could be used to get registered, but as most registrations these days come from the Secretary of State, one could be expected to rely on the validity of those registrations. Driver’s license, state IDs and SSN are cross checked through the SOS or SS administration.

    In type 3, moves within state should be easily caught as each Election Authority is required to synchronize their data with the state Board of Elections registration database. Crossing state lines imposes some barriers, especially in cases where they states they move to/from do not participate in ERIC. Simply put, ERIC is a voter registration exchange of sorts that 31 states participate in to track movement of voters. Also keep in mind that in Illinois we use the National Change of Address database to help clear our lists.

    Type 4 describes a situation where a family member unlawfully opens another person’s election mail, votes the ballot provided, signs the signature on the certification envelope and returns it to the Election Authority. When the signature is compared, it is likely to be discovered to not match and then would be appropriately challenged.

    Regardless of the relationship between the Election Authority and the Coroner, there would still be a signature comparison and, as in the scenario above, it would be subject to a challenge.

    In the second part of JT’s commentary, they describe how votes would be fraudulently presented for counting.

    Again, the scenarios provided demonstrate a lack of knowledge of how the processes work, at least in Illinois and McHenry County.

    Step 1: “Phantom voters” are addressed above.

    Step 2: The law requires that the voter request a ballot be mailed to them. Election Authorities don’t just mail ballots to voters without a request.

    Step 3: This fails again. If “John Smith” did not request a ballot, we won’t accept a ballot received from him. Furthermore, the certification envelopes are coded to the requesting voter, so alteration of the envelope won’t work either.

    Step 4: I hardly know where to start with this one. If, while voting in person, it appeared that that the voter had already voted, they would be given a provisional vote and an investigation would begin to look into the previous application to vote and the person who signed it.

    Steps 5, 6 and 7: This bears no resemblance to reality at all. When the votes are counted, they are disconnected from their names.
    So, there is no way to “flip” Jones Bob’s vote, entire classes of names or “U” voters. Furthermore, the votes are counted under the watchful eyes of numerous Election Judges at each polling place.

    I have sat quietly while JT made these and other questionable assertions, relying on the good judgement of the smart people reading the comments to reject these fanciful tales.
    But at some point, I felt it was necessary to address this misinformation. I chose the word “misinformation’ carefully because it infers that the speaker doesn’t know that the information they are providing is incorrect. I hope that is the case. Regardless, JT knows better now.

    In any case, you have to question the motives of someone who wants to hide behind a pseudonym as they work to discredit elections and the people that participate in them.

    If JT were legitimate, they should come out, use their real name(s) and be the hero they seem to think they are.

    To the rest of the good people of McHenry County, think critically and reasonably… of everyone and everything.

    The Russians, Chinese and Iranians are believed to have spent billions in the last presidential election cycle alone to sow discontent and distrust amongst our people.

    Voter fraud does happen, and we need to be vigilant about preventing it whenever we can.

    But we also need to be discerning in the narratives we believe and share with others.

    Contact your elected officials if you have questions.

    Most will be glad to speak to you or your group…I know I would be.

    You can reach me at 815 334 4234 or

    In the meantime, the best thing you can do to ensure a free, fair election is to become an Election Judge.

    In the end, it is the Election Judges that actually run the election on Election Day.

    You can find out more about how to do that here:

  10. Correcting, I’ll add a few:

    – Joe Tirio release the manuals for the ES&S machines we paid for to prove they cannot be connected to the internet or transform the result through algorithms.
    – Submit the machines to ethical hackers who can easily prove they are hackable BEFORE the 2022 election. I’m sure we could find more than a few in McHenry County. Present the results per Correcting approach.
    – Give us metrics on voter roles in McHenry County. New, existing, existing expired, removed existing, removed expired, deaths existing, deaths expired…this all starts with the voter roles to support their cheating.


    You have an axe to grind about Piton which is fine.

    His mathematical and analytic skills exceed mine by a pretty good factor.

    Being an analyst and having watched his approach it is sound and provable through forensic audit and canvassing which has already been done in several of the swing states and confirmed.

    I’m glad you volunteer and are active in our election cycles.

    I’ll ask you this:

    What happens when the USB drive heads to the consolidation location?

    Are you riding along and sitting with it during the compilation process?

    Remember those provisional and mail in ballots need to be compiled and entered into a computer.

    I am pretty sure you have integrity in everything you are involved with.

    Does your integrity follow those USB thumb drives or are you trusting IL will do the right thing?

    A final note.

    This whole cheating using machines and corrupt voter roles was perfected in IL.

    At least we can claim to be #1 at something other than overtaxing our fellow citizens.

  11. Sorry Cal, there is a link of Stacey Abrams, the lead perpetrator of the GA election fraud, comparing here statements then (lost governor election) and now (stole Trump election).

    For those that view it watch the upper left for the then and now.

    McDonald’s got rich off this one.

    Come on Stacy, put your George Soros money to better use.

    Get a gym membership.

  12. Mathematic and analytic skills are great when you you can apply them to a subject with which you’re familiar.

    He was not familiar with election operations until about 15 minutes ago.

    It’s like having that great mechanic friend come over and do plumbing repairs.

    Or giving you advice on how to run your restaurant.

    He’s plenty smart, but he doesn’t know the “system” itself.


  13. Yeah, Georgia was so strong for Trump, that with his “help” we won two Senate seats…..NOT.

  14. Tirio is a fraud, a damn fraud.

    He just proved he needs to be primaries.

  15. “In “Phantom Voter” types 1-2, Illegal identification could be used to get registered, but as most registrations these days come from the Secretary of State, one could be expected to rely on the validity of those registrations. Driver’s license, state IDs and SSN are cross checked through the SOS or SS administration.”

    Mr. Tirio wrote, apparently, wrote the above.

    It makes zero sense. Obviously he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Most of the phony voters use fake utility, bank and credit card statements NOT fake drivers licenses.

    And that’s if they have ANY Id’s at all. M

    ost of the time they are hailed right through by the judges.

    Does Tirio vet hisj udges? NO! The perps are well prepared ….. they claim to be people who haven’t voted in a while ….. they know exactly who to impersonate.

    Who does Tirio think he’s kidding?

    Joe Tirio, my mom died in 2014.

    But somebody voted for her in 2017 and 2020.

    What happened Joe. Are your records any good, Joe.

    If so, then there’s fraud.

  16. Nice try Joey T. You are part of the problem. Only a fool or fraudster would resort to this tired Clintonesque, Merrick Garland distraction:

    “The Russians, Chinese and Iranians are believed to have spent billions in the last presidential election cycle alone to sow discontent and distrust amongst our people.”


  17. OK Monk, I’ll wait for the Q prophecies to come out. As the Journey song goes….Don’t Stop Believin’.

    Those truly honest “election operations” you use to criticize those questioning them with their 15 minutes of exposure and that you oversee have turned a simp like me into a believer that everything is on the up and up. Thanks for that Monk. I will celebrate Xmas knowing that I have finally been exposed to the truth.

    Change and truth comes real hard for some. I’ll see you in 2022 when I vote again.

  18. Heliogen, Inc. (“Heliogen”), a leading provider of AI-enabled concentrated solar power, today announced (11/29) that Stacey Abrams and Phyllis Newhouse have been nominated to join Heliogen’s Board of Directors upon closing of the company’s business combination with Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: ATHN).

    How’s that work again Monk.

    She is running for GA governor again in 2022.

    Nothing to see here.

    Move along.

  19. Sorry you were passed over by Heliogen for that board slot, JT.

  20. JT (Bobby Piton) show Cal the email you sent County Clerks asking for operation manuals and the email answers you got.

    I wouldn’t trust a County Clerk or Secretary of State who would give up patented and classified info.

  21. GettaClue….”Operator’s manuals are classified info and patented (when paid for by the taxpayer that bought them)?”

    Let’s talk about patents.

    Do you know who Diebold is?

    Do you know who Diebold software was sold to?

    Do you know who also bought the Diebold software from that buyer?

    Do you know where the ES&S voting machines are manufactured?

    Do you understand how the software works?

    Do you know anything about how this software has been hacked?

    I am trying to help people like you Clue.

    And No, I Am Not Bobby Piton.

    I am a McHenry County Patriot trying to wake people up.

    Bobby gets my vote.

    Duckworth will bankrupt our country given the chance.

  22. JT: Manuals are copyrighted materials owned by the author and not something I can publish, anymore than I can buy the Beatles White Album and put that up on my site for people to listen to.

    Prince Rupert: Contact my office with details about your Mother’s passing and we will get that squared away.

    Did you contact us when she passed?

  23. Joe Tirio is a fake. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

    He says he can’t publish manuals? That is a big fat lie. The operating manuals of the crooked voting software are NOT copy write protected.

    Joe, quit trying to hide things. Why the hell do you do it?

    Pull your head out of your rear Joe, you are failing BIG TIME!

    “Trump did not lose #AntrimCounty in #Michigan. It is now confirmed that 32 other counties use the same software as Antrim County. He will get 6,000-plus votes out of Antrim. What about the other counties with the same software?” -Political commentator Dennis Lennox

    You have the same corrupt system stupid. Why are your systems connected to the net? They shouldn’t be!!!!!!!

  24. You’re funny Joe. If Prince Rupert’s mom passed in 2014 and voted in 2017 and 2020 you are really being proactive in managing the voter roles.

  25. Cal how about releasing my comments to Joe in your UPDATE article where Tirio attacks me when I clearly attributed the phantom vote commentary to the author of the comments – Bobby Piton.

    There are hyperlinks in my comments so I am in blog approval purgatory on the other blog.

    I asked Bobby Piton this morning to provide his phantom voter evidence for McHenry County direct to your blog. My email to him is attached to the post.

  26. I’m not sure how Joe Tirio’s categorical response is somehow an attack? If it’s an attack, it’s an attack on ignorance.

    But maybe you perceive it as an attack, as in addition to the Piton nonsense, you DO include lots of your own derogatory remarks regarding his character, so……


    Question – let’s say Piton comes through on McHenry “evidence”. Let’s see if you or Piton are willing to hear and processes explanatory responses to the “evidence” or not.

    I’ll bet not. If he didn’t get back to Kane on their documentation, no reason to think he will for anyone else.


  27. Monk. I am fully convinced you are an intellectual savant. I bow down to your superior grasp of the facts and abilities of comprehension.

    As someone said on the other blog, Joe produced word salad. I hope your perception of an attack had Caeser dressing on it when you read it. One of my favorites.

    I responded this morning to Mr. Tirio on that blog. Miraculously they do not appear. Thanks Skinner.

    If you bothered to read the Tirio response he admitted there are open doors to cheating. And about those manuals he refuses to release. I also asked in that blog to show me the copywrite statute preventing him from releasing it to you and me.

    When a clerk responds the way Tirio did, me thinks Mr. Piton is over the target.

  28. NotSoFast, Tirio will dismiss that link as disinformation because it does not fit his narrative that the voting process using these cheat machines is pure as the driven snow.

    The ES&S machines we use have the same cheating software in them as the MI machines.

    I’m still waiting for you to show me the statute Tirio where you can not release the manuals due to copywrite infringement. You report to me as a constituent. Your constituent wants a response.

    Also Joe if our voter roles are so clean as you claim, explain how a person living in Kenosha was able to come into a McHenry polling place and cast a ballot in 2020? Is that acceptable? If your processes are so sound how did this happen? It was in the liberal NWH recently.

    Just more fanciful tales and misinformation I guess.

  29. Joe went from Hero to Zero in 6 short years. Did Mrs. T accomplish something when she sat on the MCCC board?

    I’d sure love to hear about that!

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