UPDATE: Commenter Categorizes Types of Vote Fraud, McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio Replies

From commenter “JT”:

There are 5 types of Phantom Voters.

1) Traditional fraud – Person doesn’t exist, yet someone created a fake identity.

2) Split Person into multiple voters using same first and last name; diluting your vote. Bobby Smith, Bob Smith, Rob Smith, Robert Smith across county or State lines

3) Moved out of or intra State – they are in voter registration files in different counties and/or states, voting from multiple locations across county / State lines.
a. It might be very difficult to catch if voter registration files are withheld or have limited viewability across county lines.

4) Children or other family members are registered at a family house but are not actually living there.
a. In some cases, they are children off to college, in extreme cases, the parents knew their children had moved out of the home and they still received and possibly voted their ballot; they knowingly committed voter crimes on behalf of their political party.

5) Dead Voter – Identity of someone who died voted across county lines in a different part of the State or the Coroner doesn’t file the paperwork in a “timely manner”, helping his friend the county clerk out. A good way to find out which clerk / coroner might be involved in this fraud is to focus on the ones that have held office across election cycles or for over a decade.
a. In many cases, the “coroner” stays within the same family; look for family relationships of coroners through time.

The goal of the cabal was to flood the system with “Real Ballots” that were generated as a result of these “phantom voters” in the voter registration rolls.

Real Ballots are very difficult to counterfeit, so coming up with a way to get the government to issue this voting currency was essential to pulling off this fraud.

This Fraud would have been very difficult to effectuate if it wasn’t for the mail in ballot push that was so heavily fought for and implemented by the communists (the UniParty) within the Republican Party (RINO’s) and the Democrat Party.

Step 1) Inflate the Voter Registration Rolls with Phantom Voters that don’t exist and motivate everyone to register, or automatically register as many as possible, counting on most not actually voting.

Step 2) Mail out “Real Ballots” to Voter Mules at locations that have a disproportionate amount of registrations. (New Construction sites, Nursing Homes, Apartment Buildings, Government Buildings, PO Boxes, etc.)

Step 3) Mail Back “Real Ballots” and have them separated from the envelopes. Don’t enter these “Real Ballots” cast votes onto the “Phantom Voter” Files, but rather assign them to “Real People” that didn’t vote. Assign a very Real Ballot to a Non-Voter. This is still illegal as someone who exercised their Right NOT to Vote is still afforded the same rights as someone who did vote.

Step 4) If you run out of “Real People” that didn’t Vote, because the real people that “own that spot” show up to vote, tell them they already voted and give them a provisional ballot.

Step 5) If the cabal still can’t make the numbers work, start flipping votes by using an algorithm that calls on names in the voter registration files that are the inverse of real people’s names. (For example, Bob Jones is also registered as Jones Bob, etc). Countless voting records show this insane relationship, and these fictitious voters are created to “tag” how to flip votes if necessary.

Step 6) Destroy entire classes of Last Names across a particular precinct or county.
Say there is a family that would vote 70% Party A and 30% Party B in the past and now votes 30% Party A and 70% Party B, or a 100% swing. Just delete all of the votes that were cast for both Party A and Party B by “Last Name”. This is very quick and efficient and makes it easy to manage a targeted outcome since millions of voters are involved.

Step 7) Last line of defense. The U Voters that are created across every type of voter, age, and across all precincts is deployed to “assassinate” a real vote if the numbers still can’t work with all of these other measures. Since voters do not get a “receipt” that they can reference in the final “Voter Tape” of every Vote that was cast, there is no way to ensure their vote wasn’t later “assassinated” to make the final precinct totals work.

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s response:

Commenter ”JT” has made what appear to be either some careless assumptions or based his/her assertions on the laws and policies of election authorities outside of Illinois. I cannot address concerns outside McHenry County

Joe Tirio

In “Phantom Voter” types 1-2, Illegal identification could be used to get registered, but as most registrations these days come from the Secretary of State, one could be expected to rely on the validity of those registrations. Driver’s license, state IDs and SSN are cross checked through the SOS or SS administration.

In type 3, moves within state should be easily caught as each Election Authority is required to synchronize their data with the state Board of Elections registration database. Crossing state lines imposes some barriers, especially in cases where they states they move to/from do not participate in ERIC. Simply put, ERIC is a voter registration exchange of sorts that 31 states participate in to track movement of voters. Also keep in mind that in Illinois we use the National Change of Address database to help clear our lists.

Type 4 describes a situation where a family member unlawfully opens another person’s election mail, votes the ballot provided, signs the signature on the certification envelope and returns it to the Election Authority. When the signature is compared, it is likely to be discovered to not match and then would be appropriately challenged.

Regardless of the relationship between the Election Authority and the Coroner, there would still be a signature comparison and, as in the scenario above, it would be subject to a challenge.

In the second part of JT’s commentary, they describe how votes would be fraudulently presented for counting.

Again, the scenarios provided demonstrate a lack of knowledge of how the processes work, at least in Illinois and McHenry County.

Step 1: “Phantom voters” are addressed above.

Step 2: The law requires that the voter request a ballot be mailed to them. Election Authorities don’t just mail ballots to voters without a request.

Step 3: This fails again. If “John Smith” did not request a ballot, we won’t accept a ballot received from him.

Furthermore, the certification envelopes are coded to the requesting voter, so alteration of the envelope won’t work either.

Step 4: I hardly know where to start with this one. If, while voting in person, it appeared that that the voter had already voted, they would be given a provisional vote and an investigation would begin to look into the previous application to vote and the person who signed it.

Steps 5, 6 and 7: This bears no resemblance to reality at all. When the votes are counted, they are disconnected from their names.

So, there is no way to “flip” Jones Bob’s vote, entire classes of names or “U” voters.

Furthermore, the votes are counted under the watchful eyes of numerous Election Judges at each polling place.

I have sat quietly while JT made these and other questionable assertions, relying on the good judgement of the smart people reading the comments to reject these fanciful tales.

But at some point, I felt it was necessary to address this misinformation.

I chose the word “misinformation’ carefully because it infers that the speaker doesn’t know that the information they are providing is incorrect.

I hope that is the case.

Regardless, JT knows better now.

In any case, you have to question the motives of someone who wants to hide behind a pseudonym as they work to discredit elections and the people that participate in them.

If JT were legitimate, they should come out, use their real name(s) and be the hero they seem to think they are.

To the rest of the good people of McHenry County, think critically and reasonably… of everyone and everything.

The Russians, Chinese and Iranians are believed to have spent billions in the last presidential election cycle alone to sow discontent and distrust amongst our people.

Voter fraud does happen, and we need to be vigilant about preventing it whenever we can.

But we also need to be discerning in the narratives we believe and share with others.

Contact your elected officials if you have questions.

Most will be glad to speak to you or your group…I know I would be.

You can reach me at 815 334 4234 or jjtirio@mchenrycountyil.gov.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do to ensure a free, fair election is to become an Election Judge.

In the end, it is the Election Judges that actually run the election on Election Day.

You can find out more about how to do that here.


UPDATE: Commenter Categorizes Types of Vote Fraud, McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio Replies — 36 Comments

  1. Joe Tirio is an example of the election officials throughout the country, of both parties, third parties and nonpartisan, who literally save democracy at each election.

    In this last cycle they have been in the spotlight – and subjected to threats and intimidation – because of the attempts of some election losers and their followers to overturn the results by lies, propaganda, and even force.

    Joe and those like him deserve our thanks.

  2. Tirio is another huge disappointment.

    He parrots the standard line that elections are just fine and everything is on the up and up.

    The corruption is right here in this county.

    But that’s part of the Big Lie.

    Shame on you Joe! Go blow!

  3. Just goes to show that hands-on knowledge and experience always prevail over baseless conspiracy theories when both come to light.

    Thank you Cal for presenting both sides of this story.

  4. There you go Joe Tirio. I put the request out to the author this morning. You really need a new photo. I will not comment further than that. I’ve got to now get back to my fanciful tales and spinning of misinformation. I sent you the proof the software in the ES&S machines built by Diebold is corrupt. Your response disinformation and you wouldn’t bother to spend the time looking at it. You sir are alot like the media. If it doesn’t fit your narrative dismiss it as conspiracy theories, misinformation or fanciful tales. You’ve gotten my vote before. You frankly just lost it and I’m sure you really don’t care.



    Mr. Piton

    I have been following you since 11/3/20 when our election was stolen. I took the liberty of posting your Telegram comments regarding phantom voters to the McHenry County Blog. It has drawn the ire of McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio that he felt compelled to respond point by point.


    I posted the phantom voter write up in the comments section of another blog post and the blog owner Cal Skinner picked them up and made them a post attributing them to me which I correctly attributed to you.

    I know you have the voter roles for all of IL as part of your Senate campaign. I am wondering if you could produce the McHenry County results for Mr. Tirio and provide them to the blog owner Cal Skinner at calskinner2@gmail.com to be published in a responding blog.

    Mr. Tirio tells the smart people of McHenry County to dismiss fanciful tales and misinformation which has basically accused you of doing through me as a proxy.

    My hope is you can show him the data since he refuses to lift a finger to do a forensic audit or any type of canvassing.

    I am posting this request into the comments section of the article.

    Thanks for your consideration

  5. Just saw him at Algonquin township GOP meeting last night and he said ‘of course there is voter fraud-always has been’

    He knows about the election he ran and what he’s doing for election integrity.

    He’s also working with a few state senators on a bill that would give you the right to protect your own identity.

    And he didn’t bow to the Dems by having vote by mail ballot boxes where they weren’t secure.

    I don’t know what is ‘disappointing’ about him.

    We were one of the few counties that didn’t have election problems.

    He’s also going to have recounts on the Clerks race whenever they are a candidate in our county besides the audit he’s automatically doing.

  6. Mr X, when did he say that? Ur full of bull.

    If that were the case why would he have added safeguards never offered by his predecessors?

    60033, McHenry County HAS paper ballots, Einstein, just ask for one.

  7. Martin is a big libtard, so naturally he backs sleepy Joe, our derelict County Clerk.

    And why wouldn’t he? Joe is the best thing the democrats have going in the steal.

    Joe, you never really answered JT’s questions in your word salad ‘response’.

    Joe, you support the indefensible. There won’t be a Tirio sign at my house ever again.

  8. Nob, “didn’t have election problems”????

    They were legion!

  9. Thanks Cal for suppressing my response to Joe’s attack on me from this morning. I asked Bobby Piton to respond to you via email and provided the email I wrote to him in that post.

    And to Mr. Tirio if Cal let’s this one pass his filter – please provide the proof (via statute) to your constituents that you cannot release the ES&S cheat machines user manuals because they are “copywritten” documents (per your post in the last thread). I never heard that one before.

    Thanks again Cal. Great site.

  10. Here you go Tirio. My original post from this morning was suppressed by the moderator. I didn’t think it necessary to keep a copy of my original lead in which I should have since your response is laughable.

    Here is my email to Mr. Piton from this morning.

    I’ll bite my tongue at this point on your response directed at me. You are obfuscating and anyone who knows what’s going on can see it.

    As I said in the other post. You are the county clerk. Provide the statute to us that prevents you under copywrite law from you sharing with the discerning voters in McHenry County the manuals for the machines we paid for.

    Fanciful tales and conspiracy theories Joe? Is a McHenry County voters’ best discernment to believe you Joe? You sir lost my vote. A corrupt liberal is better than you.

    Let’s see if Cal let’s this one pass.


    Mr. Piton

    I have been following you since 11/3/20 when our election was stolen. I took the liberty of posting your Telegram comments regarding phantom voters to the McHenry County Blog. It has drawn the ire of McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio that he felt compelled to respond point by point.

    (Link to Blog Post by Tirio)

    I posted the phantom voter write up in the comments section of another blog post and the blog owner Cal Skinner picked them up and made them a post attributing them to me which I correctly attributed to you.

    I know you have the voter roles for all of IL as part of your Senate campaign. I am wondering if you could produce the McHenry County results for Mr. Tirio and provide them to the blog owner Cal Skinner at (Link to Cal Skinner Email) to be published in a responding blog.

    Mr. Tirio tells the smart people of McHenry County to dismiss fanciful tales and misinformation which has basically accused you of doing through me as a proxy.

    My hope is you can show him the data since he refuses to lift a finger to do a forensic audit or any type of canvassing.

    I am posting this request into the comments section of the article.

    Thanks for your consideration

  11. “dismiss fanciful tales”

    You mean like:

    – there’s no Covid-19 virus,
    – the 2020 election was “stolen” (even more than 2000?),
    – global warming is a hoax,
    – wearing a mask to protect others equals a forfeiture of one’s “rights”,
    – all our problems are part of some rich guys’ master plan to rule the world and
    – January 6, 2021 was a peaceful demonstration?

    It’s always easier to blame some ambiguous boogyman than admit our own shortcomings and we all need to work harder to change things.

  12. Never had trouble getting a paper ballot here.

    God bless McHenry County, one of the last Republican collar counties .

    Or is it the only one?

    Anyway very lucky to live in this county.

  13. Ah. I have found the JT comment that was in moderation.

    It has links, comments with which my program automatically puts in moderation, so the mystery is solved.

  14. Al, you need medication sir. I’ll prescribe some for you. Turn off the TV and do your own research. That will cure at least 90% of what ails your cognitive dissonance.

    Did you hear yesterday that Germany is now forcing lockdowns on the unvaccinated? History is repeating itself over there. That’s right you didn’t. The news didn’t say a thing about it. How about Australia? What’s going on there?

    Joe Tirio unfortunately is our first line of defense and he is just the village idiot at this point telling us nothing to see here, move along. Some illegal voting is tolerable. He proved it in his response. Al, he counts on people in McHenry with your level of “discernment” to keep him in office. As I said before Tirio, I’ll vote for anyone but you going forward. Tirio must have missed the NWH article about the Kenosha resident illegally voting in McHenry County. One illegal vote negates another legal vote. Release a report Tirio of all of the illegal votes and errors in the voter roles that you found and eliminated in 2020. I’ll hold my breath.

    Now back to my fanciful tales of reality and purveying misinformation. Good day

  15. If you hold your breath, that’ll mean one less source of disinformation, thank you.

  16. JT,

    If you’re so knowledgeable and everyone else is in such dire need of medication (didn’t know you were a doctor but I’m sure it’s one of your many talents and qualifications), run against him in the next election.

    Of course, when you lose. you’ll blame it on another “stolen election” when in fact it’ll because Mr. Tirio has applied business solutions to help streamline government thereby saving you and everyone else money.

    Newton said a long time ago (but he was likely part of an earlier conspiracy): “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”

    The “lockdowns” are not a sinister plot but a reaction to idiots who fail to get vaccinated. The same would apply if people started thinking smallpox vaccines are part of your Soros/Gates/whoever plot. “Freedom” assumes basic intelligence and a bias for the common, versus individual, good.

  17. LOL Cal… Sorry to make you do the extra work to find my original post. Thanks for that.

    I hope Piton gives you his analysis for us to review on the blog. I have seen enough of it for other states and counties for 2020 and it is very compelling. I know he has it for IL and I have been trying to find it to no avail.

    My hope is Tirio will come out of his bubble and stop with his fanciful tales and misinformation nonsense. I actually corresponded with him several times with proof that ES&S machines use the same software as Dominion. He didn’t bother to look at it and dismissed it as misinformation. He was more interested in knowing my identity than anything else. That is RINO behavior. I live in McHenry County. That’s all you need to know Tirio.

    Just answer our concerns Tirio and work to PROVE to your constituents these machines don’t cheat and the voter roles are scrubbed before every election. It’s hard to trust a guy who says trust me that everything is legit. There are data and metrics you should be able to share with us Tirio to back up your assertions.

    I’ve met enough smoke blowers in my over 5 decades on this rock rotating around the sun and I am beginning to feel my ass heating up from what you are posting Joe. I think others are too.

  18. WOW, Al is a super idiot. In this day and age to blatantly cover for the criminal Satanic cabal like that is just beyond the scope of believability. Here’s some more you don’t WANT to believe (while you are ensconced in your marshmallow world of trusting every evil filth and their horrific lies). P.S. the”lockdowns” are to keep you dumb and enslaved. Has nothing to do with any made-up wireus!


  19. Cindy I don’t even know how to respond to Al and Martin. I’ll just leave it there. I suspect they both have a few years on me and have no clue. I lied. I’ll address Al.

    I guess in Al’s mind he thinks a person telling him to turn off the TV and do his own research qualifies me as a MD. I am pretty sure he is sitting in front of the brainless box right now in his lazy boy.

    Also – to Al – “Mr. Tirio has applied business solutions to help streamline government thereby saving you and everyone else money”. Al do you know anything about Diebold, ES&S and Dominion? Ask yourself how I know you do not. Saving money at the expense of having a free and fair election. I’ll pass on that one Al.

    And as far as running against Tirio, unfortunately Al I have what’s called integrity. I retired with it intact. Sheep like to hear a sugar-coated reality from political BS artists to have their vote stolen. Did you read Tirio’s response that yes there is some cheating.

    Most businesses I have been involved in and run are required to do annual audits. Isn’t it funny we don’t have the same rules imposed on our businesscentric county clerks? We should invoke a Sarbanes-Oxley type approach where Mr Tirio must sign off after every audit that he is in compliance and the results are correct. Of course, under penalty of prison time. Nothing is more important than your and my vote being counted and not negated. If Tirio screws up he should pay the price.

    My god Al how you can get to be your age and still be so thick amazes me. It must be IL treated water. Hopefully you have a well because if you don’t that damn Fluoride in the water supply just might explain why your brain is on tilt.

    I’ve got to go back to my medical books now and change my tinfoil hat. Have a good night.


    As an aside – Cindy – we (well at least you and me) already know Fauci is the reincarnation of Joseph Mengele. Monkeys, dogs, rats, cats….it doesn’t matter. There is evil in this world. It’s called Big Pharma and the cabal. Thank God we are now awake to it.

    Nevermind, Tirio and Al already explained what fanciful tales are.

  20. Will Piton’s data identify for us all those who are part of the Satanic cabal? Maybe he can devine those numbers for us as well.


  21. Piton knows how that voting software can flip them Satanists into Christians, armed with but only a secret algorithm! Hallelujah!

  22. Al Zielinski, the Grafton Township Shithead Assessor, is soon to be out of a job. Dec31 is his last day.

    Good riddance Al. Your parasitizing is over!

  23. Joe Tirio, why the hell cant you be transparent?

    Just another crook I suppose.

  24. LOL. Monk. Maybe you should put the bong down and wake up.

    Please, write a post about your knowledge of BlackRock and Vanguard and their position in your delusional world. Who’s directly underneath them? I would love to read one of your posts on the topic of the cabal. Run to that Google and Snopes sport. You’ll find your truth there.

    If you think Piton is trying to corelate voter fraud with satanism I have no clue where you are coming from. I suspect whatever you are on has affected your brain.

    The thread is about Joe Tirio sitting on his ass and doing nothing about voter irregularities in 2020 and calling people like you idiots for not using your discernment skills to make your smart enough to question him. Try to focus. According to Joe a little cheating is ok. Learn to discern there buddy.

    On to my fanciful tales and misinformation.

  25. Aside to JT: I told them years ago to shut off their teevees. I actually posted a bulleted list of what they could do to save themselves. No one understood it then. Is it any wonder we are in such dire straits now?

  26. Cindy, you were ahead of the curve. After retiring and doing my own research after the 2020 stolen election, I found there are independent journalists out there that are not owned by 1 of the 6 Israeli families that actually report and can provide the fact-based evidence to prove their findings.

    Within 5 minutes of turning on a tv, this week anyways, all you hear is Omicron, Omicron, Omicron. Any person that thinks Fauci and the CDC actually know what they are doing and the teleprompter monkeys repeating booster, booster, booster as the solution needs their head examined.

    The same thing applies to our election clerk. I once trusted but when I tried to verify earlier this year with Tirio, I hit a brick wall. I find that interesting especially with what has come out in WI, GA, AZ, PA, NH etc. Oh, nevermind there I go with more fanciful tales and misinformation. No cheating occurred and a potted plant got 81m votes fair and square.

    One would think he would be a bit curious if we have a problem in McHenry County and dig deep into it since we use the same software. His lack of curiosity and dismissiveness is telling. He comes across as arrogant that he is all knowing and the people questioning these machines are being misinformed on the internet. Some sheep will follow him as proven in the comments on this blog. Tirio says if I don’t believe him come work with him as an election judge. Doesn’t an election judge just report the Tirio. I don’t trust him now based on his dismissive attitude so what is it going to do if I volunteer to work for a guy I do not trust in the first place.

    He reports to me today and if I have to hold my nose and vote liberal next time I will. We have 11 months until the mid-terms and this guy is just going to do the same thing over and over and tell you nothing to see here, move along.

  27. So just a thought here, Mark Finchem is running for Secretary of State for Arizona, he and the Voter integrity project have come up with a Paper Ballot that is much like our currency, has microprint, UV markings, vote secure micro water print markings and pixels, and also has a personal QR code that allows you to immediately and always check you ballot, to assure it was cast and counted and can forever be referred to. It is unhackable and needs NO voting machines, scanners, electronic poll books, etc. It cost only 25 cents per ballot. They can be counted quickly and stored easily. https://votefinchem.com/announcing-the-ballot-integrity-project/

    Joe, I am sure the election machines, third part certification consulting fees, upgrades, replacement equipment, electronic scanners and all the potential fraud (perceived or not) that exists with this complex system cost millions of dollars to the county.

    Assuming a county of 300 people, if everyone voted these ballots would only cost the county $75,000 to run and election… Why would you not consider using this low cost reliable paper ballot system

    It is a win win for everyone, you probably save the county 20 million dollars over a decade, you can immediately eliminated all kinds of fraud if it exists, and even if they isn’t that much, you provide “relief” to many people (about 62% of Americans who “currently believe election fraud occurred”).

    EVERYONE WINS, why they hesitancy???

    Paper ballots JOE, what the link, this is great technology, many states and counties are adopting these in 2020.

    Regular paper ballots are not enough, if they go into scanners they are then “interpreted” by a machine and then potentially moved to adjudication which again we are finding is another way to switch votes.

    Michael Kilhefner Algonquin #1 Precinct Committeemen


  28. Mike,

    Glad to meet you. If your proposal is a QR Code on a full paper ballot, not a paper ballot generated by an ES&S or Dominion touchscreen machine, that can then be verified via an online confirmation database post-election, I am with you. GA, the state that Stacey Abrahms controls, uses touchscreen machines that produce a paper ballot with a QR code that is then scanned for how people voted and then tabulated based on the QR Code. The people have no way to confirm their vote was tabulated correctly. They do a recount and the incorrect QR code will just reconfirm the result.

    There are alot of useful intelligencia on Cal’s site to help you understand how misinformed you are. We have over 100 counties in IL and in order to get those voter rolls you have to file over 100 FOIA requests to get them and then they will refuse to give them in electronic format.

    Both Bobby Piton and Gary Rabine by running have access to these electronic records. I have reached out to both as my prior life involved forensic data mining. Look at the IL Conservative Union case against ISBOL. Kwame Raoul is fighting the citizens he serves and refusing to release the electronic versions of the rolls we are entitled to. Ever wonder why? Look at the company that provides you the electronic versions of the voter rolls in your precinct. Who is that company affiliated with?

    I hope Ron Watkins wins AZ-2. He enjoys PCAP’s as much as Mike Lindell. Let the triggered heads explode.

  29. I volunteered. Any other takers since Mr Tirio seems to attack Mr Piton in his response on this blog post. Remember Joe, those were Bobby Piton’s comments not mine. So, a county clerk is accusing a candidate running for Senate in IL as spinning fanciful tales full of misinformation. I speak truth Joe whether you can handle it or not.
    General Flynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    From US Senate Candidate from Illinois Bobby Piton (help him anyway you can):

    There are about 9 million voter registrations in ILLINOIS.

    I will be coordinating a grass roots effort to expose all of the fraudulent registrations and teach people how to identify, prove and then purge phantom voters.

    I am seeking a team of 3-6 PATRIOTS for each of the 108 voting jurisdictions in Illinois. When this is built out, not only will it prove IL has been Conservative for sometime it will restore Honest and Fair Elections to IL and serve as a template for the entire Nation and perhaps the world.

    About 150 days til the primary, I think we can get this solved before then.

    If you are interested, please sign up at info@bobbypiton.com or link up with me at linkedin.com

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