Message of the Day – Downsizing

Went to Jewel to buy six cans of Diet Coke.

7.5 ounces compared to 12 ounces.

When I arrived home and compared what I purchased with what I had gotten at Sam’s Club, I discovered that Coca-Cola is downsizing its product.

From the price of the smaller cans, I thought I had bought big ones.


Message of the Day – Downsizing — 8 Comments

  1. If you want 12 oz cans you might have to get 12 or 24 packs.

    They may also have 6 pack bottles but those are plastic and tend to be like 16 or 20 oz.

    Otherwise if you’re going to start using the smaller cans after you were accustomed to the 12 ozers then get used to mixing your pop with ice and sipping slow so you don’t go through as much of it.

    Put it in a small glass.

    You could use a skinny and tall glass and that might trick your mind.

    Maybe one of the conical champagne flutes.

    Lol that sounds really silly, Cal.

    Drinking Diet Coke out of a champagne glass… but I’m just trying to help you save money!

    (If you want health advice, switch from diet pop to tea and then you’ll avoid the artificial sweeteners and if you drink green tea you’ll get more flavonoids than black tea.)

    A lot of people have written about the downsizing of candy bars in recent years, but as bred winner pointed out if you go back a really long time ago then the servings were small.

    I think the upsizing was due to Americans being gluttonous, and the recent downsizing isn’t a push towards health but more of a cost cutting one.

  2. European beer is commonly 16.9 oz, or 500 ml, but there are also bottles that are typically around 330 ml which is close to the US typical 12 oz.

    I personally prefer it to sugar water, real or faux.

  3. aspartame is horrible for you. Stay as far away from it as you can.

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