Toyota Commercial Shot in Woodstock — 6 Comments

  1. Demography is destiny.

    Was the burned out store a smash and grab?

  2. Thats great—but there are no new cars or trucks at the Toyota Dealership in Crystal Lake–90% of whats on the lot are used cars.

    Supply Chain, Covid, Chips, Joe. Nice commercial though, Ground Hog Day look.

  3. Why are so many commercials filled with fags, trannies, interracial couples, stupid white men, intact black families?

    What’s the psyop?

  4. So, using apple pie, baseball, the flag, etc in advertising is supposed to make the product good? How about advertisers for products simply extol the virtues of what they are selling.

  5. I think it is a absolutely beautiful commercial that demonstrates kindness, love, caring, community, a young girl who looks to help and older genetlman fulfil his dream, etc.

    Perhaps if others did the same and their kids were raised right, we would not just see this on a commercial and could see this in real life rather than watching our Country being destroyed and our moral fibers being ripped apart.

    Those fibers that used to make America great, but are now being torn to shreds so that we most resemble the third world countries where Americans used to be astonished by their actions – and now so many are emulating them!

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