Kim Klacik Quietly Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against Candace Owens

Kim Klacik, speaking at Catalina Lauf event in Rockford March 16, 2021
Candace Owens

With all of the fanfare and media hype during the summer between Candace Owens and Kim Klacik with Klacik filing a $20 million defamation lawsuit, Klacik quietly had her lawsuit against Owens dismissed on October 29.

Owens of Tennessee and Klacik of Maryland, both political allies of Republican Catalina Lauf of Woodstock, had been feuding over this past summer on the topic of Juneteenth.

McHenry County Blog wrote about the feud and the defamation suit back in early September.

Why Klacik chose to drop the lawsuit was not revealed in media reports, or on Klacik’s social media page.

Maryland-based blogger Troy Smith, founder of Launch Liberty blog, wrote about the Klacik lawsuit dismissal, and other information about Klacik about a month ago.

Smith’s opinion piece can be viewed here.


Kim Klacik Quietly Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against Candace Owens — 8 Comments

  1. Lauf’s buddy dropped it because it would give Owens and her attorneys Discovery.

    And a very public trial where Klacik would be asked many revealing questions under oath.

    No woman of ill repute (that has some of the people fooled) is going to want to be publicly humiliated AND have to pay for Owens’ atty’s fees due to a SLAP suit.

    Self preserving move on her part.

  2. Krazy Klacik gets a legal bitch slapping by Candace O.
    What’s Klacik got to hide? I’m betting plenty.
    Back to the stripper’s pole for Klacik.

  3. Jody, at least Candace Owens was outspoken against Juneteenth, unlike the neutered Republican Party that brags about it in a pathetic effort to get black voters while their base grows disgusted with them. Juneteenth passed the U.S. Senate without objection and in the U.S. House only 14 out of of about 210 Republicans voted no and none from Illinois. It was also made a holiday at the state level and in the Illinois legislature zero Republicans voted no in either chamber. Some of them, like cuhnul Craig Wilcox and senator casino Syverson, decided to do the super-brave thing and not vote on the legislation at all! Not a present or a no vote, just didn’t even vote.

    My initial reaction was Klacik either doesn’t have enough to win the lawsuit or she doesn’t want to damage her reputation by continuing the lawsuit or both. She wants to keep the gravy flowing in, and if she’s suing Candace Owens, who is a lot more popular than she is, that’s going to damage her reputation. SITBD’s response makes a lot of sense. Like I said in the article you linked, John, the only thing Candace may have been dishonest about (or not) was the part about cocaine parties, but even that might not have been enough to win a defamation suit. The stripper part is true and the mismanagement of money is true. Regardless of the cocaine issue, Klacik would not want her stripper past and how she handles money all over the news.

    If the lawsuit was meant to be nothing but a threat to gag Owens and stop bashing Klacik, it failed. Even after the lawsuit was filed, Owens doubled down and continually called Klacik a “former stripper fraud” (which is hilarious). Owens might be a loose cannon but she speaks her mind even if what she says is controversial and she is tenacious. In that way, Republicans could learn from Candace Owens. Trump was scrappier than most Republicans and that is part of his appeal, but most Republicans just don’t get it.

  4. I’d love for either of them to sue me for defamation.

    They are low grade black parasites.

    Truth is still a complete defense, right?

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