Petition Party Planned by McHenry County GOPac

From McHenry County GOPac Chairman Karen Tirio comes this invitation to a February 4th petition party in Fox Rier Grove.

To encourage people to pass petitions, admission is free for anyone who brings two filled out nomination petitions, $20 otherwise.

Free “Let’s Go Brandon” tote bags for the first 250 in the door.

The Political Action Committee is independent of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee, a.k.a, the McHenry County Republican Party.


Petition Party Planned by McHenry County GOPac — 22 Comments

  1. Huh. Didn’t know the Tirio’s were a political dynasty in the making in McHenry. Interesting. I couldn’t have made up that fanciful tale if I tried.

  2. BobbyPiton

    My Platform for US Senate (Big Items)

    1) Cut size of Federal Govt in half (it is 3x what it was in 2000 or is spending over $4,000 per month per full time American worker)

    2) Audit National Debt (Debt held by public went from $24,000 per American worker in 2000 to $168,000 in 2021 or a $144,000 increase over past 20 years) Nonsense… A lot of it is fictitious. We deserve to see receipts for what we spent all of that money on and the tax returns that prove the money went to “real people” etc.

    3) Sound Money (End the Federal Reserve. In 1971, Americans worked two hours at minimum wage in to buy a barrel of oil. Today over 6 hours. We lost over 2/3rds of our buying power (this doesn’t include productivity gains)

    4) Push for a Debt Jubilee (end debt of the the dead following the living)

    5) Restore States Rights and end Federalism overreach.

    These are just 5. More to follow.

    I can’t do it alone, support my campaign at if you agree and want a return to common sense.


    The Tirios screwed up on petitions in the past. Beware.

    Why does “McHenry GOPac” support so many RINOs like McGoochie or pervs like Nicky “Takeout Chicken” Provenzano?

  4. There’s nothing fanciful about it. It’s the result of both of them being extremely active in local politics for years. Did you move to McHenry County recently, JT?

    Joe Tirio was elected Recorder in 2014 and has been Clerk since 2018 (now clerk and recorder have been consolidated which he lead the effort to do). His wife Karen has been an elected precinct committeeperson since 2014. Karen was also elected to the MCC board of trustees in 2015. Now she’s on the regional board of education. I think she’s the Secretary of the McHenry County Republican Party too or maybe she was at one point, and I’m pretty sure McHenry County GOPac was started by Joe Tirio but now Karen Tirio is in charge of it.

    If you want Piton to be on the ballot then you should go to this event with at least 2 complete pages of signatures (so you can get in for free) plus several blank sheets for you to collect signatures from the attendees at the event and hand out blank sheets so that others can collect signatures for Piton too.

    If my math is correct he will need two thirds of 5,000 signatures which is like 3,334 *valid* signatures. As a rule of thumb, politicians try to obtain double that in case of rejections which is excessive but that’s the standard they’ve been using for years. With right around 60 days to collect he’s going to need to get about 56 valid signatures per day (really much more than that given the rejection rate and the fact that you’ll need to turn them in to him earlier so he can number them and get everything in order). I expect some of the less popular candidates for governor and senator to not make the ballot.

    Those numbers seem daunting but another way to look at it is if Piton (and this applies to other statewide candidates) can find 300 volunteers across the state to collect 20-25 signatures each then he should have enough. That’s ~3 volunteers per county which is definitely doable with a popular and organized campaign. Think about how many PCs there are in any county.

    Petition passing begins in mid January so the weather won’t be nice! You’ll want your sheets notarized before you hand them in too, but luckily this event is scheduled to have notaries present TO FULFILL ALL YOUR NOTARIZING NEEDS!

    Consider helping him out if you’re a big supporter. Otherwise he’ll be paying people to collect signatures and unnecessarily going through cash. It’s not uncommon to find campaigns paying a buck or two per signature. If you don’t want to collect signatures, will you give him money so he can pay others to make sure he is on the ballot? What are you willing to do for Piton?

    I know the Tirios who you have an ax to grind with have done a ton of work for causes and candidates they believe in. They have been doing it for years.

    If you went to the event you would meet local GOPers who, based on your comments, you are not acquainted with.

  5. Freedom Fry Day.

    Who appointed the Tirios to oversee anything?

    Joe Blow does nothing about ballot security.

    But that’s supposedly his job. He shunted out Steve Willson. Why?

    He does a D minus job getting real GOP election judges, but an F on teaching them what to be on guard for.

    Dems constantly show up on Election Day, claiming they never got the absentee ballot Tirio’s office sent. I personally saw a ‘GOP’ judge hand the liar another ballot….. NOT a provisional ballot either.

    I have ZERO confidence in Tirio to manage any election. Oberweis was right to call Tirio out.

  6. Silly, maybe infantile, to reference and hype the “Brandon” nonsense.

  7. Correcting

    The only axe I have to grind is with Mr, not Mrs, Tirio and his lack of interest in election integrity and the machines we use to vote with. Period. His wife I don’t care about her SuperPAC or private healthcare business which is noble if you asked me. I like the FJB bags actually Mrs Tirio. Good approach

    So Mr. Tirio, what are you doing to confirm our 2020 votes counted and were not negated? Nevermind, it’s the old fanciful tales and nothing to see hear move along. You are doing nothing Joe.

    And Correcting, I know Tirio’s background. Both my wife and me voted for him several times. His dismissive and smug attitude about election integrity is troubling. It tells me alot about him. If he would just push for a forensic and canvass audit and prove to his constituents these machines and voter roles don’t cheat I would get back on board. How hard is that to do?

  8. JT, c’mon, Trump has told the booblic 5 times to get the poisonous jab.

    He never finished the wall.

    He kept Fauci on.

    He travelled to Epstein’s Island

    He selected Barr as AG

  9. If Jim Oberweis or Steve Willson criticized Joe Tirio about anything election security related, I would love to hear more about it. Oberweis had some issues with Kane County election but don’t recall him knocking McHenry County (which was one of only two counties out of 7 in the 14th district that Oberweis won), and Steve Willson is very analytical and intelligent, so anything from those two would be gold — preferably some kind of written statement.

    I found Tirio’s response to JT to be thorough in addressing JT’s concerns but will always look at more comments as they come in and be open to whoever is making the stronger argument. There are some things Tirio hasn’t addressed like the whole connected to the internet aspect. I don’t find anything he has said to JT to be smug or hostile though.

    Note to Cal Skinner and John Lopez to be on the lookout for anything about Willson or Oberweis having criticized Tirio. Maybe they did say something or maybe they did not. People on this blog have been known to make things up and not post proof.

    My stance has been and remains that Tirio should do two forums (definitely at least one) about all things election. From his point of view, he would have nothing to lose by doing it if he is really sure that he is doing a great job, and if he is doing a great job he would come out of the forum netting voters for seeming competent. I hope he considers it, and please do it before early voting for the June primary begins. He should view it as an opportunity. If there are problems with processes and laws in Illinois that are beyond Tirio’s control, it’s fine if he comes clean and admits that. Most people wouldn’t hold that against him (although some on this blog might) and if they know what those problems are they can start coming up with ways to fix them (even if such reforms are DOA).

    Identifying vulnerabilities that election judges might not have learned about and then teaching them about those issues is a good idea, Freiheitstrychler.

    Agree with Jody about Trump. He kept too many swamp people around, hired too many swamp people, let his supporters rot in jail after telling them the election was stolen, watched the country burn down during the summer of love, was awful on spending, not good enough on second amendment, paid no attention to election security or critical race theory throughout most of his term, squandered the first two years pushing a doomed healthcare bill that cost his party the House instead of prioritizing the wall, was silent about Epstein, and he has been disappointing on the vax. I don’t want him to run again.

  10. Kangaroo, I think you may be thinking of a petition problem to no fault of her own, Karen Tirio’s name was forged on a petition she did not sign!

    A candidate had hired a felon to get signatures and unfortunately for him that guy forged a name that launched many of that candidates’s petitions to be tossed out.

    I think that the candidate had to drop out of the race.

    Is that how it went, Cal?

  11. Jody and Correcting

    – Trump didn’t finish the wall? Are you confused that the D’s filed lawsuits and blocked funding for at least a year to stop its construction? What planet are you on? That was the Dems fault. Why did Biden stop the wall and undo everything that was making America Great?

    – Trump traveled to Epstein Island? The stupidity is deep with you Jody. He flew on Epstein’s jet without Epstein on it because Trump’s personal jet was down for maintenance in West Palm Beach. Trump flew from FL to NY. You see how you are brainwashed yet? Have you seen the flight logs?

    – I agree on Fauci. On Barr, he appointed John Durham so some good came of that. You know the guy with the indictments that lead straight to Hillary Clinton and her corrupt foundation. Did you know John Baker’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation was rolled under Durham’s purview? Do you know the connection between Alec Baldwin’s shooting victim and those indictments? I doubt it. Hint: You won’t find it on google or your nightly news. I bet you believe a gun can now just fire itself after that idiot’s PR stunt the other night.

    – On Tirio, he keeps hiding those manuals which would prove Correcting that the mother boards in these machines have a wi-fi modem. He has yet to provide the state statute saying that it would be copywrite infringement for him to provide the manuals to the citizens that paid for them. Laughable

    – Tirio not smug? Look at that photo from his response email. I have corresponded with him several times and he refused to entertain any evidence I provided him because he is all knowing or smug. It’s misinformation and he doesn’t have time to look at it. You can’t have civil discourse with a rock.

    Try doing some research Correcting on Diebold, ES&S and Dominion. I would post the links that Joe refused to entertain but that would just end up in moderation.

    Now on to spinning as Tirio says, more fanciful tales filled with misinformation.

  12. Copyright law is Federal, JT. There’d be no state on this.

    Also, you’re worried about voter rolls, not “roles”.

  13. Fine Monk. Show me the federal statute that when I buy a book with my tax dollars, in this case a manual, I have no right to read what I bought. Tirio didn’t buy it. I did.

  14. What or who is “I on” talking about?

    Who did the forging?

    I cant believe Mrs Tirio would forge anything.

    Joe must come clean about internet connectivity on his crooked voting machines.

  15. The Tirios at least try and undo the moral rot and disintegration.

  16. Tirio used to be good. Now I just don’t know.

    Why are the voting machines hooked up to the net?

    Tirio said he didn’t think so, then changed and said he didn’t know.

    Well, what’s the true story????????

  17. The answer is simple: Joe Tirio is not up to snuff dealing with these tech issues.

    His refusal to have Steve Wilson’s help is rather shocking.
    More and more questions arise, which Joe is unwilling, or unable, to answer

  18. CUKE, read ‘I on’s’ comment again.

    Mrs Tirio was the victim of having her signature forged on a petition.

    Tirio(s) never had any trouble putting forth petitions for candidates or themselves as KANGAROO stated.

  19. Cosyntex – Tirio is obfuscating. The manuals will tell us all we need to know. I could spend the time, read them and cite the pages proving they are or can be connected yet that piece of evidence is miraculously covered under copywrite law. Tirio has repeatedly failed to provide the exact statute stating when a person buys a machine with an operators manual that the operators manual is proprietary to the company and cannot be shared with the buyer. As I have said before, the taxpayers of McHenry County own those machines, not you.

    That’s like saying Tirio can’t share the photocopier or fax machine manuals from his office with you because it is proprietary to the manufacturer.

    The guy is hiding the truth from being exposed to his constituents and hoping it will magically go away. I’ve got news for Joe, it’s not going to get lost in a news cycle like everything else. 2020 proved to anyone with a brain these electronic voting machines are corrupt and need to go. If you don’t cough them up the next person anointed to replace you will get the same treatment. The truth will set you free Tirio. Walk towards the light.

    Nevermind, he is too worried about being cancelled by giving us the truth. You don’t get ahead in life by not towing the party line.

  20. Joe Tirio’s reluctance to come clean about the irregularities of elections under his watch really surprises me.

    Especially after he carried on about his corrupt predecessor.

    I guess it just goes to show you what happens to people once they get into power.

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