Government vs. Criminal Pot

It appears the tax on marijuana in San Francisco is so high that the private sector is underselling it.

From today’s WIND email.

Of course, those selling pot illegally don’t make campaign contributions, while I’d bet licensed purveyors do.

More here.


Government vs. Criminal Pot — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t wait until the monochromatic thugs smash and grab the dispensaries.

  2. Btw a fifty something congoid bum undid his pants and crapped in the lobby of the luxury St. Regis Hotel in downtown SF.

    My sister witnessed it.

  3. Payback to campaign contributors.

    I’d bet illegal pot is way more than 5% less.

  4. Funny:

    The smash-and-grab crimewave sweeping the country has spiraled out of control in the Bay Area with emboldened thieves specifically targeting cannabis dispensaries over the past month.

    The cumulative losses in products for the over 25 shops hit primarily over the weekend before Thanksgiving in the northern California area are estimated at over $5 million according to The San Francisco Chronicle.


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