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  1. Not to worry if he has to resign, or be forced out by Congress, due to illness, senility, dementia, other. Kamela is waiting in the wings. She will very capably complete the destruction of our Nation started by the doofus Biden.

  2. Bred, the destruction of the Nation began in earnest long before Sleepy, Creepy Joe ~~~~~ when “Honest Abe” sent federal troops to kill Southerners who wanted out of an already corrupt system.

    Woodrow Wilson did a pretty good job speeding the destructive process along when he connived to get us into a stupid Eurooean war at the behest of banksters, and when he didn’t veto the federal income tax along with the setup of the “Federal Reserve” Banking crime syndicate at the behest of those same jewish banksters.

  3. Why did the FBI deep six Hunter Biden’s laptop, the one with the questionable porn pics?

    Why was Hunter Biden’s child born of a stripper not allowed to attend the Biden White house Christmas bash?

  4. From today.

    BREAKING HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Audio Reveals Walmart Chairman Discussed With Hunter Biden ‘Pulling The Trigger To Stop Trump’ Prior To Election

    May as well listen to the CEO of Walmart and good ole Hunter plot against Trump. You will need to copy and paste the link. For it to work – REPLACE “dot” including quotes with a dot as in period at the end of this sentence.


    Enjoy the 8m conversation from Hunter’s laptop. Read the article to find out more

  5. Hunter got a top paying job in the Ukraine in a position of a business for which he had no qualifications.

    The doofus, jagoff (Pensylvania term for fool) Joe Biden was VP to Barak Hussein Obama at the time.

    Then later, Biden threatened an authority in that nation doing an investigation of the business that Hunter worked(?) for.

    What exactly were Hunter’s positive contributions, if any, to that business in the Urkaine.

  6. Let me get this right. The morons like Mitch McConnel and Dirtbag Durbin are having kittens about a Russian military buildup on their side of the border with Ukraine?

    Why don’t these roads start worrying about our own border for a change?

  7. Gary. Good point. We citizens in the U.S. would hope to have a Defense Department and the Military Services of Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard protecting our Nation. That should be their number one job.

    Whatever branch of Military is appropriate should be stationed across our border to the South at least to humanely repel all invaders now crossing the border. With the military there, and along our shores and other borders where necessary, the invaders now coming in that were invited by the doofus Biden and top Democrats, will be stopped.

    Seems like there is gross dereliction of duty by our current top leader in not protecting our borders. Certainly there are enough U.S. Military stationed in nations around the world, some needlessly, that can do more good for our Nation be guarding our borders against the invaders.

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