Kane County Pro-Life Democratic Judge Announces Candidacy for GOP Nomination fo Supreme Court, Cites Dems for Having “So Dramatically Shift[ing] to the Extreme Left in Recent Years”

From Kane County Circuit Court Judge John Noverini comes this announcement of his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Supreme Court Justice.

Noverini served on the Kane County Board as a Republican from Dundee Township. He served as Chairman of the Dundee Township Republican Central Committee. Then, to the surprise of pretty much everybody, Noverini ran for Judge as a Democrat.

That was thirteen years ago.

John A. Noverini: A Judge for all People – Honored to Serve

Village of Carpentersville, IL: Judge John A. Noverini of the Village of Carpentersville, Kane County, Illinois will be seeking the Republican nomination for the Second District seat of the Supreme Court of Illinois in the June 2022 primary election.

John Noverini

The Second District is comprised of DeKalb, Kendall, McHenry, Kane and Lake counties. Noverini presently serves as a Circuit Judge in the 16th Judicial Circuit.

Judge Noverini and his wife, Saray Rodriguez, are long-time residents of Kane County.

Judge Noverini was first elected to the bench in 2008 and has served in both criminal and civil courtrooms during his judicial tenure.

His judicial experience includes having served as the Presiding Judge of the Family Law Division, Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division-Domestic Violence/DUI/Traffic Court, and Presiding Judge of Probate, Guardianship, Traffic and Mental Health Courts.

In the 2008 judicial election, Noverini, despite not having prior judicial service defeated the appointed office-holder. In unseating the then-incumbent, Noverini, with bipartisan support, became one of the first Democratic judicial candidates to win in Kane County. 

. In the 2014 and 2020 nonpartisan retention elections Noverini was overwhelmingly retained by the voters.

Prior to running for judge, Noverini had a career in banking: First, as an attorney handling commercial loan work outs, regulatory compliance and litigation management; then, working as a bank executive; and subsequently, ascending to the position of Bank Director.

Noverini also maintained his own law firm as a solo-practitioner in Elgin from 1999 to 2008, handling primarily civil matters and focusing on business, banking and residential and commercial real estate law.

As a conservative, Noverini was actively engaged in Republican party politics in the past, having been elected as a precinct committeeman (1996-2006) and having been elected Chairman of the Dundee Township Republicans in 2004 and re-elected in 2006.

Additionally, Noverini has previously served on the Kane County Board, elected as a Republican candidate in 2002 and re-elected in 2006.

 Noverini’s background of having served in both legislative and judicial branch offices, combined with his private-sector legal experience and business management and banking experience, offers a multi-dimensional, unique and balanced perspective to the Republican primary election contest.

A life-long Illinoisan, Noverini is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute, where he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

He earned his Master of Arts in History from Northeastern Illinois University and a Juris Doctor from IIT/Chicago Kent College of Law.

For many years, Noverini has brought to the classroom his broad range of career experience and knowledge, by teaching law, ethics, management and government as an Adjunct Faculty member at Judson University in Elgin and Triton College in River Grove.

Noverini also served on the Elgin Salvation Army Advisory Board for 17 years and is a Multi Engine Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot.

 In seeking the Republican nomination for Supreme Court, Noverini is coming home to the party that is aligned with his core values.

While the Democratic party has so dramatically shifted to the extreme left in recent years, Judge Noverini’s conservative principles and personal integrity have remained constant, such that he welcomes a return to his roots in the Republican party and looks forward to an enthusiastic, vigorous and engaging campaign. 

For more information, please visit www.noverini.com


Kane County Pro-Life Democratic Judge Announces Candidacy for GOP Nomination fo Supreme Court, Cites Dems for Having “So Dramatically Shift[ing] to the Extreme Left in Recent Years” — 13 Comments

  1. Does he really think ANYONE has forgotten his opportunistic shift to the D side?

    Surely I haven’t, and I doubt Dundee Rs have either.

  2. Self-serving political opportunists have no place in the GOP.
    This rectal aperture will turn out to be a backstabbing RINO snake – DON’T VOTE FOR HIM.

  3. A piece of tainted shi_.

    He might find himself, someday, hung from his heels.

    Saray Rodriguez is a well known ‘bite’.

  4. What’s a “bite”?

    Does this fool expect to grass us in perpetuity?

  5. More people die from smoking than Covid.

    Even more people die from Cancer than Covid.

    Even more people die from Heart disease than Covid.

    There is no pandemic.

  6. Fierabras, you misspelled your comment.

    Judge Noverini is more a “D I N O”, a Democrat-in-name-only.

    Back in 2008, Noverini didn’t have to run in a contested Democratic primary.

    Now, he’s in a 3-way Republican primary with Judge Shanes and former Sheriff Mark Curran.

    Two Lake County guys, and a Kane County guy.

    McHenry County Republican primary voters are battleground voters in IL Supreme Court 2nd District primary.

  7. Hecht, yes, Fierabras is wrong, given Noverini’s is a staunch conservative.

    And Noverini and his wife do not consume alcohol, so he’s no “WINO”.

    The only acronym to John and his wife, Saray, outside of “DINO” is they were “DINKs” before her retirement.

    For you younger readers, that means “dual income, no kids”, a 1980s term, usually associated with “yuppies”.

  8. Noverini is at best a pest.

    At worst a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    His record as a judge is spotty.

  9. John Lopez, how the hell do you know about their drinking habits?

    Are you 3 in the same Mormon Ward?

    I know plenty of Jack Mormons!

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