IL-11 UPDATED: Catalina Lauf Announces Bid to Challenge Congressman Bill Foster to “Make America Make Sense Again” & Democrats Respond

Catalina Lauf

UPDATE: Democratic Party of Illinois Executive Director Abby Witt responds to Lauf IL-11 candidacy:

“Catalina Lauf is a zealot and an extremist, full stop.

“Her campaign seems to exist only to demonstrate her loyalty to Donald Trump and satisfy her desire to appear on Fox News.

“Illinois families deserve better than someone who downplays the January 6 insurrection or peddles dangerous conspiracy theories about life-saving vaccines.”

Abby Witt, executive director of Democratic Party of Illinois statement 12/7/21


From Catalina Lauf press release, as first reported in POLITICO Illinois Playbook:


WOODSTOCK, IL—Republican Catalina Lauf officially announces her campaign against Democrat incumbent Bill Foster (CD-11). Statement below:

“Thank you to everyone who has pledged your support to our campaign.

“Together, we ran Adam Kinzinger out of this election cycle.

“We beat fundraising records by raising over $1 million and demonstrated that Illinois is sick of government overreach and career politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle, who for far too long have been giving Nancy Pelosi and the Biden Administration free, full-reign over our autonomy as Americans.

“I was born, raised, reside and work in the 11th District.

“I know my home, the people and what’s important to us.

“It’s now time to defend our home which has been named a competitive seat this election cycle.

“Bill Foster is an out-of-touch tax and spend progressive who is a secure vote for every Biden/Pelosi socialist bill wrecking our economy and our Country.

“I plan to go to Congress to fight for the people of the 11th District and the issues that matter most to them.

“I plan to go to Congress to fight for the future. We cannot continue on this disastrous path that the Biden Administration and progressives in Congress have put our Country on.

“The time for new representation is now.

“I now ask you to join us again in taking the fight back to our home.

“They’re scared of us and the things we’ll do in Washington.

“Chief among them, holding the political elites on BOTH sides of the aisle, accountable.

“We’re running to take back America from the hands of Speaker Pelosi and the socialists.

“We’re running to bring our individual liberties back to America’s parents and their children.

“We’re running so that business owners and American workers can once again, thrive.

“We’re running to make sure your children and grandchildren have a chance at the American Dream.

“We’re running to make sure the political elites are reminded of who they work for, We the People

“It’s time to Make America Make Sense Again

Approved Congressional Map 10/29/21


IL-11 UPDATED: Catalina Lauf Announces Bid to Challenge Congressman Bill Foster to “Make America Make Sense Again” & Democrats Respond — 21 Comments

  1. I must admit I truly loathe people who are always in search of an office. Whether it be winners or losers.

  2. Lauf is AWESOME. Our family is 100% behind Catalina Lauf.
    She’s bright, energetic, conservative, thoughtful, and she is friendly – not like the unhappy loser swamp creatures who run the local GOP.
    There is no GOP….they’re part of the scam that Shawn Thompson so articulately call out for their feckless, failed, and unattractive political scheming.

    LOSERS don’t like Lauf…their afraid of her. Go Catalina!!!!! Don’t listen to these failed curmudgeon GOP hacks.

  3. CLM, I agree w/ about Sean Thompson, but Lauf?


    I don’t think so.

  4. She can talk a good game, and I would like to think she is the real deal. But is she?

  5. I’ll vote for against that fink, but reluctantly.
    Surely a better candidate exists.

    Even Oberwimp would be better.

  6. Oberweis already had two elections against Bill Foster in 2008 in what was then the 14th congressional district, and it looked to be more favorable to Republicans than this new 11th.

    The first one was a special election which took place in March.

    That was to fill Dennis Hastert’s seat for the remaining term after his resignation.

    Oberweis lost by 5% but won the Republican primary so got to do a rematch against Foster in November.

    He lost that time by 15.5%.

    And I’m pretty sure Oberweis lives in the new 14th although Sugar Grove seems close to the border.

    He probably won’t be running for congress.

    If he couldn’t defeat Lauren Underwood in a seat that leans Republican how could he defeat her or Foster in seats that lean Democratic?

    Do you want to know the only person who has ever defeated Bill Foster in an election?

    That would be Randy Hultgren.

    I’m not saying Hultgren would defeat Foster if he ran.

    That old 14th looks quite a bit redder than this new 11th.

    I’m saying Republicans are going to lose the 14th and 11th, and that they should concentrate on the 17th, 13th, and 6th.

    11 and 14 are lost causes imo.

  7. Correcting, they are lost causes. The elections are rigged.

    Why can’t you people come to terms with that?

    Why are you folks so childish, you OD on hopium on continual basis.

    Just ask Joey ‘the clown’ Tirio, or his counterparts in other counties.

  8. No life-experience, no responsibility, no employment record, no depth. Just ‘wanting to run for congress’ because Lauren Underwood did it.


    Her mother is a Lib.

    Her sister who claims Catalina ‘works for’ lives in CA and Lauf still lives at home.

    The only thing she does consistently is take selfies.

    My prediction is that another Republican candidate (or two) will appear within the next 14 days.

  9. Experience is NO virtue in politics – it’s a vice.

    She’s smart and she comes from an awesome family.

    Everyone who knows her closely absolutely adores her.

    Ask her teachers at Woodstock High – they think she’s very smart, thoughtful, and principled.

    We need her to represent a political party that is dominated by business woke hacks who have an incestuous relationship with our local feckless politicians and municipal incompetent slobs.

  10. I think she will be great.

    She has youth, intelligence, and she is eager.

    You will put someone up like oberweis again?

    You will lose every time.

  11. LIFE experience is important. I don’t want anyone deciding how our tax dollars are spent/budgets allocated that hasn’t even bought a car yet. C’mon CLM, get real.

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