Mask Police Aggressive at Algonquin’s Half Priced Books

From reader Kim comes this letter to Half Priced Books management:

Algonquin’s Half Priced Books store as seen on its web sitte.

Regarding: Half Price Books at 2226 S Randall Rd S, Algonquin, IL 60102

Wednesday November 24 2021 between 1-3 PM

On Wednesday November 24th in the afternoon I went to several stores at Algonquin Commons looking for an item for my daughter.

I then decided to stop at Half Price Books to see if they had a few used books I was looking for.

Instead of searching for the books, I decided to ask the person at the register if they could look them up.

I waited in line for some time before the cashier asked for help, because the person they were waiting on was taking quite a bit of time.

A very heavy set guy came out and opened the next window.

He asked to help the next person in line and I stepped over.

He rudely asked me to put on a mask, and I told him I was not able to wear one.

He then shoved the closed sign in the window and ran to the back room.

Another guy came out and spoke very rudely to me, telling me I had to either out on a mask or leave, that he would not wait on me and that I was not welcomed in the store.

All the while the two of them were shaking and acting like I was a disease.

I asked for the second guys name and he mocked me and didn’t want to give it to me.

Finally, he wrote his name, along with a mockingly sarcastic message.

He shoved it in my direction.

Even though I hadn’t touched him or the paper he had, he had a mask on, was several feet away and had Plexiglas between us, he then roughly pumped the hand sanitizers and frantically sanitized his hands.

Again, acting like I was a disease.

I was so shocked and humiliated in the way I was treated, I could barely think straight.

Feeling that my rights have been violated, that I was discriminated against and mistreated, I decided to look around. He then proceeded to hunt me down and threatened to call the cops if I didn’t immediately leave, to which he did.

For the past year and half I have not worn a mask to most places and for the most part I have been left alone and allowed to shop. This by far was the worst treatment I have encountered.

There were a few places that right before they said if you were vaccinated you didn’t have to wear a mask that gave me some trouble or didn’t allow me service.

However, ALL of those places have since changed their stance since they said to put back on the mask if you got the covid shot.

I go to the post office, medical facilities, and all types of stores without a mask.

I even went to an event with sheriffs and judges to which there were over 75 people attending with NO social distancing and not one person had a mask on!

The other stores in the same location, Algonquin Commons, do not have an issue with people not wearing a mask.

I have over 250 documents proving that masks don’t work and that covid is not what they claim it to be.

Aside from that, the box of masks says they don’t work!

The mandate is NOT law and in fact they are breaking the law by carrying it out.

There are several businesses that have on their doors that if you have a medical or health condition to not wear a mask, that you don’t have to.

Unmasked Half Priced Books empoyee featured on its Algonquin web site.

If Half Price Books believes this virus to be what they are acting it to be, then they MUST stop being hypocrites.

They need to wear protective eyewear, a N95 mask, to which they need to change out every time they touch it and every two hours.

They need to not allow in any customers that are not doing the same.

They need to be tested daily for covid.

They should be having customer’s temperature taken at the door and a rapid covid test taken.

All employees should never be allowed anywhere in public without a N95 mask on, and should be not be in contact with any one – even family members – that are not wearing a N95 at all times.

Sound a little ridiculous?

Not if this virus is what they are acting like it is.

They should not be taking the chance EVER in getting infected and passing it on to other employees or customers.

I received a call from a Daniel who contacted me after I called Customer Service.

I believe he said he was the district manager.

He claimed he was NOT the same Dan that I encountered in the store. If I find out otherwise that will be a whole other issue.

He was very cold and didn’t care what I had to say.

He told me they are not budging and I could shop online!

Yes, you have a right to your own store policies.

However, you should not put in place policies that are discriminatory towards others.

And you should certainly NOT embarrass, humiliate and mistreat a customer!

The treatment I received at Half Price Books has traumatized me.

I do not have covid. Covid has a 99.7% survival rate with no treatment for most people.

There is treatment with 100% recovery.

I was treated by Half Price Books as though I was a walking disease, even though they were hypocrites in not properly protecting themselves and others from the covid fear they were promoting. 


Mask Police Aggressive at Algonquin’s Half Priced Books — 47 Comments

  1. Kim………They probably voted for brandon.

    Thank you for the info on these idiots!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. No one should EVER shop at a place that has the Gestapo ordering people around.

    Those in our household, have NEVER ever worn masks and NEVER will because we are NOT trauma-based brainwashed as those that watch teevee are.

    Why would this man ever come out of his house if he is that frightened of something that NEVER existed?

    I’m shocked that he would even be around all those filthy dirty used items that are surely hiding all kinds of creepy-crawly diseases all over them. Y

    ou will never get through to the brain dead. J

    ust stop supporting such idiocy.

    Let them go out of business as they deserve.

    Boycott all new world order Satanic ritual followers.

    They should also be held accountable for all the illegal medical and civil rights things they crossed the line over, but that would presuppose we had a real court system.

    Write letters (as you have done) but to everyone to expose this insanity and BOYCOTT.

  3. Yes, the store has the right to its own policies.

    Wear a mask or get out of that store.

    I don’t need my mom getting sick because of you!!!

    Just put your mask on if you want a book 1/2 off otherwise shop somewhere else.

    And I’m sure you haven’t been to a medical office without a mask on.

    They wouldn’t let you in.

  4. Any business saying wear the mask, get tested, or to get the jab – or you’re out is against the law and is simply extortion on their part buoyed by their ignorance.

    You have the right to refuse medical experiments without duress, influence, or coercion.

    These managers are getting away with this nonsense because there are way too many fearful, ignorant people going along with it. Don’t bother calling them. Remember to complain in writing and send it by certified letter. Focus on asking them questions and mention the laws. Don’t get into the science or any opinions.

  5. One day they’ll do it to the wrong one and find out..

    Bullies love to pick on women and other people they think are easy targets.

  6. Sorry, Cal – I understand what that feels like and it’s awful.

    That said, nothing makes me feel better than infuriating the STUPID.

    Maybe I’ll head on down to Half Price Books and check out a clean copy of Mein Kampf.

    Think they have one?

  7. Won’t be too far in the future and they’ll be burning books and those two DEMOCRAT rectal apertures will
    be out of a job.

  8. Kim, you are not the problem.

    You are part of the solution and obviously are informed since you mention survival rates.

    The survival rate for people in my age category is 99.5%. I hope you did not spend money in that store and refuse to patronize them in the future.

    The problem in the store may or may not be the 2 people you encountered.

    It’s either the management’s fault by threatening the employee’s employment status for not complying with his or her totalitarian mask dictates OR the two men you encountered are uninformed and uneducated on the big lie Covid which frankly is why they are likely employed in a low paying retail job around Xmas time.

    Rest assured, you are not the disease you think you are.

    The disease in this country are people in that store who actually believe what is coming out of the MSM and Fauci’s mouth and they are so brainwashed they think Covid is going to get them.

    Their only job is to push their fear porn on the masses.

    Do not comply.

    Do not get the jab.

    If you test positive, rest assured, one of the doctors on this site will meet with you and prescribe the HCQ or IVM protocols and cure you within days.

    Ask Aaron Rodgers of the Packers who’s not jabbed, caught “Covid” (the flu) and was fine in 2 days after following the HCQ protocol.

    Merry Xmas Kim.

    I hope you found that gift for your daughter.

  9. Boo hoo, someone asked the nice lady to simply wear a mask and her feelings were hurt.

    Have people become so fragile that a simple request generates a page long diatribe?

    Put on a mask and continue shopping or leave the store – life goes on.

    The issue is the unknown long-term effects of Covid for the population in general.

    Agreed most people survive Covid but what permanent, long-term effects might show-up later in their lives?

    That’s especially true for unvaccinated children.

    There are too many unknowns about Covid and it’s mutating so fast nobody has time to study it.

    Wearing a mask to protect oneself and others is an inconsequential matter compared to whatever long-term maladies might befall us.

    And before the doubters say there’s no conclusive research proving long-term effects exist, I say correct:

    just like there’s only preliminary data proving long-term effects do exist.

    That’s why it’s better to protect oneself against the unknown (just like concealed carry).

  10. Hey Al Zielinski – obviously you didn’t read the letter or you would know that the issue in this article is not, in fact, the long term effects of COVID.

    The writer says she is not able to wear a mask and that they are not effective.

    Do you have anything to refute either of her points?

    Or are going to ignore what was written and just go along and write whatever comes to mind, whether it is relevant or not?

  11. “The writer says she is not able to wear a mask and that they are not effective.”
    Part one: a common dodge. Is she missing a nose and/or ears?

    Part two: let’s see her data stating wearing masks is not effective.

    Plenty of scientific, reputable data exist proving masks are effective if worn properly (which requires a modicum of intellect).

    The article IS about the long-term effects of Covid because as long as people resist the measures needed to bring the virus under control, it’ll continue to mutate, get stronger and more resistant to vaccinations.

    How long does humanity want to deal with this?

    Just follow the science and eradicate it so we can get back to “normal.”

  12. Disgusted mentioned medical offices requiring wearing a mask.

    Good luck to Kim if she ever needs medical attention at a doctor’s office or a hospital. These locations require wearing a mask.

    Kim wastes a ton of energy in NOT wearing a mask, getting called on it and then writing about it.

    Never heard of a mask causing difficulties for the wearer for a short duration such as going into a store, doctor’s office, etc, except for those in sports in enclosed places where the player cannot get enough air/oxygen due to their physical exertion.

    Wear a mask when asked to in public spaces and keep a sane mind and low blood pressure. Not a big deal.

    Those who complain intensely are the problem.

  13. Ask yourself why you are even bickering on this topic. Cindy knows and I suspect she will appreciate these 3 short video hyperlinks if they stay out of Cal’s purgatory. I’m just trying to help you all wake up and join together.

    The answer to why some of you, especially you Zielinski, is in spending an hour and a half of your life learning what you have been up against since the day you were born AND why.

    Near the last 6 minutes of 20m video one listen carefully how the cure for Autism was covered up. Fauci is evil.
    Video 2 shows our recently departed Bob Doyle, may he RIP, with the help of Birch Bayh makes you kneel down to greed and think you are virtuous by wearing a mask. Hint Zielinski, you are a useful idiot to the PLAN. Watch and see how Google, Snopes and all of the rest of the fact checkers you worship are owned.
    I’m not through 8m Video 3 yet so no comment on that one.

    Plandemic 1 Trailer:
    Plandemic 2 Trailer:
    Plandemic 3 Trailer:

    May you wake up and if you know someone with an autistic child make sure they hear about the cure that Fauci covered up. Around the last 6m of 20m video one.

  14. Cal my prior post at 3:11 has 3 links. I hope you can find the post and let them pass to help the readers on this whole issue and they can see the truth on this issue and why it is happening.

    It’s in moderation. Thanks

  15. Cindy, hopefully Cal releases the 3 links from moderation. I know you will agree with the evidence presented and it supports everything you are saying about the plandemic being a planned orchestrated event. With evidence and REAL DOCTOR’s by the way. I hope Cal reads this before Kim’s post gets bumped to the older page.

    And bred’s post doesn’t sound like him or her. Just my 2 cents because Kim’s post wasn’t a waste of energy. It would never get past the NWH liberal run editorial board so she did the next best thing, turn to this blog. Out an overbearing business with totalitarian inclinations.

  16. Al Zielinski, my soon to be unemployed Township Ass Assessor.

    I was one of the 91% of the voters who cast their ballot for your opponent. Not that she was anything good or special, but because you are such a libtard puke.

    Boo Hoo LittleZman.

    Hey Kim, that place is added to my boycott listings of local businesses. It goes under the category
    “Sick Covidians”.

  17. “good luck getting service in the dictatorship if you don’t listen to what they tell you to do.”

    bred winner = another moron

  18. It’s amusing (and sad for them) when posters have nothing intelligent to convey, they resort to childish name-calling.

  19. Al, if I call you a crook, is that ‘name calling’ or a fact?

    Why is your crash pad underassessed?

    Answer please.

  20. Props to you, Kim.

    My family of 6 hasn’t put a mask to our face since day one of this lie.

    And we are alive and healthier than most others.

    Go figure…

  21. I’ll try 1 more time since I am in moderation hell with Cal.

    Replace “dot” with a dot and delete spaces before the forward slash before /video and after bitchute.

    Plandemic 1 Trailer: bitchute “dot” com/video/JtPTJmnIWDq0/
    Plandemic 2 Trailer: bitchute “dot” com/video/Zf81PYTeMwpE/
    Plandemic 3 Trailer: bitchute “dot”/video/If86xkZ47x4e/

    Want to see the truth and learn history of how we ended up where we are and Fauci’s and Gates’ role in it, watch P1 which is 20m and P2 which is 1hr.

    At the end of P1 in the last 6m welcome to the realization your government is hiding the cure to Autism and Fauci is behind it.

    Hopefully this passes Cal’s filter because you need to understand what is going on and has been for a long time.

  22. Again, tremendous amount of energy wasted by folks wanting to disregard the face mask requirement by some stores here in McHenry County and making a big ruckuss. I suppose these people never go to a doctor or a hospital for their health checkups or surgery or medical procedures, imaging, x-rays, etc where masks are an absolute requirement.

    Don’t have nor do record face mask compliance. But, my anecdotal observations in shopping at big boxes in Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Lake in HIlls, etc indicates a very, very high compliance by store employees AND customers.

    It seems that those who disregard store rules are really jacka**es. I recall going into a store last summer that very prominently displayed a sign at the entrance stating that masks were required. I only needed one item knew exactly where it was at and would be in and out quickly. Going to that aisle, a store clerk approached me and politely said I needed a mask. Turns out that I had it in the car and forgot to put it on. So, I said OK, not wanting to be an argumentive jacka**, turned around to go back to my car and when leaving a cashier politely said the same about needing a mask. Got to car, put on mask, purchased an item, took off mask when exiting the store. Done. Simple. No heated words. No arguments.

    Mayo Clinic and other reputable health entities state that masks are effective. Goofballs on blog sites say no. Who do you want to believe, trust?

  23. You are an idiot, bred. Been telling you for two years now. There is no such thing as a “requirement”. What does that even mean? No one can force you to wear a face diaper. Why are you pretending that kowtowing to Satanic abuse is something that normal people should be doing? You give all your God-given free will over to disgusting liars so easily that you must be part of the cult (the one that has been brainwashed and trauma bonded to the fear by the hypnotizing despicable mainstream liars spewing falsehoods).

  24. In 25 years, they might be half as smart as Jeff Bezos if they weather this bubble that is.

  25. Cindy, Mikovits gave up her career and Fauci stole her work.

    She’s banned from any medical journal thanks to the Rockefeller owned AMA.

    I found her compelling and the Dr in the second video the same.

    I would like to hear more on your reasoning that she is controlled opposition.

    Reporting truth doesn’t strike me that way.

    Are you saying she is there to keep us divided?

    That’s the MSM’s job.

    You don’t need to explain 9/11 to me.

    Controlled implosions are all I saw. 3 in NYC to be exact.

    Green screens and operation mockingbird have really come a long way.

    Look at Covid.

    They really have their game running on all cylinders.

    Mossad is going to pay the price for what they did.

    Osama Bin Laden was a fall guy so Bush #2 could drag us into a 10yr war to keep the grift flowing.

    Truth social should mitigate some of CIA brainwashing.

    They are probably plotting how to infiltrate it already I’m sure.

  26. Hey bred.

    Do me a favor and watch video 1 and 2.

    You know who will feel like the jackass for wearing a mask?

    Just trying to help. Complying by wearing a mask is just another slow step in their ultimate plan.

    Hint, it’s not to cure Covid because as Cindy has been telling you, there is no such thing.

    I agree with her and came to my own independent conclusion well before I even joined in on commenting on this blog.

    Is your alarm clock broken??

  27. bread, I could go toe to toe with you on everything you claim because you are ignorant and now showing your to what is going on and the truth.

    You are most likely the type that hides behind social media and would never confront someone in person.

    If nothing else, watch the first clips of Fauci saying masks don’t work, the one time he actually told the truth.

    Then it was wear them, then don’t, then three, outside, inside, vaccine, no vaccine. When does it end!

    Oh, right, not until ignorant people do their research – a lot of it – and wake up and stop being fearful, ignorant slaves.

    Do you remember they first promoted social distancing?

    First 8 feet, then 3 feet, then 6 feet.

    I knew once the masks went on the social distancing would disappear.

    Are YOU social distancing 8 feet from EVERYONE anywhere you go at ALL TIMES?

    I bet not.

    If not you are a hypocrite!

    You do realize the store signs still say to social distance, right?

    You do realize that many stores say if you are under two or have a health issue you don’t have to wear a mask, right?

    Interesting, right?

    I guess the virus knows the age and medical condition of someone or if the are eating out at a restaurant.

    Have you looked on the boxes of masks to which they say they don’t stop the spread or transmission of virus’?

    Look up the manufactures information on their website.

    Have you looked at the data done in other states and countries that have not done the lockdowns or masks vs those that did?

    That speaks volumes to the truth.

    As far as going to medical places, I go to the dentist and don’t wear a mask.

    I did have to go to the airport, to which I wore a LACE one UNDER MY NOSE and no one said a word!

    I saw others without a mask and or under their nose.

    I have gone to immediate care and LabCorp with the same.

    Perhaps you need a lesson in common sense, since it is so obvious what is going on.

    Hypocrisy is STREAMING at us all over the place.

    These people are laughing at people like you who are buying into it and promoting it for them! Wake up or you will regret it.

    You are killing people with your compliance!

    My husband is in the medical field, and he sees and knows the truth of what is going on.

    I know cops, other health care workers, pharmacist and others that know what the truth is.

    So many are awake.

    Now it is your turn.

    I heard early on in this plandenic that there are two kinds of people.

    Ignorant and stupid.

    Ignorant means you don’t know what is going on and are following along.

    Stupid means you have been told the truth and still you follow along.

    Before this post you may have been ignorant, but now you are stupid if you continue on the same path you have been on.

    May God help you!

  28. Wow Kim.

    That was a great post to bred.

    bred has some good points in some posts on the blog.

    On this topic – ignorant vs stupid, I’ll have to choose the latter at this point.

    Hopefully he will wake up and watch a couple of videos and then come back and call them misinformation. That might cement it for me on this topic anyways.

    And your spouse is in the medical field?

    I hope he was not forced to shoot the crap into his body to keep his job.

    If he was, I hope it was just saline.

    My GP works for NorthShore.

    I will never comply with the big lie.

    I asked him if he would prescribe Ivermectin protocol if I catch the flu aka Covid.

    He said it’s horse dewormer and his answer was no.

    I told him conversation over I know all I need to know.

    The medical field is all about the money at this point and Fauci, the CDC, Big Pharma and the rest of the idiots in DC have created a big trust issue between patients and their doctors.

    Keep standing your ground and holding the line.

    A mandate is not a law.

    A ManDate is Barack Obummer going out to dinner with his wife Big Mike who is impersonating a woman.

    Check out that Ellen video.

    Big Mike is packing.

    Merry Xmas and I hope your daughter enjoys her gift if you found it.

    It sounds like she has one already with a smart mother.

  29. JT? The fact that she is STILL selling the “wireus” theory is completely suspect. Please look into Dr. Lang and the people that KNOW this has been a scam for hundreds of years. There is no wireus. Never was. She uses words like isolated and uses them TOTALLY incorrectly. Those are called lies. Zero wireuses of ANYTHING they have named as responsible for ANY disease EVER has been isolated. They are pulling a switch to keep their scam going. We will NOT fall for it again. Use those terms in your searches. It is remarkable what you can uncover when you know where to look. Hint: Never on a teevee!

  30. Al Z finally said something intelligent:

    “There are too many unknowns about Covid and it’s mutating so fast nobody has time to study it.”

    Yeah – we’re aware.

    They have no time to study ANYTHING about it.

    A coronavirus (common cold) strain is SO difficult to understand that the government threatens liberty vs compulsory injection of EVERY HUMAN BEING… but not with established protocols, no… with an untested bio-tech.

    And the FDA requested 75 YEARS before release of Pfizer data citing a staffing shortage in the largest profit year in the company’s history, amidst record high vaccine injuries and death.

    Nothing to see!

    What if I swing by and pick up your girlfriend for a quick night out?

    I’ll tell ya what happened in 2096.

    Cozy, right?

  31. Cindy. I clicked your link and that certainly is a rabbithole.

    Can you drive me to the specific page or pages on that site to look at?

    I laugh at your “wireus” / virus word.

    Give me specific phrases and I will gladly do that.

    I don’t do riddles and definitely don’t do guessing games.

    Also can you give me Dr Lang’s full name?

    I’ll look into him or her as well.

    I’ll have to rewatch video 1.

    I didn’t see Mikovits “selling” anything about the virus.

    I’ll rewatch and maybe I can see what you are seeing.

  32. JT, Thank you.

    My husband was offered to give the covid shot and or to get it early on and he said a big fat NO to both!

    A few months ago they were trying to make them get it.

    He and a few others stood their ground and said NO, even though they were being bullied by others on the job to “just get it”.

    They have to get a weekly covid test which is one of the stupidest things ever.

    He refused to do the swab test and will only do the spit test.

    1. The PCR test was NEVER meant to detect a virus per the inventor. The CDC has admitted they were calibrated wrong, which makes all the coivd test results wrong! Which means all those cases of coivd that drove this whole plandemic was false.

    2. The PCR swab test have cancer causing chemicals in them. Facts. They also don’t use them correctly.

    3. Why only once a week? Seriously! What about the other six days of the week? What, you can’t get covid those days so no need to be tested but once a week? That alone speaks volumes to the lies and insanity of all of this.

    4. Why in Gods name do those that got the covid shot not have to be tested? Can you say discrimination! There is glaring proof that those that got the shot are getting covid and spreading it!! That makes no sense. How can this be about “keeping others safe” if they are only focusing on the unvaccinated with the proof that the vaccinated are getting it, spreading it, and causing the variants?

    UGH, I could go on for hours and people like bread would never win against me.

    I have way too much knowledge of the truth.

    Not to mention common sense.

    People like bread have been brainwashed by social media, big tech, the corrupt news, etc.

    There are those that say, why not make life easier and just comply.

    I guess I am not lazy or selfish.

    I am willing to stand up and fight for what is right, no matter how hard the battle becomes.

    I would have done the same for the Jews or blacks when they were going through what they went through.

  33. Kim, I’ll have to admit I was brainwashed until 11/3/2020 slapped me in the face and said wake up dummy.

    My brother was a little further along in waking up before that date so he gave me his roadmap and between the 2 of us we have uncovered a ton of crap just like you that makes your head spin while pissing you off at the same time and are now part of a different kind of woke people – the informed woke.

    Wink wink you know what I mean. LOL

    I watch the news for entertainment at this point because they aren’t telling people anything.

    It’s not the people’s fault.

    They have jobs and are busy so it’s easy to see how the project mockingbird psy op works and has worked so effectively on them.

    Read the comments here.

    These people believe what they are saying is true.

    It’s exactly what you hear from the box on the wall.

    Do they ever wonder why the media never supports anything they say with real facts?

    Paid contributors that just push the approved narrative are shilling, not providing facts.

    But they’re on the news so they must be smart.

    Since you brought up PCR, I suspect you know the creator of the technology/test was Carey Mullis.

    It’s convenient when you attack Fauci you suddenly end up dead and your work is recovered and used as the tool to push the hoax.

    It was recovered by a company with ties to Fauci.

    Imaging that?

    Keep running those 40+ cycles on that PCR test.

    A rock would have Covid by doing so.

    The inventor said specifically it could not be used as it is today yet here we are using it.

    There’s a video out there of Mullis saying it and insulting Fauci that’s probably been suppressed by Google/YouTube by now. It may have popped up on Rumble also.

    Hold the Line Kim.

    Feb 2022 cannot come soon enough and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

  34. +1 hangemhigh, and more than once i’m sure true meaning of snowflake sky is falling idiots, these are the people who buy all the toilet paper cause that’s going to stop the virus..

    getting to them… ! be glad you now know NEVER to spend any of your hard earned $$ there…

  35. Wow Cindy, that’s alot of homework and I bookmarked it and will look at all of it.

    I did a DuckDuckGo on both Lanka and Cowen and I believe you are correct about the scrub.

    Hopefully all of the stuff that disappeared is on the Wayback Machine site and once Truth Social spreads it’s wings, the flood of information coming out will be there all in one place.

    Unfortunately, Trump will or may allow the uninformed Twitter misinformation army to come over and debate with people who know the facts.

    Keep an eye on the Holding Co stock in Jan is all I have to say.

    I know I am.

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