Bob Anderson Continues Beating Township Drum

Published first in the Northwest Herald’ reposted here with the author’s permission:

McHenry Township, Road District  ‘political tarpit’

McHenry Township and McHenry Township Road District use a byline of “Always doing more for less”.

However, the published notice of proposed property tax increases for the township and road district to be levied for 2021 dispute this.  

The proposed property taxes to be levied by McHenry Township for 2021 are $1,515,927.

This represents a 89.48% increase over the previous year!

The total property taxes extended in 2020 for the township were $800,023.04. 

The proposed property taxes to be levied by the McHenry Township Road District for 2021 are $3,205,362.

This represents a 53% increase over the previous year!

The total property taxes extended for 2020 for the township road district were $2,095,008.03.  

Townships and township road districts are mainly funded by property taxes, about ninety four percent, levied mostly on city and village homeowners.

City and village homeowners are double-taxed, once by the city or village and also by the township.

Whereas, homeowners in the township receiving road services are only taxed by the township.

Incorporated areas in McHenry Tonwship shown in shaded clolors. Unincorporated in white.

About eighty percent of township revenues come from municipal property owners.

Note: McHenry Township and McHenry Township Road District are two separate units of government, each with its own taxing authority. 

McHenry township is a political tar-pit of misleading information, cronyism, patronage and waste. 


Bob Anderson Continues Beating Township Drum — 9 Comments

  1. True, but the municipalities are then given the money from the township to reimburse for the collection of taxes on the municipal properties and this money is used for the municipal streets.

    So Bob is only telling half of the story.

    However, it sounds good and will fool gullible voters, similar to the way that Jack Franks’s promise to “reduce property taxes by 10 per cent” only applied to the the county government’s portion of the tax bill which was 10% so the total possible reduction was only 1%.

    However, the whole thing is stupid and the township should have been abolished long ago (with invention of the automobile and telephone) which would end this shell game.

    Let the county collect the taxes from property owners in the unincorporated areas and let the cities collect the taxes from their own residents.


  2. Bob Anderson, they know the end is near once we fix the cheat machines that Tirio keeps hiding the truth about. They have to grab as much loot as they can before the clock runs out on them and hopefully Tirio.

    I don’t do emojis so I’ll just second Abe’s post..

  3. Maybe Anderson should stop beating his drum but pick up a baseball bat and start beating these township pigs.

    How can Jim Condon, the Road Honcho at McHenry Township be in charge of anything when he can’t run his own finances.

    His home in McHenry was in foreclosure and he has a string of bankruptcies.

    Personal and commercial.

    What gives in that clownshow township?

    The Clerk is a pervert who flounces around in women’s clothing, makeup, high heels, string of pearls …. rediculous and sickening.

    Is the township paying for his sex change too?

    These people are delusional.

    I won’t accept their delusions.

  4. What were the budget numbers before Bob had them reduced below what it takes to operate a safe road program?

    Compare those numbers to the proposed numbers, half the numbers aren’t real transparent, but then Bob never tells the whole story.

  5. Hecht is a hater. Nuff said. Love is love. You have no right to post hate.

    Hecht is on the wrong side of history.

    So many others here are too.

    Anderson is too.

    The crazy barber tried to destroy the township the people voted to keep.

    What anderson writes is retarded and makes zero sense.

    Townships are needed, that’s for sure.

    They are the goverment closest to the people.

    And they always have been.

    Bob, it’s time to shuffle off.

    Go move to Hate State like Arkansaw or Tenn.

  6. Tik Tok, have you ever bothered to attend a McHenry Township Meeting?

    You’ll see the Township Clerk does a great job.

    What you write are damn lies.

    The township got rid of its bad eggs and runs great now.

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