UPDATE: Message of the Day – A Billboard

Photo taken by a Friend of McHenry County Blog on Route 14 near the Fox River:

“My Body, My Choice. We support our teachers right to choice.”

The image not sharp enough for me to determine who paid for the messge.

Here is the artwork for the billboard:

Paid for by Illinois Parents Union D26.


UPDATE: Message of the Day – A Billboard — 7 Comments

  1. Great bred, another article pushing people to take an unapproved jab for a virus they have a 99.9x% chance of surviving with x depending on your age group.

    You could also shoot Fauci / Gates manufactured crap in your body and play Russian Roulette.

    No thanks, as the sign says my choice.

    Why didn’t the reporter ask the doctor about the Ivermectin or HCQ protocols that’ll fix you up in a couple of days?

    That’s right it’s not part of the narrative and IVM is a horse dewormer.

    Here’s something to help you think.

    Why not spend some time and read about how J D Rockefeller (the oil tycoon) got involved with and basically owned all medical schools starting and took over their training of future doctors across this country?

    You may find out about and ask yourself why are trained doctors today only required to take 1 hour of classes on natural remedies to cure people.

    Then you may find out about the Big Pharma today and come to realize and oil tycoon’s family is still involved in BP and basically owns the FDA and CDC.

    You may also stumble across some reporting about who owns the Covid “vaccine” patents and did starting in early 2000’s.

    Here’s another hint for you – are patents valid if the disease is released as a bioweapon?

    That’s your task for the day.

    Good luck with that bred.

  2. OMICRON is MORONIC. It is in your face comedic how they can rule you through fear. STOP reading communist propaganda, bred!

  3. Well, thank you Cosyntax, but you don’t seem to understand. I care nothing about ANY fake waxxines. I warned people but they would not do their own due diligence and research the truth I gave them. Every single bit of this planned demic is a fraud and a hoax. As it turns out, so is most of everything you ever believed in. (And that is NOT a personal you, it’s the general you.)

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